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Cold By United Colors Of Benetton For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Ounce

Launched by the design house of Benetton in 1997, COLD is a men’s fragrance that possesses a blend of lemon, mandarin, and geranium. It is recommended for romantic wear.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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Sheryl Waverly, FL

Absolutely good!

Benetton’s Cold is a very fresh fragance that could be used daily. It has a nice scent that lasts for hours. I recommend it widely. The packaging was also awesome, they used air bubble plastic for protection which allowed the 2 glasses arrive unharmed.Cold de Benetton es una fragancia muy fresca que puede ser usada a diario. Posee un buen olor que dura por horas. La recomiendo ampliamente. El empaquetado fue espectacular, usaron plástico de burbujas de aire para proteger las colonias, lo que permitió que ambas botellas llegaran sin daño alguno.

Lucinda Braselton, GA

Musky and Distinctive, Decent Cologne

Package came sooner than I thought and the packaging was fine, so was the product, Took a second for me to understand hwo to use it but it’s fine, it’s meant to turn at the handle to prevent accidental usage. Now to the fun part!The smell? It The cologne has a refreshing, laidback sort of smell. It’s not "in your face" or powerful, but it does smell good. Gives me a feel of something my brothers wore in the 90’s or in school when they were teens. It has a youthful scent, and nothing that I have ever really smelled before in scents I have purchased. I love colognes, I have a collection and I will add this one to the colognes that I LIKE because the scent is not offensive nor is it bad.There is a musk, but a beautiful musk. Wear this on a causal date out with your lady on a decent, well lit day. I have in mind of a day that is cloudy, grey, cool, and laidback…that is when I would wear this. A Polo shirt and some jeans, definitely meant for a relaxing day out!

Bobbi Effingham, SC

Love the fragrance

I am a big fan of non flower fragrances. I came across this spray 3 years ago and absolutely loved it. Recently I found that 2 of my my perfumes were running low. Perfect opportunity to buy a new one. I found Cold on Amazon and instantly placed the order. The product arrived before the estimated day in perfect condition. I love the fragrance. Not too bold but stays with you for the entire work day.Would recommend to anyone looking for a new fragrance to try.

Marjorie Walton, KY

Fun, no worries, anytime scent

“Cold” is actually one of my favorite scents right now. It’s not because it’s shockingly original or the most delicious smelling cologne ever. It’s just simple, very citrusy and light and doesn’t have any kind of stigma. Wearing it doesn’t say anything in particular. It doesn’t scream “sexy” or “business” or anything really, it’s just a nice fragrance. I usually wear it as a body splash after a shower, or if I’m going to the gym, or some place with friends where I just want to smell good. It’s supposedly a “unisex” scent although it smells more like a men’s cologne to me. “Cold”‘s counterpart “Hot” is also great but is clearly feminine, I gave it to my sister and she loves it.Overall if you’re looking for a good scent that’s cheap but doesn’t smell like it, this is for you. I don’t think it says “sexy” or “manly” though, so if you’re looking for something like that I wouldn’t choose this. With that being said, however, I’ve actually received more compliments while wearing this than most of my other colognes which I think smell richer and better.. so maybe wearing something that doesn’t smell like you’re trying is the best way to go!

Esther Tribes Hill, NY