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Color Oops Hair Color Remover, Extra Strength 1 Application by DEVELOPLUS


Key features

  • Takes you back to your original color
  • Removes difficult colors
  • Extra Strength

Honest reviews


Works so much better than expected!

This product really works at removing your previous color, and evening out your hair tone so that you can re-dye if you need to.I’ve dyed my hair at home for years, usually with professional dyes. Last week I decided to try a new brand of pro color in red specifically for dark hair, but the results were terrible. To correct this, I tried re-dying with a slightly darker red of a different brand. It worked but after 2 days and 2 shampoos, the red was fading unevenly.Deciding to just give up on red for the moment, I got Color Oops. I bought the Extra Strength since I’d dyed my hair twice, both more than 48 hours previously. The Regular Strength is for hair which has been dyed within the previous 48 hours.I’ve tried the Clairol Color Remover you can get at drug stores, but Color Oops was much better. The mixture is very thin and it bubbles when you put it on your hair, which was kind of disconcerting. It does really dry your hair out, so you’ll need to condition very well after using.To use, leave Color Oops on for 20 minutes, then rinse for 5 minutes. Shampoo, and rinse 5 minutes again. Then you shampoo & rinse two more times. It is time-consuming, but the point of the product is to wash your old color out.It works like a charm. It took both reds out of my hair and left just the lightened/bleached look from the peroxide in the first pro red I used. (Nothing will get rid of bleaching once it’s done to hair, Color Oops just gets rid of the color. You have to re-dye if your hair has been lightened/bleached.) I decided to stop after 3 shampoos and rinses and use conditioner, because my hair was pretty crunchy and dry. It still worked just fine, all the color came out.You can dye your hair the same day you use Color Oops, but I decided to wait 24 hours. When you dye your hair afterwards, the color you get will be darker than you expect. For example, I chose a dark ash blonde, but after using Color Oops it came out as more of a light ash brown.My only complaint is the smell. It’s terrible. I had to air out the house and get the used bottles outside immediately after using it.

Connie Perrin, TX

Terrible Product.

I had never used a hair color remover before this. First thing i disliked about the product was the HORRIBLE smell. I washed my hair 10+ times and it still smelled like it. Smells exactly like VOMIT. Besides that, it dried out my hair beyond words and didn’t even remove the color. Better off using BLEACH. I do not recommend this.

Christian Lake Isabella, CA

Too dark dyed eyebrows

As I age I find my eyebrows fading and have them touched up by my hairdresser, as well as sometimes doing it myself. Unfortunately They often come out too dark and I look as if I have two caterpillars on my face. Oops! Carefully used lightens them.

Lorraine Nauvoo, IL

This is the worst product to use and a total waist of money..

This product did nothing to my hair but made it smell really bad for days and it made my hair very porous to the point where I couldn’t run a comb through it. I beg you guys please don’t spent your money you will get better results by just bleaching your hair. By the way I have dark brown hair and Ive used bleach on my hair a few times and it never made my hair so porous and flat out gross. I did this process a month ago and my hair still feel dry and brittle for those of you guys that don’t know what it means to have porous hair I will leave the diffeniton on the bottom.Porous hair is a condition of your cuticle layer. Porous hair has a raised cuticle layer that easily absorbs water and is quick to lose moisture as well.That what this product does it forces the cuticle layer to open because it’s taking color out and leaving it like that. This can not be fixed but you can use fillers and moisturize the hair so that it feels better.

Lashonda Oswego, IL

Miracle in a bottle!!

