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Color Club Hues 6pcs Collection Cloud Nine Angles Kiss Harp on It Holographic

Color Club Hues 6pcs Collection Cloud Nine Angles Kiss Harp on It Holographic

Key features

  • 6 piece
  • Nail polish
  • Holographic

Honest reviews


Very strong and beautiful holo effect

This holo effect is very pretty, it resembles a rainbow right at your fingertips.If I were to even attempt to explain what the polish looks like on the nail I would say there is the primary/basic color of the polish (the primary/basic color for Blue Heaven is blue) which in itself doesn’t look like a smooth canvas of color, it looks like a cluster of very fine, shiny particles that collectively create the shade of the basic color, and within that primary color you can see a rainbow effect of different colors as well.The rainbow effect appears to have a long flame shape or a long “U” shape, the lighting you are in and the way you move your fingers can cause the colors to look like a different color (red goes into orange which goes into yellow which goes into green that goes into blue) and as you move your nail light hits that new angle of your nail and picks up or exposes the rainbow effect of color in that particular area giving the illusion that the colors are moving across your nail.It goes on fine, I saw the holo effect even with 1 thin coat but I saw visible nail line so I put on 2 coats and had full opacity. I also noticed that while putting on the 1st coat I had to go back and re-stroke a few areas because they were more see through than other areas of my nail, this may or may not be due to me applying such thin and light coats of the polish.The only con I have is that some of the colors look alike.

Madelyn Geyserville, CA


You know how there are some things that can make an otherwise good polish a little annoying to use? This polish has none of these issues. I can’t find a thing wrong with it.You already know it’s gorgeous. That’s why you’re even looking at it in the first place. Wait until you see it in the sun. Or under fluorescent lighting.Complete coverage only takes 2 coats, no matter the color. It dries pretty quickly. It dries smooth and doesn’t get those annoying little bubbles. I was skritching the cat within the hour.It wears hard. I painted my nails on Saturday night. On Sunday I did chores and later went out for greasy burgers. On Monday I went to work, and then lifted weights at the gym. And then I did dishes with no gloves in screaming hot water. And then I picked some meat out of my teeth. It took sticking my nails in my teeth to get a small corner of lift! (I know, very ladylike. It was good meat.) All of this is with no top coat.I wanted to use a different color, hence my trying to abuse the old color off. The previous color was easily removed with a mild acetone remover. The new color covered those corner remnants beautifully, despite being lighter. And an hour after putting it on, I’m typing this review.It’s HOLO. And affordable holo! You can get 6 bottles of this for what you would spend on 2 of other brands.Color Club – just wow. It’s SO GOOD. BRB, adding all Color Club ever to my wishlist.

Beth Cottage Grove, TN

Only holographic polish I’ve tried that I can stamp with!

This polish has a much thicker consistency than most holographics which makes it easier to use, I have used China Glaze (in recent years there last few holographic collections have been awful especially this spring’s collection when you put on the second coat the first one came off, and made a big gloopy mess, and it was super expensive I bought 3 bottles for arround $20 because of a buy 2 get 1 free deal) Nubar is okay I like most of there polish they have neat stuff, but there holographic is thin takes multiple coats and you can’t use it to stamp, I have also used a few other products, that claim to be "holographic" but they are more like 2 tone or a glitter, like Klean Color (I love there holographic polish but its just super fine glitter and doesn’t have the same look as a TRUE holographic and its a pain to remove it.) And I haven’t used Layla to compare the products but pricewise this is cheaper. And its a lot easier to find/buy/ship than some brands, like Nfu.Oh the main reason why I didn’t buy that one was price and shipping. I bought this really hoping it could be used to stamp my nails, I wasn’t disappointed! Its thick enough to stamp with, and if you use it as polish (I tested it out on a few nails as an accent) it goes on easily, doesn’t require like 4 or more coats, and dries fairly quickly. My only complaint is that the colors look way too similar, but I bought the collection for stamping, if I was going to use it more often for painting my nails I would have gone with the darker collection but I wanted something that would show up well on dark colors for stamping. I might buy the other holographic collection later because I was impressed at how this worked.

Judi Benton, CA

GREAT polish.

Color Club Hues colection are great holohgraphic polishes! They are opaque after 2 coats. The linear holographic is beautiful. I highly reccomend.

Gayla Watonga, OK


LOVE THIS, These colors look as good on your nails as it appears in the bottles! Maybe even better! 100% satisfied with these colors!!!

Marci Elkhart, IA

Really beautiful. Great quality.

No base coat no top coat needed. Do not use them. Without them its super shiny and does not chip. In love the colors are gorgeous and worth the money. Five stars.

Clare Madison, NH

Love them!

Color is very deep & rich. Only one coat required – best holo polish I’ve seen. Great for stamping too!

Michelle Oregon House, CA


Nice colors yes but I get this set and the Halo Hues set too … well they look like the same colorsand is different from they show here on the picture the colors are pastel and look almost like duplicatesI but the 2 sets because want to have more options to choose …

Francis Casnovia, MI

Stunning colors!

I am in total awe with this set. When the sun catches the colors just right, it shines with every holographic being. My friends were so impressed and in love with the colors that they themselves purchased the color(s) they were most impressed by. Best purchase ever!!

Tamara Clarks Hill, SC

Gorgeous colors – but I have a question?

I love these colors, and I can’t wait to try them out! However, I am only giving 4 stars because there is supposed to be 2 different colors in the pink tone – Halo graphic and Cloud 9. My set has 2 pinks – each with a different color name on the bottom – but they are absolutely identical. I have held them in different lighting – including natural light – but they are both the exact same color. Has anyone else had this issue, or can someone tell me if the pinks you received were noticeably different colors? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Lakisha Flat Rock, IL


I have been doing my own manicures for years, and I love these products. These are extremely beautiful colors! They are quite opaque so you need several coats, but it is well worth the time and the money!

Ofelia Oxford, GA