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Coastal Scents Winterberry Palette, 8.5-Ounce

12 Berry inspired metallic shades

Key features

  • Black matte lightweight case
  • Use to contour and add depth with perfect amount of shimmer
  • Hot Pots included

Honest reviews


Beautiful colors

This is really nice eye shadow, I like it a lot. I was looking for some plum shades and they’re all here, or you can mix your own. The shadow goes on nicely and stays put – doesn’t leave creases or smudges.

Mildred Zenda, KS

Primer’s the Key

I initially was going to give this brand the thumbs down, because I’ve used MAC eye shadows almost exclusively for years, and have personally never had to use a primer as a result. This being the case, I first found the colors on application to be very flat and, if the colors were in the same range (i.e. brown and bronze) pretty much indistinguishable from one another.I can not stress enough how much primer makes all the difference in the world as far as getting the full and complete effect of how vibrant the colors in the palette are. Make no mistake though, Coastal Scents eyeshadows, from what can tell, have a pretty high talc content, and therefore don’t have the same high consistency quality as MAC or other comparatively priced brands. However, if you’re looking for *very* affordably priced eye makeup for everyday wear that has really decent staying power, you really can’t beat this brand.Also, this palette’s color options make it my current second favorite. Very nice indeed.Again, anything positive I’ve posted is all dependent on the use of primer; otherwise, don’t even bother. Also, FWIW, I’m a black female who’s wears an ‘8’ in MAC MatchMaster foundation.One last thing: I initially tried the NYX primer in white, and it made absolutely no difference; however, when I tried Coastal Scents own brand in matte, the “wow” effect officially kicked in.Grade: B

Arlene Freeport, OH

Great purple palette

Love Coastal Scent hot pots and love purple eyeshadow so this was right up my alley. Highly pigmented. Beautiful colors. Plus, much like the Think Pink palette, some of these also look amazing as blush. Only draw back is this palette doesn’t have any mats so if you’re not into some shimmer/metallic this may not be the one for you. I’m not a fan of glittery chunky stuff myself but these are very nice. More sheer washes of shimmer/shine in the colors. Lovely purchase.

Paula Flint, TX

Great colors, stays on pretty well, a little difficult to apply

I LOVE the colors in this set! It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the third one on the bottom is a gorgeous burgundy shade that gets me lots of complements. Once I get the color on my lids, it lasts for a decent amount of time, particularly if you use a primer. The only problem is that the shadow is a little dry, if that makes any sense. You have to move your brush over the shadow fairly hard to get the color onto the brush. But for the price, it’s great!

Kimberley Loa, UT


Haven’t got too much time to play with it, but the picture is deceiving. I thought they were all matte shades…..NOT. The are ALL shiny, shimmery of some kind and I don’t like that. I like a good mix of satin, matte, shimmer etc. Who’s going to wear a whole eye of glitter during a fall/winter day. The color payoff is phenomenal, which is why I gave if four stars. And I have hazel eyes so I thought this would be the pallet of my dreams. By I can only wear ONE color at a time, cause if you put more you just look like a clown. PLEASE COASTAL, DO SOME BEAUTIFUL BERRIES IN MATTE AND SATIN FOR US HAZEL EYED WOMEN!!!

Kasey Santaquin, UT

Indulges my new purple passion

I have been having such a huge love relationship with the color purple lately, especially when it comes to nail polishes. I decided to extend into the makeup arena when I saw a makeup guru do a tutorial using purple as the primary color. The cost of the products she used where a little rich for my taste (Mac – $15 for a single paint pot WTH?!?) and I hate paying a lot of money for eyeshadow. Don’t get me wrong I may treat myself to a few high end products once in a while and when I do it is usually with a non-trendy color or item like foundation, skin care or red lipstick. I love eyeshadow palettes because I always feel like I am getting a lot for my money. This isn’t my first foray into Coastal Scent palettes. I had a larger one years ago that I really liked but I do think the color payoff on this smaller one is much better. This palette is wonderful. I got this and the fall festival at the same time and I love them both. I have used them with and without primer and had no issues. Of course with primer is always best but the colors still showed up on my skin well without.I recommend

Mercedes Norwalk, CT

Love the colors!

Abs. Love these colors and they last long & total worth all the price! & I love how I can change the palettes if I wanted too! I recommend these to anyone.Thanks

Leah Delmita, TX

Great Color Palette

I absolutely adore this eye shadow palette. The colors are true and they last all day with no creasing or fading. This is a true selling point for someone like me that has combination oily skin. Don’t hesitate ladies… this is a great bargain with an even better product!

Mildred Richfield, OH


I really wanted to give this more stars. However, the majority of the colors are a little too pinkish for me, for which I deducted one star, even though I find I can correct for this by mixing the colors with the color in the lower right corner, which is actually a little too blue. I deducted a second star because all the colors are SO shimmery.

Debbie Manton, MI


I’m not over the moon about the palette, but it does the job and the colors are nice. All but one color has great color pigment but it works for more nuetral looks. I have seen reports of Coastal Scents palette not shutting or being badly made, mine is fine it stays shut and the mirrror doesn’t wiggle. I purchased 2 palettes with this one (Creative Me & Think Pink) the name of the palette (Winterberry) was listed on the front as well as “12 Berry Inspired Eye shadows” personally I like knowing what palette I’m picking up so this is a bonus for me, because Think Pink does not have the palette name on it. The colors are shimmery without alot of fallout, vibrant, they blend well, and I’ve had no problems with creasing (but I use a primer).I love these colors and recommend this to people that like purple tones because those are my favorites.

Lupe Hyannis Port, MA

Just as good as Mac

I love coastal scent cosmetics after a friend turned me on to them I usally use Mac but hey change is good and CS has beautiful pigmented colors and the cost of it is definitely lower than Mac try it and see for yourself

Fran Mica, WA

Very good

This palette is good and big and last long, will buy more. I just like the palette size. This is best worn to the office

Pam Burnt Prairie, IL

These eyeshadows are amazing!

I bought this because I figure it would give me a affordable sample of their eyeshadows before I went crazy buying up the hot pots on And I have to say, these eyeshadows far exceeded my expectations, especially since they are only $1.95 a piece on the website. They are pigmented and very smooth. I can tell fallout will be an issue, not a big issue, but doesn’t matter because I apply my foundation after my eye makeup any who. If your wanting to try coastal scents products I think this is a fine place to start. Love my new eyeshadows!

Gloria Lacon, IL