A month ago, I bleached my hair for the first time. The bleach turned my light red hair a pale yellow, and then I put an ash blonde toner over it. The ash blonde hair was cool (for awhile) but I soon tired of it and decided I wanted the red back.A month later, I decided (for some ungodly reason) that BRIGHT COPPER RED hair might look cool on me. And guess what? It didn’t. It was the fakest, brighest, loudest most ridiculous color of clown red that I’d ever seen in my life. I panicked…And then I turned to Color Oops. I didn’t have high hopes, but I thought I’d try it. I thought maybe (at best) it would take my hair to a light orangeish shade that I could work with.The Color Oops liquid was the runniest thing I’d ever seen in my life. My sister and I were working together to fix my hair, and we got the giggles when he realized it smelled like a “lemon fart.” Within minutes of putting the lemon fart in my hair, I started to notice a change…But it was even BETTER than I could have imagined! I had my BLEACHED BLONDE hair back!!!!I was amazed! I was so relieved, I almost cried tears of joy! Other people seemed to have bad things to say about it here at Amazon, but if you have a similar situation as me (with bleached hair underneath) you might find YOUR miracle in a bottle! Even my roots, which had about an inch of growth after a month, are now bleached yellow/blonde. It’s amazing! I would swear by this product forever!

Tamika Stone Harbor, NJ


My natural color is a dull mousy brown with some graying at the temples. Usually, I color my hair with Clairol’s Nice & Easy and I’ve never had any problems. This time I decided to go red with Garnier Nutrisse permament hair color but it turned out awful on me (think Raggedy Ann). I bought some Color Oops and used it about 6 hours after the initial coloring disater. It was easy and smelled a bit like a perm (sulfury), not overwhelming. The hardest part was rinsing it for 15 minutes! But it was worth it…. now my hair is even lighter than before… like a golden blonde. Some people may not be happy if their hair ended up lighter than normal, but I love it. This was a happy accident and SO much better than the awful red. Thank you Color Oops!

Amie Ceredo, WV

Didn’t get the red out of my hair

So I was bold and wanted to try a natural reddish color, but that didn’t work out very well, it turned out to dark maroon. I bought this and tried it. Then my hair turned bright orange-red.I’m not very familiar with hair coloring as this was my first time to do it, but I think I’ll stick with blonde-brown tones instead of red.I’ve heard that taking red coloring out of hair is difficult.

Keri Taunton, MN

didnt work for me

i was between trying this and just bleaching my hair to get the dark colors out of my hair. this product left my hair bright yellow at the roots and brown at the ends. i had to buy two shades of dye to try to get my hair match in color again…what a nightmare. plus it left me with split ends and really dry hair…next time ill just use the bleach and be done with it.

Virginia Sprott, AL

Pulled BLACK out!

So I had been dyeing my hair black for almost two years and started to get sick of it. I read ALL over the internet that I was pretty much doomed and I’d have to wait for it to grow out since hair color removal systems wouldn’t work……… well I’m a rebel, and I decided to try this ANYWAYS…..IT WORKED! It smells awful and kinda dried out my hair a little, but it pulled the black ALL the way out…..But one thing that kinda sucked was that I had SO many layers of black on my hair as you got towards the ends of my hair that the ends were a DARK brown and as you went up to my roots it faded to a lighter brown……. so it wasn’t an even color….. but I’m adventurous and didn’t really mind it (I ended up JUST dyeing my roots a medium blonde so my hair went from dark brown at the tips, medium in the middle to light brown/blonde at my roots)……. I got a lot of compliments with that hair color! :POne thing I’d say is it DOESN’T bring your hair TOTALLY back to it’s normal color……. but it DOES lift DARK colors out pretty well. If you have black in your hair, expect to see some shade of brown……..This will give you a nice palette to start fresh with. I’d say after you use it let your hair “Rest” for a couple of days (maybe even a whole week) before you do anything else to it!AND, RINSE RINSE RINSE RINSE! (your hair is guna smell either way, but if you rinse enough it won’t be that bad!)

Candace Harrison Township, MI

Didn’t really work, like at all..

I have light brown hair, and after a salon “accident”it ended up quite a bit darker than intended. Well, to make a long story short, I tried to “undo” what they had done, and it didn’t work out as well as I had intended. I ended up in a salon for 4 1/2 hours when I came back to the States, trying the “right way” to get the color out.I gave it two stars because the salon also had a lot of trouble getting the dye out too-so it might have just been the dye that was the problem, but I seriously doubt it.

