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Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Classic, 0.676 fl Oz

Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Eye Primer

Key features

  • Shadow Worx comes in an easy to squeeze gold tube with a slim release point
  • Shadow Worx appears pearlescent and is champagne in color
  • Your shadows will apply smoothly like silk
  • Blends well and dries quickly
  • Doubles as an eyeshadow and highlighter!!!

Honest reviews


WTF? This stuff is worse than any primer out there! Shame On You.

It drips, it stings, it primes half ass to say the least. I was trying to go a little cheaper and should have stayed with NYX because while there eye primer (beige one I have never tried or tested the clear) is pretty much worthless, at least it doesn’t make a mess like this golden tube of greasy, lose, couldn’t hold air much less makeup primer. My eyeshadow can’t talk but if it could it would say, “Try again (LOL) why didn’t you get that other stuff?” To this day the only one that has worked: Too Faced NOT THE ONE IN THE BLUE or any TUBE. Black circle with goldish color peeking through. This isn’t primer and those who love it have not seen what primer that works can do. This stuff I will was like a dramatic girls social experiment.

Amie Olds, IA

I love this stuff!

Eye shadow, even the kind that’s guaranteed not to crease, creases on me when I don’t apply a good primer base. This is one of the best I’ve tried. I apply a thin coat, then pat face powder on with a dry sponge, then apply another coat on top, and I’m good for the day. I like the slight iridescence of it because that’s also the type of eye shadow I buy.

Irma Juniata, NE

It does the job, but..

It’s ok, it is not the best eye primer out there, however it does work somewhat. I was used to using the Mary Kay primer, but needed something else. I am sure there are better products out there that will do a better job. This one look like liquid shimmer gold and glides on easily. Holds up eye showder all day, but I am sure there is a better product.

Maribel Alpine, NJ

Works okay

Not the best primer, my lids will stil crease after just a few hours. Try the E.L.F. primer, bought it at Target and costs $1 and lasts 2-3 times longer. This one gottossed in the trash.

Mia Mathiston, MS

gave as a gift

the product is okay, it holds your eyeshadow but the color is a mess, you can apply a matte shadow over it but the glitter still shows through, really should be a clear or white based primer in my opinion. However I rated it as ok since I got it as a gift for a teenager who likes shimmer.

Tonia Palisade, CO

Great Product

I’ve been searching for a decent Primer. That actually helps the product stay on and not just help make application of certain shadows easy to apply. As a pro MUA I have used a few primers that work..that are expensive. This product is great..large in size and great for the price. Please be advised this product has a shimmer effect.. (translucent) consistency. But it is great.Pros:Staying PowerLarge SizeCons:NoneSuggestions.. A little goes a long way. Use a medium size concealer brush to apply the primer, so that it can be applied quickly and smoothly before it dries. The only way you will get creasing with this product and similar product is if you apply too much.

Addie Hazel Hurst, PA

Good, but not great

I usually buy urban decay eyeshadow primer and was looking for a less expensive option. It still works pretty well, but its not as thick as my urban decay primer so the color isn’t as vibrent.

Gwendolyn West Fulton, NY