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Collagen Essence Full Face Mask 10 Pieces

Collagen Essence Mask will make your skin Elastic, Moistened, Clear & Relax.

Key features

  • MJ CARE essence mask is specially formulated cosmetics to penetrate active ingredients into the skin
  • it will make your skin look younger, moisterized, elastic, bright and relieve you from stress
  • Power relaxation skin with Moisturing treatment
  • For professional spa treatment at home

Honest reviews


Excelente producto

Muy buen producto, lo recomiendo 100%, la calidad es como la describió el vendedor y llegó sin ningún contratiempo y en el estado mas bueno

Aida Sandy Hook, KY

Leave face smooth and firm – Collagen Essence Full Face Mask by MJCare not Neru Biotech Incc

Please note that I purchased the Collagen Essence Full Face Mask by MJCare and not Neru Biotech Inc. Somehow amazon only shows this Neru Biotech Inc on for me to review. The package looks similar but the picture in the middle is different.I have stopped going to a spa for facial probably in the last 2 years since the service of the one I went to had gone downhill. Coming across this Full Face Mask at a price that is very reasonable, what the heck, why not try it? Even it’s not good, not too much damage in term of money. However, one that you may be concerned is whether you would have allergic reaction to it. I was concerned also as I have sensitive skin and toward the dry side.The very first time I used it, I did a home “facial” first – steam, exfoliate and clean. Then I put on the mask but I leave it on my face while working on my computer. By the time I realized, it’s been on for an hour. The instructions say to leave it on for 20 min. The mask was sort of dry by the time and my face felt tight. After I lifted off the mask, my face felt baby soft. Very nice and happy! I’ve used 8 mask so far and no allergic reactions after all this time.The first week, I used it 3 times. Then I slow down to 2 times a week then 1 time a week. I’ve learned some tricks now to get every drop of the essence and get my money’s worth. I use it before I go to sleep at night now.1. When I pull out the face mask (folded in quarters), it’s very wet. So I wipe the excess on the edge of the mask over my face and neck first. Yes, neck too.2. Then I unfold the mask and line it up to my face. Note, it’ll be a little off because our faces all have different sizes. Just work with it.3. I then lay in my bed either read or close my eyes.4. After 45 min – 1 hr, my face feels tight (signal for me the mask is drying).I take the mask off.5. I cut open the pouch and scoop every drop out with my fingers and put it on my face and neck. Yes, my neck again.THE VERDICTNot only does my face feel soft, the most dramatic difference I see is in the line (crease) across the front of my neck – used to be deep and obvious even when I stretched my neck straight up. Now of course it’s still there but it’s light and smooth versus all the little crosses along the crease due to dryness and slightly loose skin. Oh no, I’m not a senior citizen yet :)RECOMMENDATIONHere, I’ve put myself as guinea pig. I’ve also gotten my sister and sister-in-law trying it and buying it. Since you are reading this, I’m recommending to you – yes, you also! Be pampered and feel beautiful!

Susan Sharon, PA

I love korean face masks!

I used these face masks when i was in Korea and they are great! The directions in English are limited so i would just like to add that even though it says 15-20 mins you are actually supposed to leave it on till it drys. YES! Make sure you get every drop out of that packet and onto your face and neck. You are also supposed to apply it to your neck as well but again the English directions are limited. Your face will feel smooth and soft. Also you might want to try the face peeling spray by hamo hamo or the face peeling gel by misha prior to applying the mask.

Victoria Bula, TX

Good product. Great value.

This product is excellent value for the results. This will leave you skin baby soft and create a more youthful appearance. It should be used consistently to keep up that appearance.

Keisha Elm Grove, LA


I dont really have an odly shaped face, but this really does not fit me well, its hard to keep our of my eyes and it burns if it gets in them. The smell is really not that bad, but its not pleasant either. It does however, moisturize fairly well. I only use it at night and would NEVER consider putting makeup on after. It leave a sticky residue and I can’t imagine what it would feel like if i out makeup on after.

Enid Cogan Station, PA

strange mask

i don’t know if this mask worked at all. after doing the mask, my skin felt really moisturized. but i feel that if i put a damp washcloth on my face, i could get the same effect. after a couple of hours, this feel was gone. plus you have to look like a burn victim while applying the mask

Verna Elverson, PA



Rhoda Kearny, AZ

Face cloths

Just an ok product to me. I had something else before and liked it better. Does not seem to be as effective as a face product I previously used. Maybe something in the cloth changed.

