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Color Club Worth The Risque 850 Nail Polish


Key features

  • Discontinued, Very Hard To Find

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They make really great nail polish in general, this was one of their earlier holographic colors,but now they make a way more awesome holo polish. Which I now also have, but I would still recommend because I like a variety, plus then I can use this as a base coat and only have to use one coat of the newest versions for the extreme holo pop of color "will last longer that way".

Jesse North Hero, VT

So-so, I suppose…..

I bought this polish because the example that was advertised resembled China Glaze’s OMG, which is VERY expensive since it is discontinued. This was nothing like I expected. It does have a nice holo effect, but not as much indoors, best in sunlight. And that’s IF you can be still for the drying time, which seemed very long to me. Even after fifteen minutes,the first coat felt dry, yet it was easy to get nicks and smudges. And since it needs at least two coats, you’re looking at about 45 minutes, along with patience, if you do this at home. Maybe the UV machine at the salon would help with drying time. This is all my own experience, maybe I got a crappy bottle. It also chips easily, as soon as the day after application. So I have been using it just as a base coat.

Pauline Strafford, VT

Oh yeah!

I’ve been looking for a silver holographic nail polish for years and finally found this one, they nailed it! Pun intended!

Adeline Wahpeton, ND


This really is a beautiful holo polish. You can see the holo effect in the bottle but nothing compares to seeing it on the nails. Indoors, the holo effect is minimal, but that doesn’t bother me too much seeing as it sparkles in the sun so well. Application was great; I got it opaque in two coats. But I do recommend putting a top coat on it a.s.a.p. I left it without a top coat for one day and got some mild tip wear. Regardless, this is a great holo polish and I definitely recommend it.

Betsy Davisville, WV


I love holographic nail polish. This stuff looks great in the sun. Lasts awhile and looks nice as a top coat on top of other colors for different effects.

Molly Deer Trail, CO

almost perfect

This polish consists of what appears to be micro silver flakes and micro silver holo flakes. Indoors, unless you’re looking really, really close, the holo doesn’t really appear to exist. Up really close, or in sunlight, the polish shows the holo. It is dense and covered well in 2 coats, so this is not to be confused with a holo topcoat. Consistency and dry time are normal.

Lucinda Lonetree, WY


I read the reviews on this and was expecting a semi-dud but it really is very pretty. it’s not a super bright shining holo polish like the Layla polishes i love, but it’s def there and very pretty. three coats were needed for me, but others might do ok with two. a little streaky on the first coat. wore great, but i usually only wear polish about two or three days, so thats all i can vouch for!

Gay Thomson, GA


One of my favorite polishes EVER! Two coats and done! Super fast drying time. Awesome holo effect. Gave this product 5 of 5 stars because it’s everything you expect and more. I would buy this again and will. I would buy other Color Club products. I would recommend this product to others. I payed $5.00 and free S&H when I purchased this product.

Cecilia Fort Necessity, LA

Beautiful ♥

I am so happy with the nail polish. It got here on time and was a dream to apply. I couldn’t wait to wear it so put it on as soon as I got in my house. GORGEOUS HOLO.

Desiree Selma, AL


I heard this was a dupe for the Gosh Holographic nail polish so I purchased this hoping that I would get the same effect. I put about two coats of this nail polish and applied Seche Vite top coat over. At first in room lighting the polish just looks silver with some effect but in the sun light the polish’s holographic effect really comes alive. The price for this nail polish is very good. The shipping was fast. I recommend this polish.

Sallie Larchmont, NY


A very pretty silver holographic. Very, very shimmery, esp. when used with a top coat. I will probably be wearing this at my wedding.

Brandi Malaga, WA

My favorite holo

This holo is so beautiful. I have purchased a couple, and this is my favorite. I applied two coats to see if it would help, but one coat is perfect. 2 doesn’t change it. It is a beautiful silver with rainbow reflections made of small specks. Also, it isn’t a glitter, so I presume it will come off much easier. Beautiful holographic color!

Jeanne Elkhart Lake, WI