Zelma La Porte City, IA

Works, But Be Careful.

Works well, but be careful about leaving it on too long. It left my hair porous and a little brittle, but I was applying new dye & keratin afterward anyway to seal the shaft back. I’ve been using 30 level processor with my dye, so my hair wasn’t my regular color underneath all the dye. If you’re not planning on putting new dye on after using this stuff, ABSOLUTELY do a strand test. My hair was orange after I washed this out.

Debbie Salton City, CA

Now I know why they call it Color OOPS

……….Because you’re going to be saying "OOPS!" after you decide to put this junk in your hair.Backstory: I dyed my VIRGIN dirty blonde hair with a Dark Burgundy semi-permanent box dye. It was suppose to wash out in 28 washes but it never did.I didn’t want to continue buying this dye and my roots were coming out so I decided to buy Color Oops after reading tons of reviews and watching tons of review videos.I’ll just cut to the chase, this crap made my hair YELLOW AND ORANGE. I followed the instructions exactly, rinsed for OVER 20 minutes and scrubbed with shampoo until my hair became straw. Yes, it did take the dark burgundy out of my hair, but it DID NOT take me back to my natural color or anything close to it. On the box it says it’s suppose to take you back to your natural color, even shows a Before & After pic on the box showing you. It just didn’t work for me. I have never bleached my hair or lightened it in any way, and now somehow my roots are DARKER than the rest of my head. It looks like I have a bad bleach job and forgot to tone it.I have no idea what to do now. I can’t afford to go to a salon to correct this and I don’t know enough about hair to fix it myself! NEVER AGAIN.Oh and it smells like Satan’s booty mixed with eggs and is super runny.

Aileen Geneva, IN

Didn’t see any results

I bought two of these and followed the directions, which was tedious. But, bottom line, the hair got a little lighter, but in no way was stripped of the dye color

Lawanda Irasburg, VT


Does what it says it will. It took the color out of my hair. I only had a few sections that were growing out that were too dark from a dye job accident. I didnt feel like waiting any longer for it to grow out fully so I used this product. It worked great and lightened the dark parts. However, it did take out my natural color also on the sections of hair that werent dyed dark. With that said my dark brown hair was a strange reddish brown. I dyed over it and the color was perfect. This might be my favorite color ever actually. My hair doesnt feel damaged at all. I read the other reviews and made sure to wash my hair in the sink instead of the shower b/c I have VERY sensitive skin. My scalp was fine, no rash, no dryness. I am very happy and would use again if I had too. I gave it four stars just b/c the smell is terrible and when I shook the bottle as the directions said I didnt expect there to be a pinhole in the top and the Opps liquid went everywhere.

Tamika Van Lear, KY

It Did What It Said It’d Do

I had colored my gray hair and it was a natural shade of medium ash blonde, but it seemed too dark to be natural to go with my fair complexion. It was once naturally blonde. I did not want to strip my hair, as I didn’t want to wind up with cotton candy hair. So, I went and got this color remover. It is a pain having to rinse your hair so long, and while I was standing there I also shampooed it twice, and after 20 minutes I let it go another couple minutes, then toweled it off and put conditioner on it and then rinsed that off. Well, my hair did look like it had been stripped, and it was orange. Sigh. I went to bed, hoping that it would darken during the night. It didn’t. So I redid the hair with lighter ash blonde, and this time I got it right. Slightly more like cotton candy than I wanted, but still I was glad I had used it. I liked the lighter shade of ash blonde I wound up with, and the product did exactly what it said it would do. I can recommend this product if you feel your hair is colored too darkly, and you want to start over. It smells bad but you’ll get over it, it is not a big deal.

