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COLLAGE Anti Aging Collagen Serum – Best for Wrinkle Treatment – Diminishes Fine Lines and Brightens Skin – Hyaluronic Acid – Vitamin C – Sea Kelp – Niacinamide – for Women and Men

VIBRANT… HEALTHY.. GORGEOUS SKIN…TURN BACK THE AGE CLOCK! The Secret Behind This Amazing Botox Alternative… This Specially Developed Serum Contains a Unique Combination of Premium Active Ingredients that Work to Restore Skin towards an Earlier Age. When You use COLLAGE for 4 Weeks, Expect Your Skin to be: Smooth and Supple Infused with Sea Kelp, Sodium PCA and Hyaluronic Acid, it Provides Your Skin with Nutrients and that Give it the Ability to Retain More Moisture. Your Skin Will Look Healthier while Feeling Softer. Resilient COLLAGE is Enriched with Antioxidants to Protect, plus Vitamin C, Collagen and Betulinic Acid to Stimulate Collagen Production. Feel Your Skin’s Elasticity Improve and Slow Down the Aging Process. Even Toned and Brighter The Unique Combination of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and Vitamin C Brightens Your Complexion. Gotu Kola Helps Even the Surface. See Your Skin Glow! COLLAGE is GUARANTEED to Help You Look Younger AND Prevent Signs of Aging – COLLAGE Works Over Time. Expect to Start Seeing Results After About 1 Month – Natural Ingredients – For All Skin Types – No Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates – Made in USA – No Animal Testing – Designed by female scientists for women The Protege Promise: Your SATISFACTION If You are Not Completely Satisfied with COLLAGE, Contact Protege Within 365 Days of Purchase and They Will Issue a Full Refund. No Questions Asked COLLAGE is a Work of Art. Let it Show Your Skin in a New Light! Our Supplies Run Out Fast at this Price. Add COLLAGE to Your Routine and Order a Bottle RISK FREE of this Fantastic Anti Aging Collagen Serum Now!

Key features

  • REDUCES WRINKLES AND FINE LINES – When You Use COLLAGE, it Restores Collagen Levels, So Your Skin Will Look Smoother and Feel More Supple.
  • GIVES YOUR SKIN A BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT GLOW – COLLAGE Contains Vitamins C and B3 ( Niacinamide ) that Brighten Your Skin to Look More Youthful and Healthy.
  • REPAIRS AND HEALS – This Advanced Formula Contains Gotu Kola and Sea Kelp, that Work Together to Nourish and Stimulate Skin Renewal. Helps Skin Feel Firm and Look More Youthful.
  • UNEQUALED PROTECTION – Defends Skin with Powerful Antioxidants that Protect Against UV Damage. Helps Prevent Signs of Aging to Maintain Your Youth.
  • ★COMPLETE GUARANTEE★ Protege Goes Far Beyond Amazon’s 30 Return Policy by offering a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for Any Reason You are Not Satisfied, Simply Contact Protege for a FULL Refund. No Questions Asked. NOTHING TO RETURN. You Risk Nothing When You Order COLLAGE, So Order Now!

Honest reviews


Collagen what my ageing skin needs!

I gave this Anti Aging Serum a 5 star because I noticed a difference in my skin the first couple of days. When you first apply it feels somewhat sticky. It goes away quickly I also use an under eye serum in conjunction. I am in my 40’s and am beginning with the crows feet and an age spot on my face. My make up goes over this product nicely and my skin stays moisturized all day. I usually feel dry again later in the day, I have not once felt that way since using this product. Collagen is what we need to nourish our ageing skin so I highly recommend this if your considering adding collagen to your skin care routine. Great product. Great Price.

Mitzi Brumley, MO

Helped with Scars

I have surgery on my face and there is a nasty little scar from it. I used this on it and the scar isn’t as deep red like it was.

Robert Goldsboro, MD

It works!! Love it!!

I have been hearing the so much about collagen … and how that is the key to young skin. I have bought so many things .. some super expensive and had not seen a result … I stumbled on this little bottle and I could not be happier. I am 38 and I have noticed a decrease in some of my expression lines and some of the sun damage. I use it morning and before going to sleep. A little bit goes a long way .. so it last forever. I also use it after I use my derma roller. I highly recommend it! A++++ all around.

