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Cococare Coconut Oil, 4 Ounce

All natural 100 percent coconut oil is ideal for use on skin and hair.

Key features

  • All natural 100 percent coconut oil
  • Ideal for use on skin and hair
  • Can be used on nails

Honest reviews


nothing at all

I had this product. It did nothing at all. Its serves no purpose. Waste of two bucks

Alice Sayner, WI

It’s a staple for me.

This is my second time purchasing coconut oil. The first time, I paid $10 for a smaller jar then this size but the oil melted in my hand. This product doesn’t easily melt in my hand but I love the price. I paid around $2 for 4.0z and it is lasting a longer than my 10$ jar. I plan to make this a staple in my hair care routine.

Patty Brainerd, MN


Coconut oil is so good for your hair! If you’re trying to grow out your hair, this is the way to go! Just coat your hair with it, leave it on for at least an hour (and don’t forget to put a plastic bag on/or apply heat on it so the hair cuticle absorbs it better) and you’re good to go!

Bobby Rumford, ME

Weird Smell

I use unrefined coconut oil for my hair and it helps keep it soft. I usually buy the food grade virgin coconut oil. I saw this at the beauty supply store and picked it up for its convenient size. It does melt and work like coconut oil should for the most part, but it has a slight rubbing alcohol scent to it that really bothers me, plus the color seems a bit off. I will stick with the food grade one instead.

Monica Moscow, VT

This is !00% Good

All I will say is this, this is some real 100% coconut oil, it is not just good it is great, great for your skin and your hair. I have well past my waist dreads or locks if you will and this is just fine for my hair, with a little shea butter added this keeps my scalp and my dreads tight. I have one recommendation, keep it well refridgerated or it will liquify on you, other than that I have no complaints. The oil is oderless, if you want a scent, an essence oil may be added if you would like a scent added, it is a carrier oil. I will be buying more as it arrived very quickly and it is very clean and fresh, not stale as others have said. I would not recommend this oil for cooking, this is not a cooking oil. I am so glad I found this oil at an acceptable price too, I will be back for more.

Kayla Whitney Point, NY

okay coconut oil!

This oil is okay. i’m not sure if it’s 100%. Coconut has a light smell to it. This brand don’t smeell anything like coconut! Not sure if i will buy again????

Marcy Barker, TX


This wasnt what I expected out the oil. When I recvd the package it was no in good shape and the oil was leaking out the package

Emilie Grassy Meadows, WV

Low Quality

I purchased this and the yellow tint threw me off. It is low grade and since I purchased it for my hair; I cannot use it. I will be heading to the grocery store for food grade.

Shauna Baden, PA


No flakes, no greasy film. I wash my hair every day and put a little of this in my hair and go. Most products leave a residue. This one does not.

Lula Crystal Falls, MI


Cant really notice a difference, both times I’ve used on my hair. Also made my face breakout…not sure if I like it

Suzette Kiefer, OK

Cococare Coconut Oil

This is my first brand trying coconut oil. I use it in my thick, coarse hair. It melts easily, so I didn’t need to heat it up to apply it to my hair. I think I might need to try another brand, this didn’t leave my hair moisturized. It was very shiny the next day though. I also want to try an organic brand, this brand doesn’t say it’s organic.

Ruthie Steamboat Springs, CO

Great for Natural Hair

This oil has turned out to be awesome for moisturizing my natural hair and scalp. It is light, moisturizes very well, and lasts a while on my very thirsty scalp. I definitely recommend this for natural hair sisters if you have not had any luck with olive oil.

Rosalie Stirling City, CA

Does the job!

I order this connect oil to use on my hair, it does liquify upon touch but doesn’t have that nice coconut smell I’m used to. It has no smell at all which some people may like. Otherwise it does the job.

Leeann Willow Wood, OH

Good product. I will buy again. Thank you. Well packed.

I have bought this coconut oil for my hair. I haven’t use it yet but it is liquid so I don’t think I will have a problem.