Madeleine Pine Mountain Valley, GA


As a little hair background, I naturally have extremly light brown hair with a little blonde mixed in. Think like, really, really dirty blonde haha. I’ve been dyeing my hair for like 4 years straight maybe so my hair has seen a lot of different colors. It’s been blue, pink, black like a thousand shades of red and stuff so I assumed it would MAYBE be able to help a little. For the first time in forever I saw my natural color and of course the areas I had bleached were returned to that shade. I’m extremly impressed. I want to have my hair white and with pastel green bangs next so I wanted to bleach my hair but I didn’t want to have the let the bleach also work on counteracting the dyes I’ve used so this was a great solution. I won’t have to leave the bleach on nearly as long and it won’t look as uneven as it would if I hadn’t used this! Oh and just so you know I didn’t follow all the directions. I just mixed them together, stuck it in my hair for maybe 22-25 minutes then I hopped in the shower and just scrubbed my hair with the Green Tea Conditioner by Paul Mitchell for like 15 minutes then once more for a second to help with the smell. Then I used a different conditioner to compinsate for any dryness from using this product. You don’t have to actually do the whole 5 minute chunk things. At least I didn’t. Anyway, BUY THIS!

Libby Bristol, SD


I look at reviews before I buy anything, and the reviews for this were very mixed, but I decided to try it anyways. My hair is naturally light brown, and it was dyed dark auburn. I just washed rinsed and blowdryed my hair after using color oops ( I kept it on for 1 hour though instead of the recommended time) it is now a light brownish red. I think I should of gotten two boxes and that would of done the trick, but it does work. Everyone is obviously going to have different results, but I liked it. It is also very gentle on your hair and head and my hair is still very soft, it smells like farts, but oh well I guess.

Latanya Centreville, MD

Better Than I Could Have Ever Expected!

I’ve been dying my hair for 20+ years non-stop. I naturally have dirty dishwater blonde hair and I have to let my inner red head shine. I have always been a diy’er & I’ve paid the iron price for my experience. I decided to get my hair professionally done about a year and a half ago. I asked the stylist for Christina Henricks, she gave me purple-magenta. I chalked it up to experience & when it was time to re-dye, it came out dark dark dark. I dont blame this lady for damaging my hair beyond belief, but she definitely put some sort of a hex on it. I decided to go uber light, but I wanted to ‘clean out’ my hair follicles so that the dye would take better. Enter Color Oops Hair Color Remover. I slathered it on, popped on a plastic cap & a towlie turbie and sat in the stank for the full 20 minutes. Not going to lie-it is pretty bad. I think the best place to use this product is in a rocking chair on an old wooden porch during a warm summer day. I, unfortunately, was in a basement in Philly. I made sure to bring my ipad into the shower to set a 20 minute timer. I shampooed 3x, used conditioner & applied Its a 10 leave in conditioner and Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serum overnight. Woke up to WHOA! the color is better than i could have ever hoped/expected. It turned the top of my hair a medium strawberry blonde into a medium red brown at the ends with the ultimately perfect ombre in the middle. It is seriously amazing. Downside: I might get fired because all i can do is look at my gorge hair in the mirror all day & people keep whistling Carly Simon tunes in the hallways.