Francine Blackwell, OK

soft skin right away

I just received this serum and I like it very much. It goes on smoothly, no stinging, and leaves my skin soft right away. Quite remarkably, it smooths my skin out as soon as I put it on. that sounds unlikely, but I notice a difference immediately and keep checking the mirror.. My face cream and make up goes on smoothly and no flaking as with some serums. I am looking forward to seeing my brown spots and wrinkles lesson because of the quality ingredients and processing. Building Collagen is key in reducing wrinkles and flaws while improving skin texture. I like this product a lot. Good customer service and fast shipping. The company stands behind the product with a full year guaranty so there is no risk to try. look for my update.

Ollie Slade, KY

Yet another great Protege product!

I have been using Protege’s Vitamin C Serum as well as their Emfaceize for some time now. I absolutely love them so I thought I would try their Collage-n. Yet another great product from Protege! I’ve started to use the trio of products together and my skin is beautiful! I’m really seeing a difference- my skin is soft, smooth and firm. And I particularly love it because it’s repairing some of my skin damage from being a sun worshipper for so many years. I can’t imagine how great it’s going to look after using these products over a longer period of time! I’m also ecstatic that all of Protege’s products have been gentle on my sensitive skin while still being effective at making me look and feel younger. I’m glad I ordered Collage-N to add to my anti-aging aresenal. Thanks for the awesome products!

Dena Pond Gap, WV


My deeper lines are so much better and the smaller lines are all but gone! My husband says he can see the difference and so can I. I spend a lot of time in the sun and this seems to help my skin to heal with proper care. I recommend this to family and friends.

Leslie Mindoro, WI

Good product , packed with good stuff!

I keep the dry, flaky skin away by using a combination of Clinique 7 Day scrub & Olay ProX system brush with a variety of different cleansers but mostly Aveeno Positively Ageless facial wash/scrub. After cleansing my face I would use this serum, eye gel & the day cream. Since I have dry normal skin I find that the serum is not quite hydrating enough to use on its own. On me it feels just ever so *slightly* tight after I let it set. I can get away with not using moisturizer if I wanted but I prefer not to. I usually use the Ujene Day Cream afterwards in order for my skin to feel completely normal. The heavy glass bottle is nice to look at and dropper style makes it easy to dispense the serum. I have been able to use 98% of the serum up this way. The rest I just tipped over into my palm. The serum itself is a thin consistency, clear with no fragrance. It is chock full of well known good-for-skin ingredients. I usually use this serum after I shower when my skin is a bit damp because I find that the serum spreads easily & melts right into my skin so a tiny little bit goes a long way. (And I mean a TINY bit) .

Denice Sylvan Grove, KS

Like the scent, non-irritating

Good product, smooth on skin, noticeable difference, good for men or women

Abbie Lansford, ND

Wife used on face

She is no sun worshipper. Does not want face to get burnt or wrinkle. So uses this a extra prevention of wrinkling. Easy to use per the instructions. Been using for a while. Her skin is light and bright and is silky smooth. I can tell the difference from before. She likes this and wanted to let others know about it. Since I am the one who ordered I get to do this review on my account. Wife gives this a thumbs up!

Lakesha Oxford, ME

Awesome Vitamin C & Collagen Serum

I have had this serum for about a week and am very pleased with it. It is wonderful to have a product with high quality ingredients at an affordable price without having to go to a salon/spa to purchase their line to receive the same benefits. I prefer to use this product primarily at night when my skin has the opportunity to repair itself. There are two added bonuses that help edge this product over the competition, in my opinion: 1. It is made in the USA (yeah!!); and 2. The manufacturer took the time and expense to package it in darkened glass. For those of you who may not be familiar with why this is so important – the effectiveness of many of the skin healing ingredients can deteriorate with the frequency that they are exposed to light and air. A manufacturer that takes the time to package in darkened glass is a winner in my book. I would definitely recommend this product!!!!

Ronda Opal, WY

Feeling Good

I started using this product 7 days ago and I can already see signs of improvement. I will turn 52 in July but i don’t want it to show on my face. The small lines around my eyes and mouth are less noticeable. It’s not just the lines. My skin looks and feels different. My face feels softer and looks better. I guess it looks healthier. The skin tone is more even though out my face. I had a chicken pox scar from the 5th grade on my chin, it was a little indent. I am not sure if the collagen has helped to fill it in but it is not as noticeable. I also like the fact that a little goes a long way. You do not have to use a lot of product. I can’t wait to see how I look in 30 days!

