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Coastal Scents The Brush Guard, Shadow/Liner Pack, 0.45-Ounce

The coastal scents brush guard keeps your makeup brushes like new! This shadow/liner pack contains ten brush guards perfect for your shadow/liner brushes that you want to protect from damage.

Key features

  • While drying – bristles dry in perfect shape
  • In use – handle stays clean and grips better
  • In storage – no snags or squashing
  • On the move – perfect packing

Honest reviews



THese work really well, do the job and store small for when not in use. I would repurchase these in a heart beat.

Marcia Orgas, WV

great idea

these brush guards are perfect. while i was using thread socks for my larger brushes, i had nothing for my smaller brushes. these are very sturdy and allow me to dry the brushes upside down in a mesh pencil cup bought at the dollar store. because the pencil holder is mesh, the brushes dry much faster than in a glass. i love these so much i think i will buy the larger brush guards for my large face brushes, my kabuki, and my lowe- cornell mopines. they are also great for travel too. i used to roll my brushes up in a towel and secure with a rubber band, but with the brush guard, i can pack them in a pencil pouch with no worries.

Nichole Medford, MN

great brush guard/cover

this brush guards are perfect for my expensive brushes that I was to make sure to keep its shape.Some of the more widely used brushes were starting to loose its original shape. Not too badly but it was getting wider since bristles were spreading out more.These brush guards keep the bristles together and regain that original shape and does exactly what I want it to do.I know these are reccommended for drying with also but I personally don’t use it for that. mainly because i feel that the brushes should dry without any obstruction to make sure they dry fully and not get moldy if it didn’t, which could be very harmful.

Lara Westfall, OR

Probably wouldn’t buy again

It’s not a bad product, I just probably wouldn’t buy it again because I’m not sure it’s something that I need. I have only used them a couple of times. Now I just lay my brushes on a folded towel on the kitchen table and it does the job much faster. If you have a lot of brushes, using these could become a pain. If you only use a few regularly then you may feel it’s worth the hassle.

Harriet Shushan, NY

I love these

The keep my brushes well shaped. They make traveling with my brushes very easy. I like how they stretch just enough to provide a firm capsule around the brushes. I have actually ordered several of these and every time I buy more brushes, I buy more of these.

Helena Harrison City, PA

Must have for any brush you have

I’m a landscape painter in oils and have many fine sable brushes and these are amazing to keep my just washed brushes from drying crazy, plus to protect them while laying in the drawers or if I’m traveling. I also use these on my regular cosmetic brushes and its a must have since I wash these weekly. Plus if you travel you slip this baby around your brush heads and they are protected from whatever. Don’t be put off by how small the diameter is, they stretch amazingly well around the handle. I have also bought the blush guard size and the multi-pac sizes and will always use these.

Kim Oswegatchie, NY

Great for makeup brushes

Love this product!! Great for drying your brushes without damaging them. I love this so much I had to get for all my brushes!!

Noelle Chaptico, MD

Brush Guard

The brush guard is a great tools for drying your makeup brushes as well as for protecting your brushes while traveling.

Dianna Moss Point, MS

Exactly what i ordered.

These are the tiiiiny this brush guards. I use them on brushes that are the thickness of a qtip through the thickness of a hexagonal pencil. Anything bigger gets the blush guards. I can throw these on a brush and throw them in my purse without worrying about the bristles getting messed up or full of dirt and crud. I don’t necessarily recommend doing this, but the point is that these things make it so I can.

Barbra Little Compton, RI


I wash my eye-shadow brushes often and didn’t know how I went without these! These allow you to reshape and dry brushes downward instead of flat on side so that you preserve the glue holding the bristles. This is a brush saver! Less shedding! Always use clean brushes on your face! I love this for travel as well. My brushes don’t get damaged with other products in my make up bag. You will not regret this purchase! Price is super reasonable! Comes with 10 which is more than enough for me!

Ramona Iota, LA

Perfect size

I was worried these might be too small for all my eyeshadow brushes but it does stretch considerably and is very protective. I finally gave in and purchased these costal scent protectors after I bought some generic dollar something ones that were terrible. I should have saved myself that dollar something and just bought these right from the start!

Beverley Georgetown, LA