Araceli Whiterocks, UT

Great in hair.

I use this probably once a month in addition with other products similar. I take nice quarter/half palm size and rub between hands then distribute through damp hair (my hair is long), any excess I usually put on my legs. Leave in for about an hour and rinse hair. My hair is SO very soft now.

Renae New Canton, VA

Works wonders!

I use this as a hair mask when my hair is feeling very dry and it works wonders. I also dab a tiny bit on my lips when they are feeling chapped. There are so many uses for coconut oil. It’s amazing.

Margot Scotts Mills, OR

Great Buy

Coconut oil is great for the skin and scalp. I was unable to find pure coconut oil in my local stores. So glad Amazon had it and at a reasonable price. It works well and absorbs beautifully. The 4 oz last a long time.

Tracy Aurora, OH

Love this Oil

This small jar is perfect for using on a daily basis when applying to hair and skin. I like to add a little Coconut Oil to the ends of my hair after. The oil maybe in a liquefied form if it arrives in warm weather, but it solidifies under 70 degrees in my house. The oil then will melt in your hand once your ready to use it.

Bettie Meredith, NH

Love this oil!

This is my new favorite oil! I use this on my skin, mostly my face! I put it on in the morning and my skin stays so smooth and moisturized. I also use it on the bottom is my feet and leave on overnight. It doesn’t have any type of smell to me, which is nice.

Meghan Inez, KY

WoW! Great product! 100% pure and no problems! LOVE IT!

I bought this for my husbands beard 3 days ago! Yes.. I ordered it 3 day’s ago & got it in mail today! FAST SHIPPING!!! Took it out & rubbed it in his beard and it is great! Pretty soon it will be sooooo soft! Love the way it melts and works in so nicely. Were in Washington state so it was solid when it arrived & will stay that way in the house, so it is easier to get out what we need at a time. No bad odor & very pleasant for me. Also going to use it on his nails to cure his nail fungus-amongus & to soften his skin for his psoriasis. GREAT all the way around! I thank those who helped answer all my questions before buying!

Maggie Hillsboro, NM

It’s Coconut Oil.

It works. I bought it so my sister and I could make hairs masks which it works fine for. I will not repurchase this size of container again. I’ll most likely by coconut oil from Costco from now one. It’s a better deal.

Monika Marty, SD

Light coconut oil for skin

Its a nice and economic coconut oil. I apply it all over my body to fight winter dryness and it works.

Melissa Picture Rocks, PA


I love the coconut oil. I am putting it with my other oils. I will be ordering more in a large container when y ou have another sale. I mix other oils with the coconut and it is looking real fine!

Elda Radium Springs, NM


just as advertised and like the picture this is just like the picture some solid some liquid in the bottle it kinda reminds me of lard or Crisco when solid but melts at 75 degrees so its liquid oil but I like it good for dry hair or skin but because its oil I wouldn’t use it on my face sometimes it makes me break up and I don’t get pimples usually but I avoid oils and chemicals. Just depends on the person but I like this product a lot . The container is good when its solid but bad when its liquid I feel I spill it and doesn’t close tight for liquid so I keep it in the bag it came in to avoid making a mess on my stuff.

Laverne New Brighton, PA

This stuff is awesome. I love how it stays a solid form …

This stuff is awesome. I love how it stays a solid form until you spread it in your hand. It melts then and stays fresh for a long time. This stuff works really well in my hair and on my skin. There is no scent. Does not irritate your skin.

Elva Turtle Creek, WV


I ordered this product for my scalp due to dryness. I applied this to my scalp and I will tell you it has eliminate the dryness. I will continue to order more in the near future.

Deirdre Gracemont, OK

Love Coconut Oil Works for everything

I use coconut oil for everything. I use it to moisturize my face, my hair, to take off my make up and I also use it for dry hands and feet. There is nothing this stuff isn’t good for body wise.

Alana Karnes City, TX