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Coastal Scents The Brush Guard, Blush Pack, 0.60-Ounce

The coastal scents brush guard keeps your makeup brushes like new! This blush pack contains eight brush guards perfect for your blush brushes that you want to protect from damage.

Key features

  • While drying – bristles dry in perfect shape
  • In use – handle stays clean and grips better
  • In storage – no snags or squashing
  • On the move – perfect packing

Honest reviews


good to protect brushes

good to protect your makeup brushes. the only downside is that sometimes the hairs would stick out through the holes of the brush guard. so when you protect your brushes, make sure to check for hair the would stick out. they do stretch so it would fit the right size brush.

Pauline Glenwood Landing, NY

Make sure you aren’t looking for the foundation sized guards

I like these, but I was actually looking for the foundation sized ones. Luckily I just bought a slew of eye brushes and used all of these. There are the second smallest size guards (out of the 4 possible sizes). I thought the sizes went (in descending order) Kabuki, Blush, Foundation, Eyeshadow, but they actually go Kabuki, Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow.

Twila Iron Station, NC

Great product

These brush guards are perfect to put on your makeup brushes after cleansing…. helps the brushes hold their shape! will buy more sizes!

Natalie Athens, MI

Too small for most blush brushes

Another reviewer mentioned that these guards were too small for her brushes, and I completely agree. I purchased this set and the kabuki brush guard set, and the latter works much better for blush brushes. This set is too small and it is very difficult to make the guards go over the brush handles, which tend to be pretty thick. I actually managed to rip a couple just trying to slide the guards over the handles. I tried the kabuki set and this worked wonders, as it stretches wide enough for the handles and shrinks back over the bristles and keeps the brush shape perfectly. Don’t buy this set, buy the kabuki set for your blushes, it is a better fit.

Camilla Nevis, MN


I heard about these brush covers on an online make-up tutorial. I thought they sounded like a good idea and I was right! I use them both to enclose brush tips when I travel and when I wash my brushes. I got several packs in different sizes, so I have given the extras to my friends, who also like them.

Paula Cut Off, LA