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Coastal Scents The Brush Guard, Variety Pack, 0.60-Ounce

The coastal scents brush guard keeps your makeup brushes like new! This variety pack contains six different size brush guards perfect for any brush that you want to protect from damage.

Key features

  • While drying – bristles dry in perfect shape
  • In use – handle stays clean and grips better
  • In storage – no snags or squashing
  • On the move – perfect packing

Honest reviews


They’re Alright

As another reviewer pointed out, the covers will shift on the brush, kinking the outer hairs/fibers of bigger brushes and holding them at weird angles. Similarly, I can’t help but feel like the plastic ends will begin to unravel shortly.They do what they say they’ll do – just make sure you have a case that holds your brushes stationary so you won’t encounter the shifting problem. They’re great for smaller lip/eyeshadow/eyeliner brushes, but if you have very pricey, high quality blush/foundation/powder brushes, I’d recommend going with better quality brush guards!

Josefina Mokane, MO

Great product, a must-have!

This one is new for you if you, like me, care about your brushes and want to keep them clean, protected, and in perfect shape. Coastal Scents The Brush Guard is just the perfect thing to achieve all those goals. I think this is just genius. Not only these light guards are protecting your brushes from dust, they are good while drying, to keep the brushes in perfect shape, they are easy and convenient to use, brushes are protected in storage, and easy to take to travel. I liked the The Brush Guard Company site where you can buy a brush cleaning kit for $19.95. But if you want you can only buy Coastal Scents Brush Purifier, it’s $4.95 on Amazon. I am getting one for myself.

Maribel Fairfax, OK

Great, but largest guard is not big enough.

The only reason this does not get a 5 star rating is the largest brush guard is not big enough for real techniques or sigma brushes.

Edythe Summit, KY

Keeps it in place

I like this especially for my big brushed like face, bush and bronzer brushes cause I feel they need the most protecting. I have the small ones too but don’t use them much.Now I currently have 3 sets of the variety and they are still holding up really well after a few years.So glad I got this!

Rene Nelsonville, WI


keeps brushes in good condition! After cleaning my brushes, i like to leave them upright in a jar, and I’ve noticed these definitely help dry them nicely and keep their shape.

Nichole Eastlake, MI

Just as good as the original

Very good product. To be honest, I cant tell the difference from this vs the original Brush Guards. Because my brush collection is growing, I will definitely keep buying more.

Justine Whitman, NE

Great product!

I’m kicking myself for not getting these sooner. I apply my makeup on the go most days and I almost always end up either getting makeup smeared on the inside of my makeup bag or having the bristles all out of shape. This product is perfect for keeping the brush intact!Also perfect for after you clean your brushes – just put these on them and let them dry upside down in a cup. It preserves the shape while making sure they dry properly.

Glenna Coyote, CA

Does work. Quality is questionable.

I like this product. It keeps the brushes in shape and it’s easy to use. However, what’s going on with those edges?! I don’t know if it’s burnt plastic or glue, but all of them have really rough edges. It can pull on the brushes when you put it on and when you take it off… Other than that it’s a good product.

Francis Weatherly, PA

Love it!!

Love this product. Great for drying your makeup brushes without causing damage to them. Would highly recommend you invest in this if you want to take care of your makeup brushes

Sheila Spring City, PA

A beauty must have!

These things are completely irreplaceable. If you don’t already own a set then you need to get it, now. If you do then you already know what I am talking about. They have actually fixed some of my old splayed brushes (clean with soap and water mixed with olive oil or brush cleaner, slip them on, then leave them alone for a few days brush side down in a glass) They do what they say and make cleaning your brushes a snap. My only problem is one brush that I can’t put it on because of the shape of it, but that’s the brushes fault really. (It has a pencil sharpener on one end, weird brush but I adore it.) Other than that my only regret is I didn’t buy them sooner.

Rene Western Springs, IL

Good buy

Any girl who has a stash of makeup brushes needs these. They ensure that your brushes maintain their shape always.

Francesca Navarre, OH

Best Invention

It dries my brushes without contracting dust. Travel friendly and I use them for all my brushes. Who ever created this is awsome!

Beatriz Irene, TX


love love love these, i bought 4 sets and they are just amazing. i feel if i hadnt gotten these my brushes whould most likely be all messed up so this product is beyond amazing and i think any girl or guy that does makeup should have these for their brushes

Dorothea Philipsburg, MT


bought this kit, and I was surprised. Really amazing and cheap, washed my brushes and put to dry and everything worked! recommend this productive for everyone.

Charlotte Wellston, MI

Must have for your brushes

Never thought I needed these until I stumbled across them! Keeps my brushes soft and intact, especially when traveling.Also great for washing and drying!

Megan Johnson City, TX

Protectors for my brushes!