Brigitte Penns Creek, PA

Another great product from Protege

I have been using this for approximately a week and i am very pleased with it. First of all I loved the ingredient list and the fact that it was all in one serum and not several different steps/applications. Texture of my face has improved, also have just a brighter softer overall appearance. I am looking forward to great longer term results, but I wanted to leave a review regarding my experience thus far.

Ruth Rowley, IA

great product

I"m currently researching some quality serums ,to see what will work the best for me hereThis one seem to be in my price rangeI have received that serum in a promptly mannerCant say bad thing about it … skin absorbs it well…its not oily or very greasy etcI like that combination collagen and vit C …..I think its a better deal for my buckwill see the results….. so far so good …seems to be economical You only need few drops …it may be a keeper !

Laurel Green Park, PA

love the texture !!!

this is the first time I used a collage product and I must say a lady can never start too soon. I love the smooth silky texture !!! I just started using this a few days ago and my face is softer says my hubby !!! Can’t wait to see what happens in a month !

Terrie Reform, AL

Loving It !

This serum makes my skin feel so wonderful. I am a senior lady and to be honest, most beauty products cannot do too much at my age, but this one is great. I love it !

Tameka Midway, WV

Helps give smoother skin

I am on a constant quest to find effective skin products. As we age, we produce less collagen, which can make our faces sag. This product helped my skin look smoother.It’s a nice serum so it’s easy to apply. You only need a very small amount to cover your face.The scent is faintly medicinal and herbal. I much prefer this type of natural scent to the artificial scents found in many other skin creams.Use this as part of your daily skin care regimen and you will have younger looking skin.

Joyce Willits, CA

Great product, excellent ingredients

Great product, soaks into skin, non greasy, not over=drying. Skin looked refreshed and more plump within the week. I like that is has Collagen, Vit C and Hyaluronic acid which is also helpful to stimulate skin collagen.Thanks!

Paige Castine, ME

Love it!

Dr. Oz said we lose collagen in our face & neck as we age. I’m in my 40s & wanted to change up my routine a little. The serum is a fast & easy step to add. I apply to under eye, face & neck. With sensitive skin I was nervous about trying anything new but I haven’t had any issues (no redness or irritation). I also look for natural products: No Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates, 95% Natural Ingredients!

Emilia Mc Cormick, SC

html I like the serum and it does help to make my …

I like the serum and it does help to make my face more youthfull!

Marina Minneapolis, KS

Great Product

I received this product for an honest review and I’m glad I did. I already have been using Protégé Vitamin C-Rum and I knew this would just up the anti on my battle of aging. I had never used this product before so it was a new experience for me. I first used the Vitamin C and waited about 30 minutes and than applied the Collage without any bad effects. I have allergies to everything so this was a big deal. Now it did feel a little sticky at first but that soon went away.Living in the state of Florida my skin takes a beating from our hot sun everyday. I love products that help In that area, this product seemed to give my face what it needed. I had already seen some improvement on my face with the Vitamin C so I waited to see if my skin looked any better after adding the Collage. Well, it took about a week before I saw a difference, and I did see a difference. My face was smoother, and definitely had less wrinkles. Wow! My husband actually gave me a compliment on how soft and fresh my face looked. That made my day. I recommend this product, it works and that is what it’s all about. Recommended.

Kimberly Springfield, SC

Love this product.

I have never used a Collagen serum before until I bought this one. I am very impressed with the results I am getting from this product. I started using it this product about 5 days ago and I am very happy to say that it has really helped with the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I also wake up with puffiness under my eyes and it has really helped with that too. I am excited to see what it will do to the underlying skin tissue itself. I highly recommend this product.

Allene Cibola, AZ

Bright and glow

Anti-wrinkle serum is essential now as part of my skin care routine. Recommended twice a day. Came in a cute little draw string bag. Cloudy, thin serum that spreads easily. Comes in a dropper. Only need a small amount. Skin feels instantly smoother after application. Face appears brighter with a glow. I’m excited what will happen with continued use!

Leigh Kensington, MN