Eve High Ridge, MO

Fabulous Results but could damage hair

My hair is very fine and slightly wavy. Even in my 50s, I have very little gray. I usually like to lighten it a shade or two and use a bronze type of brown. The Feria bronze browns are my favorite, and I really should have stuck with that.I colored my hair with a foam product by John Frieda — a medium golden brown that looked beautiful on the box. I’ve been coloring my hair myself for years. I was shocked to see that my hair came out nearly black.I tried all the tricks to lighten it — Prell, dish soap. It lightened very little. I thought perhaps I could manage and let it fade over time, but every time I saw myself in the mirror I just got depressed. The color was just way too dark for someone my age and skin tone.After reading reviews, I decided to take a chance and boy am I ever glad that I did. The only one I could find in the store was the strongest version. I did the strand test and saw that it lightened it up a great deal.I wanted to be prepared in case my hair came out too light. I couldn’t get to the beauty supply to get protein filler to use before coloring again, so I decided to use the emergency Clairol Beautiful Brown warm golden brown I have on hand if necessary.I followed the instructions to the letter. I found that I only needed half the bottle, since my hair is so fine. It is long, but I never have to use a whole bottle of anything on my hair!I decided to process my hair for less time with the Color Oops since the test strand came out so light.I kept checking the color during the processing time – and when my hair lightened to the shade desired- probably around 10-12 minutes total – immediately started the washing and rinsing process.The key is to really follow that instruction about doing period strand tests. Don’t just wait the whole 20 minutes. Depending on the type of hair you have and the dye process you used, you may not need to process the whole time. That could be why some people come out with orange hair.It could be that I needed less time because I was using the extra strength.I must say that 20 minutes of rinsing is a really, really long time. But I stuck it out to make sure all the stuff was rinsed out. My hair seemed a bit stiff. I conditioned it for 5 minutes and found that my hair is silky, a great color and seems to have more life than it did before using Color Oops.My old stylist taught me some tricks — one of which is a Godsaver that I will share. If a color comes out too light — or your hair fades too fast – use a semi-perm color such as the Clairol Beautiful products… They have all shades in the beauty supply; I use the Beautiful Browns. They may have changed the name, but it comes in a small brown bottle and costs under $4. I can get 2 uses out of one bottle.In my case, I did not need to recolor — which was a relief. With my fine, thinning hair, I didn’t want to be coloring it again right away.But if my hair continues to fade too fast, I will just use the Clairol Beautiful Browns temporarily – until I think my hair is strong enough to endure another coloring process. But this time, it will be my tried and true Feria bronze color. No more John Frieda coloring products for me.As for the price, it was on sale at Wags for 9.99 (regularly 14.99) – so that was great, too. Now if I would just have remembered to use the $1 off coupon I’d printed out, it would have been 8.99! Look online for coupons — and don’t forget to use them!Update — I noticed that after using it, the next few times I washed my hair a lot of it fell out. Could be that I used too strong a product – I have very fine hair. I do not lighten it or use many styling products on it. I noticed that my hair was really porous and much more fragile than it was and this lasted for a while. I won’t be using it again. I’ll just be more careful about the colors I choose and use only the ones I’m familiar with so I don’t end up too dark again.

Delores Ballston Lake, NY

Stuff is great

i went on youtube to try to get help for getting the cherry red out of my hair…of course I picked the most difficult color to get out. With two sessions of oops, I was back to normal and then used a rinse to cover the yellow hue. Voila grey bangs and the rest normal…it’s a cool kind of punk.

Olivia Dingle, ID

Going from red back to medium brown

I purchased this product because I wanted to attempt to remove red permanent color from my hair. I want to note that I am not a hairdresser. Additionally, before I continue, there are a couple things to note about red dye and hair color removers in general:1. Red dye has the smallest pigments and is therefore the hardest to remove.2. All hair color removers, no matter the brand, typically leave your hair a brassy goldish-orange color.What you get in this kit resembles what you’d get in boxed hair dye. You’ll get an applicator bottle with developer in it and a bottle of the remover. You mix them and then apply it just like you would boxed dye. Word of warning though, it’s very watery so it will drip if you’re not careful. I applied a clear plastic shower cap while I waited just so I wouldn’t accidentally get it on any clothes or furniture. It’s not necessay but if you get it on fabric it does seem to leave a mark similar to that of a bleached spot on it.You don’t have to wait the full 20 minutes until rinsing. In fact, the instructions recommend checking on it every couple minutes to see if you’ve reached your desired results yet. I left it in the full 20 minutes. Next – rinsing. All in all you’re going to be rinsing for at least 20-30 minutes. You may think this is excessive but it’s the most important part. Don’t try to cut corners here. Additionally, make sure you get a REALLY good conditioner to use on your hair. No matter what these hair color remover boxes tell you, they are all rough on your hair.So I followed all the instructions. The end result? As expected it left my hair a brassy orange-blonde color. The instructions state that you can dye your hair immediately – don’t. Your hair will tend to darken for the first 24 hours or so. I consulted a couple friends who were hairdressers on how best to get back to a medium brown taking into account the brassiness. this is SO IMPORTANT – DO NOT PURCHASE A COLOR WITH ANY AMOUNT OF WARMTH IN IT. NONE. Both my friends recommended staying around a 6. So I bought a 6A which is a light ash brown. Coloring my hair was somewhat painful at this point (lots of chemicals on my scalp recently). Additionally, because of the remover it processed more quickly. My final result was a nice medium brown. There’s still some brassiness to it, but the ash color masked most of it.Overall, I’m satisfied with my results and would recommend this product.