Some of my makeup brushes require special handling after washing. The manufacturer suggested I buy a "thing" to dry them, that cost $40! Basically it was a cover like these ones. So, I decided to try this instead and they work well. Not only that, now I use them to protect the brushes when I travel and it is perfect. The only bad thing is this pack did not have more than 2 sizes. Would have preferred to have several sizes. Nice nonetheless

Myrna Howardsville, VA

Does it says

I use these to help store my brushes while they dry. Because once you clean them you can put them up right, or flat on a surface since the water can go straight into the glue and cause your brush to not last long. Along with the fact that if you place your brushes facing down without gaurds, you’re having your brushes get out of its perfect shape. These brush gaurds are amazing, and helps dry my brushes while keeping them in perfect shape. ‘

Sallie Livermore, KY

Be carefull with the bristles

Great product but i can use it, for the purpose that its suppose to be use, because this things moves with the time and the bristles fold to the backside of the brush and then you can your brush with some bristles downsized, awful, so i use them to dry my brushes after i wash them, putting them upside down.

Briana Hermanville, MS

Waste of money

I ordered these brush guards along with another brand (Easygoby) and have to say these cost 3X as much and are so inferior. You literally only get 5 guards which means that’s a $1 a guard for a piece of mesh plastic. Forget about trying to cut them to stretch your dollar because they will fray so badly it’ll be even more useless than it already was. The plastic is really hard and too big. In the photo, the smallest one looks like it would be good for a liner brush, but even my shadow brushes are too small for it. I feel like the guard has to have some give in order for it to keep the shape or reshape brushes, but these guards don’t even touch the hairs. Really disappointed.

Adriana Bradley Beach, NJ

Helpful for some things, exercise care for others.

I purchased several sets of these in a variety of sizes. I have two needs:1. Vanity top storage: protection from dust and grit.2. Travel: protection from smooshing.I think I will just go with a watercolor brush holder in the future. Brush & Tool Holder up to 15″.Might try on a couple of my watercolor brushes. Have not yet.I don’t use to dry brushes after washing, with one exception. Larger brushes would take too long to dry and could develop mildew or otherwise damage ferule, glue, etc. Dry brushes on their side. If you have a way to hang them upside down (I don’t) then you can do that. I like hanging them over the edge of the table if possible.Vanity top storagePRO:works well. I live in a desert with high winds and keeping surfaces clean is, well, impossible. Obviously the very tips will still get grit and dust, but there is less over-all exposure. CON: no more pretty display of brushes and harder to tell which one to grab. 4 starsTravelPRO, most traveled well. 4 stars. MAJOR CON: But the ones I packed in a zip pocket, with space for a things to move around, allowed the cover to push back against the brush hairs and deform my expensive brushes. I had to wash and reshape them by hand and the hairs were very reluctant to be re-shaped. It may have broken the hairs. The ones in individual brush pockets in my make up bag did fine, but they would have anyway. THIS IS THE POINT OF THE PRODUCT AND IT DOES NOT MEET ITS PURPOSE. 1 star. (zero stars.)OtherBrushes will dry correctly when shaped by hand or even just tapped out. Once dry or nearly so, these performed very well on re-shaping a very old, large, fluffy, high capacity, high quality water color brush that I use to dust off any loose powder, blusher, shadow as a last step after a full make-up job. Not for blending. It is looking lovely, tho I am sure it will return to it’s former state once used a few times. It was dry when I put it in and left it for two weeks. 4 stars for shaping up an old brush. If it stays shaped up for six months, then it would be 5 stars, don’t know yet.(I used to use my older brushes for travel and my newer ones for home, but now traveling alot and missed my brushes. That YouTube star, David Goss Makeup Artist, has ruined me on brushes! Now must have nothing but the best.)My recommendation is to get a watercolor brush carrier, the folding kind, like the Alvin Prestige Brush & Tool Holder Brush & Tool Holder up to 15″. They pack flat, but don’t store wet brushes in them, except for very short time (from studio to home).Based on my experience with watercolor brushes, don’t use a canvas or bamboo holder to roll brushes together against each other, but keep each one separate.Feel free to ask a question. Love to hear if they solved a problem for you. This stuff costs the company that packages them about a buck for miles of this tubing, which they cut, label, package and ship. But the industrial versions I see wholesale are much larger, haven’t found a source for smaller diameters.

Sara Masterson, TX

Worth it

I clean my brushes daily/weekly and I need something to hold my brushes upside down and this is just perfect because all the water will drip down away from the glue area in the brush when I put in my makeup cup/container brush

Pam Gans, PA

Great variety

I finally gave in and purchased these costal scent protectors after I bought some generic dollar something ones that were just terrible. I should have saved myself that dollar something and shelled out the cash for these right from the start!

Olga New Preston Marble Dale, CT