Terrie Thomaston, TX

Works but Not as Good as Japanese Masks

I used to buy collagen masks at Japanese one-dollar stores and those were a lot more rich and effective than this mask. It’s a bit too watery for my taste. It does work, however, so I will probably order another batch when I am out.

Erna Alameda, CA

Love them! So worth the shipping!

This product has been fantastic for me so I recently ordered several packs at once. I can really feel the healing they offer when I take the mask off, and still can well into the next day. I drink a lot of water, so I think that is important too. My skin is dewy when I am finished and I try to do one to two a week before bed and after my deep cleansing routine. It is also very relaxing and easy to apply. I recommend the product completely! I’ve used some of the others offered by this company and I think you just can’t go wrong. I do cut the packet open when I am done with the mask and use the excess as a pre-moisturizer too… which is a really great thing as well. Try it! Your regular moisturizer after will seal in the goodness.

Josefina Elk Rapids, MI

But feels great after using it

so fresh ! I doubt if there is more toit than just feeling fresh. But feels great after using it. skin feels plump ,soft and glowing !

Rosalie Charlestown, NH

Comfortable and cool … مريح وبارد

Collagen mask relaxes the skin and leaves lookI had the occasion and my face is very cumbersome to work, so put a mask vital collagen and returned to my faceI will purchase againقناع الكولاجين يريح البشرة ويتركها نظرةكانت لدي مناسبة ووجهي مرهق جدا من العمل ، لذا وضعت قناع الكولاجين وعادت الحيوية إلى وجهيسأقوم بشراءه مرة أخرى

Florine Conewango Valley, NY

Full face collagen essence masks

I saw these full faced masks on You Tube and went looking for them but didn’t want to spend too much on them since I wasn’t sure how they would perform. It’s a perfect way to end a hard work week with a face mask. It’s relaxing, hydrating and no fuss and muss to clean up. Will definitely repurchase since these are so easy for weeknight masks!

Juliana Rocky Point, NC

What great difference on my first application

Today I came from work and my masks were waiting for me on my mailbox, so I decided to give a try, I took before and after pictures and compared. It gave my tired face an immediately lift and glow, My skin looks much brither it tight all my pourous and soften my expression marks. I will order some more right away to make sure I am stuckup to bad we can post before and after pictures here.

Addie Racine, OH

Don’t love it….

Only used it once because it made my skin itchy and I didn’t see any noticeable results. It’s very inexpensive, but I don’t think it works….

Susan Tonto Basin, AZ

Good Product

If you are expecting a miraculous difference in your skin, this product is not for you. However, it did moisturize my skin very well and made my skin look and feel smooth.

Selena Rupert, GA


The product is amazing! After using it the skin feels soft, fresh and tightened. Great price and fast delivery! I am going to order more.

Serena Annandale On Hudson, NY

Left my face feeling AMAZE-BALLS!!!

I really like these masks, i use all sorts daily. I really like these though left me all soft and beautiful.

Victoria Scott Depot, WV

Love this product

And I keep re-ordering it. You must follow the directions properly and not rush. But in a couple of weeks you will love the results. Please try.

Marina Jackson, MO

Love this product

Nice way to replenish my skin. Wonderful to wear at night after my evening shower before I head to bed.Thank you Amazon.comOlga

Rachelle Pennington, TX

I Love It!

This stuff is amazing and I can feel that the mask is working on my face. It tightens on certain areas of your face that needs the collagen. Very refreshing and smooth after the use of the mask. Plus, it whitens the skin.

Abby Pecks Mill, WV

Collagen Essence Mask that Works!

Wonderful product that makes your skin soft and fresh, and smooth. Fast delivery. I will highly recommend this mask to all women with all types of skin. I will definitely use other masks of this seller. Thank you!

Verna Mongmong, GU


I really enjoy the soothing feel of this face mask. It leaves my skin soft and nourished. It’s one part in a total skin care regime. Of course, the proof in any product is long term use and results. It’s too soon to tell that. But I really like the way it leaves me feeling. I’ll give this a go for the long run.

Sonja Washington, LA