Theresa Bird Island, MN


I use two bottles of this color remover because my hair is longwork for me so good, the only thing and (this is all my fault) let the productmore time to the manual say (like 15 min) and my hair have a kind red color I dont carebecause the color I put on is red so my new color look great, remember results dependon your natural color and are damaged or not and etc

Kerri Wilkesville, OH


Yes, this got the black out finally. People. Sad sad people who dyed their hair black and got sick of it. Let me share my wisdom. You don’t have to bleach you’re hair. This will do the trick . Dying your hair black is like drawing with a black coloured pencil. It’s not going to come off if you try to dye it another color. It may work after a week but not at all. You’ll just be breaking up your hair worst by trying all these different colours. So just use this and then dye it over and your worries will wash away. Don’t say I never warned you.

Lesa Dannebrog, NE

Pain in the butt to use! Smells horrible.

I wrote original review, but I got mixed up with color fix! The color fix is great. This product smelled awful like rotting eggs. You have to rinse your hair for 20 plus minutes with as warm water as possible. I washed and washed to try to get rid of the rotting egg smell out of my hair. My bathroom smelled as well, while it was ventilated well. My boyfriend had to leave the upstairs portion of the house. I didn’t think it worked all that well either! The color fix much much much better!!

Jamie Branch, AR

Did not remove black henna

I have naturally med. brown hair w/ about 20% gray. I have been using lush henna noir since March 2012 probably ever 2 months or so. I used Color Oops Dec 2012 and it did not remove the darkness but it did give me my old texture back and I can see a clearer demarcation line between my roots and the henna now. The smell reminded me of perm solution not rotten eggs and it did linger a few days. I rinsed and shampooed using H&S; because it seemed like it was the strongest detergent-y thing in my linen closet. My hair’s condition seems better, not any worse so that is why I’m giving 2 stars.I may try Color Oops again and do a few things different–leave it on maybe 30 minutes? Shampoo with a different brand, rinse twice as long.

Melisa Babylon, NY

Worked much better than expected

I bought this after I used Loreal’s new Healthy Look Crème Gloss in Black Gloss. The package says it’s not permanent hair color and will wash out after 28 shampoos. I’m normally a red head and thought black would be fun for a month. And it was fun for that month. But by week 8 I was ready to have my natural color back. I tried everything -dish soap, ivory soap, baking soda, vitamin c tablets, vinegar, coconut oil, praying to the hair gods. Nothing worked, it wouldn’t even lighten it. Finally after 5 months I found Color Oops Hair Color Remover. My hair is still not back to normal, but it’s 85% there. I can live with that. Now to figure out what to do with the other package of Healthy Look Crème Gloss….

Kayla Downey, ID

This stuff works with no obvious damage…excellent product!

