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Coastal Scents Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette

This palette comes with 10 cream concealers that offers terrific coverage. It provides full opaque coverage that is easy to apply with a concealer brush and is very easy to blend in order to create the shade that you need.

Key features

  • 10 cream concealers
  • Easy to blend to create the shade you need
  • Great for camouflaging those unwanted flaws

Honest reviews


okay but not for daily use

The pallette has a great variety of color for all skin types. Each pot is the size of a half dollar. But, the thing I didn’t like most about it is that when I apply the product onto my skin, it is hard to work with. It also feels dry once it is applied onto the skin. It seems to enhance the lines on my skin more so than not. I use moisturizer to help move the product over my skin and to smooth out the noticeable lines after the product has been applied. I believe this product work great for those who are professional makeup artists or someone who like to play dress up daily or go out at night. However, if you are just someone like me, who wants to wear simple makeup with light coverup, then I would suggest for you to NOT buy this concealer palette and research for a more simple concealer. There are smaller ones that you can purchase aimed more specifically for your skin color and feel less dry.Update October 2011: It’s been a year now since I’ve had this palette. I have ONLY used two colors daily, but not heavily. I have barely or not at all, touched the other pots of colors. I’m still waiting for Halloween to use the darker colors. May have to paint my entire face and go commando or something just to use up the product.

Lizzie Pickerington, OH

Really Great To Have!

I wanted to wait until I used it for awhile before reviewing. I’m a darkskinned African American female and I use 4 of the shades in here. Its so convienent to have because you can use the the different shades for different things. I use one color for under my eyes, another to cover dark marks on my face, another for under my eybrows and another for the lighter parts of my face. It’s nice and thick and covers well. I like to use my concealer brush instead of my fingers and the coverage is perfect! This is a must have if you are trying to step up your makeup game.

Paula Hopkins, MN

Great Coverage!

Due to heredity, age (I’m 49) and some illness, I have perpetual dark circles and bags under my eyes that make me look tired and older than I am! So I’m always on the hunt for a concealer that will work for me. After trying expensive brands, Dermablend, CM Beauty, and also drugstore brands, they either didn’t cover, caked into fine lines, were the wrong shade, or a combo of all these things. However I think I may have found my savior in Coastal Palettes concealer palette, thank God!!It’s in an array of natural shades that can be mixed and matched, is creamy and super-blendable, and dang, it totally covers my undereye circles!! I was so pleased especially after being disappointed SO many times~~ thank you, Coastal Scents! I recommend~ and will definitely be buying this again! I look fresh and bright eyed once again…and thanks to Amazon who always has what I need.

Kathi Rosamond, IL

Coastal Scents Professional Camouflage

This could be a great concealer but I thought their would be some DIRECTIONS. Four of the concealers are like milk chocolate, just where and when could you use that? I don’t know because it came with no INSTRUCTIONS. I think for the price and that they have room to put instructions on the inside lid………it would be more than helpful. Yes, I am keeping the product, see if I can do it on my own but I would not suggest you buying this unless you yourself is a makeup artist………..guess that’s what they meant by Professional Camouflage Concealer, you have to be a professional to know how to use the many choices.

Dolores Scranton, ND

Greatttttttttt product haha I’m amazed

I just love it, great coverage, Colors as advertised.It lasts forever.. and they fit my skin tone.. a little does wonders5 Starsssssss 😀

Jessie Kingston, NH

May be great

I use brushes to apply the make up on my face them blend with a sponge. when I try to get product with brush it kind of leaves little chucks of the make up everywhere could blend better with sponge application.

Lourdes Reedsport, OR

What a shame

So with all these colors available I still cant find one that matches my complexion theyre either too dark or too light making my skin look ashy. It is also super hard so when applying you got to be pretty rough with your skin which i dont like

Barbra Chester, UT


Love this product. I have added it to my makeup routine daily! Highly recommend this! Will purchase again when run out!

Susie Milano, TX

Looks Pastey

This item doesn’t blend in very well for me I know you can mix some together but trying to figure out what combo is going to work is exhausting I rather just purchase at a store and try before I by to know it works.

Gretchen South Padre Island, TX

Good for those who contour and highlight using cream concealers

If you do a lot of contouring and highlighting using cream concealers then this palette is for you. It goes on smoothly and has good coverage. It’s very blendable also. I just don’t do cream concealer contouring so most of the palette was wasted for me. I wouldn’t buy this again for that sole reason.

Silvia Rogers, KY

I like it…

I just wish that you had the option to have one that has only the particular color that you need rather all those because the one I use often is low and the others haven’t been touched?

Cleo Jackson, CA

Use it on a regual basis

The concealers are a good variety but are a little darker than shown in the picture. Does a great job & doesn’t look too cakey when applied with either sponge or brush. I only wish the amounts were bigger, each color only has about 10-20 uses depending on how much you would use. But price is big factor that will bring me back to buy again.

