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Cococare Coconut Oil, 9 Ounce

Created with natural coconut oil, this fragrant, rich moisturizing oil is ideal for arms, legs and entire body. Apply and your skin will instantly feel soft, velvety smooth and gently protected for hours.

Key features

  • Created with natural coconut oil
  • Rich moisturizing oil
  • Ideal for arms, legs and entire body

Honest reviews



I love this product, however the supplier is the absolute worst I’ve ever encountered. This product should have been sent to me 2 weeks ago and I’ve still not received it. I had to send out 2 messages before they bothered to tell me it was on back order. If you can find this product from another supplier, DO SO.

Laurie Mound City, SD

Great oil

I mix a little of this in with my body lotion for extra richness. It keeps my legs and arms from getting dry throughout the day and adds a little sheen. I knocked off one star because instead of the first ingredient being coconut oil it was mineral oil. It has a good smell without being overpowering. I probably won’t reorder because I prefer a true coconut oil, but don’t let this deter you if you’re looking for a decent body oil with a good smell.

Cristina Colesburg, IA

This does not work

I tried applying this to wet and dry hair but either way it dried my hair out after about two and half days. The first two days it was oily and not as full looking

Hilary Bixby, MO


I love the smell and it makes my skin so smooth. I use it after I shower instead of lotion. The hint of coconut smells great and doesn’t interfer with other perfumes that I wear.

Twila Vestaburg, MI

Luv the scent~!

Smells good, absorbs fast, available for body and hair, perfect for winters, what else can I say? I will come back and buy it again!

Ines Illinois City, IL

Bring the Islands To Your Home

I love the way my skin feels after using this coconut oil. The smell makes you feel like you’re in the Virgin Islands too. Thanks for having it in stock.

Angelica Berrien Center, MI