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COGIT Face Up Roller, 0.5 Pound

Two types of rollers to fit face shape for a slim chin and neckline.

Key features

  • Use the double roller for cheeks and the single roller for eye area, forehead, and neckline
  • Made In Japan
  • Materials: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, TPR

Honest reviews


good! 🙂

It was worth the buy :)) I got this as a face massager cause i have tmj an it works for me LOL

Delia Aubrey, AR


useless cheap piece of plastic this does nothing you can massage your face with your hand and get better results this thing is painful on top of that and it fell apart after using it 2 times my boyfriend fixed it but its just junk and the pink flower part that goes on your face is cut sharply and jagged very dumb pointless product should be only 2$ not 10$

Eva Greenback, TN

Feels so good on my cheeks!

This thing is weird and awesome. I’m not sure if I’m using it enough to show so much of a difference in my cheek size, but I do feel that it does help drain some built up subcutaneous fluids and help to relax any knots from clenching. And ahhhhh does it feel good. A really good invention actually, because when I get sore in my jaw, trying to massage with my hands is both tiring and ineffective. Well this thing, in one upward stroke, puts a good amount of pressure on your cheeks, and you can continue to massage it effectively and easily for a good ten minutes if you were up for it. There is also an attachment for your chin, but it doesn’t stay on that well. But I don’t really care because I prefer the cheek parts anyway. I can see that it could be painful to some, but so is deep tissue massage so if you prefer swedish massage then maybe I would pass. But you can somewhat control the pressure, so maybe for the price it would be worth a try. This thing doesn’t come very nicely packaged, so don’t send it directly from Amazon as a gift to someone. But it would make a good gift for your girlfriends because it is an unusual massager that works so well!

Patti Omer, MI

Great & i Love It !!

I was watching Suzanne Somers On tv, & she’s Great,But Her Stuff Is VERY COSTLEY !!The way i do this is,Before Bed,I use Nozema to wash my face with warm water,Then dry It good,Then i use a Anti aging creme on my face,then i take these ROLLERS & ROLL HARD ( NOT TO HARD TO BREAK )& I almost Fall Asleep Standing up Doing this !!! REALLY,I make sure I Roll all the way from my cheeks to my Temples of head,Then i roll it Over my chin ( about 5-6 min )Day & night.It Makes my skin Glow,It tightens My skin,DO NOT USE IT WITH OUT ANY CREMES !!!Ponds Cold Creme Is also Great for this as well,I change off with my cremes & I NEVER use the same one !!Hope this helps & im a open book to ask me About it !!

Ila Steele, ND

Roller Face Up

I cannot give 5 stars yet as very early as i just started using this, will give my ratings after a month or so. Like it as even you’re watching TV, you can use this roller and hopefully my face gets smaller (especially my chin) as I have gained few pounds recently.

Lynn Ranchester, WY

Like it so far…

I guess, this product needs to be used everyday to achieve the result you are looking for. I like it so far because it does give a good massage and good circulation to my face.

Penny Madison Lake, MN

I use for face massage

I got this to massage my face as my jaw muscles have been hurting a lot lately. For my purposes it’s ok, I wish it could provide a bit more pressure. No matter how much pressure I use it doesn’t transfer due to the design of the item. Also the little "petals" aren’t completely smooth, it seems that the seam of whatever mold they’re made from is right at the edges of them and thus there are places that are almost sharp.

Candice Sandy Lake, PA