Ebony Parnell, IA


I love how I can play with all the shades plus I am always a different hue every other week due to the Texas sun. This allows me to change concealers without purchases many other expensive brands. One Big Plus is that Contouring is Amazing this Product. LOVE! Do not think twice about getting it like I did, just purchase it.

Tabitha Middletown, OH

Not impressed

I am not impressed by this concealer palette. I only use 2 colors out of the 10 and sometimes I use the darker colors for contouring or as blushers.

Faye Marston, MO

these are the greatest!

I’ve been looking for good concealers for a long time. I keep trying different ones and have never been completely satisfied with the coverage. This is it!I love these concealers. If the color isn’t exactly right you can mix them. If you aren’t satisfied with your present concealer, try these. They are the best.

Whitney Fort Rucker, AL


Wow! So surprised at how professional this concealer is – it’s perfect for a makeup artist, or for someone like me who needs all options/colors for covering melasma, old acne scars and veins around the nose. There is nothing this palette will not cover!

Simone Afton, MI

It’s alright

I found this concealer to be alright. I guess I was expecting to much. It is a good concealer but not as high coverage as I thought it was going to be.

Teresa North Branch, MI

Didn’t quite cover as I expected, but it’s still GREAT

Overall, it’s a great deal. I’m pretty tanned, and I didn’t like how it looked on it. I tried it on other relatives and it fits great. I actually use the light colors for highlighting, medium tones (along with another concealer) for my eyes, and use the darker colors for contouring. It’s nice to have it around to play with. I do recommend this item.

Grace Seaford, DE

Excellent for Medium Brown Skin

I purchased this as a concealer because I needed something that would allow me to custom blend to match my complexion. This worked very well for me. I’m a novice make up wearer and only wear concealer (on special occasions), mascara and lipstick or gloss. It was very easy to blend, the formula is creamy and the package arrived exactly as advertised.

Colette Mascot, VA


great palette, you can totally combine as necessary to get the perfect match. I can’t wait to start using it on clients

Beth Canistota, SD

Good pallette

This pallette is great! It is very reasonable in price and it includes a great color variety! Love this! Great for highlighting and contouring

Melisa Rutland, IL

Hide your imperfections

great for contouring!!!!! however im a darker shade and thought the darkest would be suitable, but its the SAME as my skin tones. which is still good for covering up things like bumps/acne, hair traces, and scaring

Martha Redgranite, WI

Amazing quality

Just received this pallet and purchased the contour/blush pallet shortly after (which is huge by the way). GREAT quality, a must buy. Perfect for professional or personal use. Can’t wait to purchase the warm shadow pallet.

Therese Wellington, OH

Nice and easy

Well, I have to be honest and I just received this product today. I received 3 other Coastal Scents products as well and I have used all of them. They all have been well worth it and will order again if needed. I have not however tried this product today, but will tomorrow. I can tell you that I tested it on my hands and I can just tell from that how it will work very nicely on my face. Since I was not disappointed in any of the other products from this company that I have used & can firmly say that I won’t have anything negative to say on this one either. The products come in very good bubble wrap packaging and the case’s are hard and protect the product in side very well. I’m sold on this company and I’m every more pleased on how little you have to use. This goes a long way and well worth the money.

Mari Camp Murray, WA

Love it!

Great colors! They blend in so well. Some of the lighter shades do tend to leave a grayish hue under my dark skin but the darker colors are wonderful. I like to mix them up. Will most likely reorder

Justine Tupelo, MS

I enjoy having the vast range of colors

Costal scents camouflage palette offers a wide range of colors for all shades of women from the fairest to the darkest. The palette offers full coverage concealer. I just wish they sold each color individually.

Lucinda Owings, MD

Great product

I was nervous at first because people had said it was hard to blend but i use my fingers to apply , no problems. You have to rub the color you choose a little to warm it up, to get it "loosened" up. However it is nothing that i haven’t seen in any cream product (ex., my Bobbi Brown cream blush, the EYE Tattoo eyeshadows, MAC’s Paint Pots). So if that bothers you then I would awesome you dont have much experience or used creams before. I have dry skin so i like things like creams. These are long lasting and easily blendable, not to mention buildable. I blend mine after applying with a beauty blender that is slightly moist and they blend easily. Love this! Allowed me to get ride of my million and 10 stick concealers/foundations of various shades and have one very sleek and thin compact to carry.

Billie Churchville, NY

omg great

Omg i love stuff….so creamy and smooth covers everything .even my brown sun spots…I’ve got so many compliments since using this product! Wonderful

Chelsea White River Junction, VT

Buy this palette! What are you waiting for!!

Awesome! Love love love! It’s worth the money I promise you ! Great quality and great coverage ! You won’t be disappointed. !

Winnie Wewoka, OK

Great Product

I love it! A little goes a long way, and it covers like a charm! Worth every cent. I have choices that suits my complexion, no matter the shade. This product is a keeper.

Candy Edmore, ND