I usually color my hair a mid brown but chose a different brand with a hint of mahogany – colored my hair last night and woke up with red roots followed by a deep almost black color – not pretty!!After reading reviews decided to rush out to my local drugstore to pick up a box of this. It was simple to use and did the trick.To begin – the smell is really not bad at all, its actually far less potent than hair dye itself!! It smell is an issue to you you could light some incense sticks – I had a burner with some essential oil going as I figured I was going to be stuck in the bathroom a while! But honestly the smell is not that bad at all.The process is simple, the biggest issue is simply time. You mix the contents of one bottle with another and apply. This is very runny liquid and a bit tricky to apply, as first I found it going everywhere so used caution and found one application was enough for my hair which is just below shoulder length!You leave it on for 20 minutes, then shampoo and rinse for 20 minutes – this I found to be the biggest nuisance. I suggest taking some sort of timer with you as 20 minutes is longer than it seems (I also suggest taking some body scrub, maybe a face mask as you are stuck in the shower for 20 minutes might as well make the time useful!) Then I applied shampoo again, rinsed for 5 minutes, used a deep conditioner and I was done!It really did take the color out of my hair. The length of my hair returned to a pretty brown that was a tad lighter than normal – I did however end up with an orange root line which I had expected!It states you can color right away…some folks wait but for me, orange roots was not the look I planned to show off at work tomorrow! So after drying my hair and leaving the length a little damp to prevent color absorption, I colored again!! It tells you that your hair might absorb more color so I chose a light brown, 15 minutes on the roots and 5 on the length!! I am glad I chose a lighter color as it deep indeed turn into a deeper brown, so IMPORTANT, IF YOU COLOR YOU HAIR AGAIN AFTER USING THIS GO A SHADE OR TWO LIGHTER!My hair is now brown, no hint of red or orange, and it feels great from the deep conditioner!! Very impressed with this, it works well just follow the instructions!

Angelique Garden City, MN

Awesome Product

This stuff is AWESOME!!!! I had my hair professionally colored two weeks ago. To say that I was extremely unhappy didn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. I wanted my hair darker with faint red highlights. What I got was jet black hair with purple looking highlights. Picture this if you can. The top of my hair was a funky reddish purple and the bottom half was jet black. I read the reviews on here and I figured I would give it a try. I bought it at my local Walmart. I applied it to my hair and left it on for more than the allotted time, as I wanted to make sure the black and red were completely gone. I left it on for an extra ten minutes. I did follow directions closely when washing and rinsing. I washed and rinsed for the complete time stated. I used a clarifying shampoo. In the shower it did feel like a big clump of straw. After I finished washing and rinsing I immediately used conditioner. My hair came out great!!!! No more black or red. It is not my original color which is a dirty blond,it’s more of a strawberry blond. My hair did not turn out a funky color, and I am extremely satisfied with the end result!!!!!************ UPDATE***********Jan. 29 2012 My hair has went back to the original color it was before I used the Color OOPS.

Hope Coolin, ID

Does what it says it does

I used color oops and after reading so many great reviews I had hopes that I could get very close to my natural color and I wouldn’t have to keep dying my hair anymore, at the end of the process my hair was a orange color luckily I had bought natural instincts in light brown because I wanted my color change to be gentle so people didn’t have the immediate shock that my hair was now a lighter brown that before. After apply and washing out the new color though my hair was extremely dark brown. Luckily Natural Instincts isn’t permanent but if you are planning to re dye your hair after do choose a lighter shade than normal or buy a protein filler other wise your hair will most likely turn out darker than expected. I am pleased enough with what the product did though. Good luck!

Jessica Scottsdale, AZ

Works great!

This worked great for me. I have naturally light light brown hair with natural highlights. I, with regret, got a temporary color (gloss treatment) for a darker "Fall/Winter" shade and HATED IT. So I bought this to try and get my color back ASAP. It worked but unfortunately my highlights were lost in the coloring. (they’re from the sun, so maybe next year)It is not a good idea to use this if you went blonde from dark hair, go to a salon to get help, or your hair will turn out orange.

Tonia York, ND