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Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette

Finally! A perfect concealer palette that not only showcases 12 made to match shades, but also hosts 3 fantastic corrector concealers. This palette is designed for travel, but don’t let it’s size fool you. These 15 pans will give you a multitude of applications.

Key features

  • 15 Concealer Shades
  • Great for a quick cover up
  • Perfect for Makeup Artists

Honest reviews


Love it!

I was so excited to get this in the mail today. The seller did a great job of packaging it so that it wasn’t damaged during shipment. Seeing as it is summertime, you could tell the heat took a slight toll on each concealer in the palette. There was a bit of “oil” (or whatever liquid is incorporated into each concealer) that had rose to the surface. But nothing that couldn’t be blotted away with a paper towel or mixed with your finger before its first use.I love the variety of colors that comes in this palette. I am tan/olive naturally, so my complexion changes throughout the year (much darker in the summer, lighter tan in the winter). So it is nice to be able to have a variety of colors that aren’t too extreme in change from level to level.

Lindsey Hebron, KY

Happy with the product

This arrived on time and was well packaged/The container itself is slim and easily opened and yet stays closed firmly.The palette colors are just as the appeared in the pic and although a few of them are very dark for my complexion I have tried mixing them and it worked out well. The concealers are creme, not powder but not real creamy—a drier sort of creme. I think this is why they are so long lasting on the skin. I have layered them to good effect and as I stated before they are also mixable together so you can personalize them to suit your need and complexion. There is no discernible scent to add to any of the other scents you might have in your makeup and it’s nice to not have to smell makeup on your face, I try to avoid any scents in my cosmetics.Because the palette container itself is so thin I do wonder how much is actually in the pans and how long it will last, I will have to update with this info at a later date.I recommend this product and if it lasts well I will definitely buy it again.

Elisa Arkabutla, MS

Waste of money

Reading some reviews I was very excited to receive this, but oh what a disappointment. The first time I used it, I had applied primer, and it took forever to blend on my skin, and it was but a few minutes and it began to melt. So I thought “the primer messed it up.” So the next time, I used nothing, and lo and behold, same mess. It melted into every line under my eyes, and it was very hard to take off as well. I had to break out the makeup remover and cotton balls to wipe this stuff off my face both times I’ve used it, and it did absolutely nothing to cover my under eye circles. I don’t have oily skin, so it wasn’t that either, it simply is a bad, worthless product. Don’t waste your money.

Abigail Turner, ME

its okay for people just starting out in makeup

this is a great way for people to experiment with different shades especially this particular product where you have correctors and then concealer shades as well and a shimmer highlighter. This is great also if your wanting to learn about contouring and highlighting with cream products its basically in general a great learning tool. You have a great shade range to work with and a few good corrector shades (green, lavender, yellow) the product itself is very creamy and thick and highly pigmented no scent at all and it works for sensitive skin, so its great at doing super high coverage to the lightest coverage it all depends on your technique. I have used this as for the reasons I stated above just getting into makeup and playing around with it, but now that I’m really good at how I apply things to my face there are other good products out there that I have moved on withit just depends on what your looking for wether your a makeup artist or just starting out its all in your preferencewould i repurchase for my own personal use? no

Eddie Bellvale, NY

Good Concealer Palette

My order arrived on time and as expected. I actually use this concealer palette on my brows. I wanted a mixture of colors to choose from. This works great! Money well spent.

Staci Bridgeton, IN

Not bad.

I have really dark circles so I use this palette for that. Seems to help some, I still need to use other products for concealing the circles because if I use too much of this stuff it begins to look cakey. Not a bad purchase though.

Marianne Grabill, IN

Secret Weapon

I must say, I had my doubts about this palette after reading reviews-after I had ordered it! They said it was too dry and didn’t cover. Well, my palette is perfect! Just creamy enough to go on smoothly, then changes to a smooth powder that conceals well. I use the darker shades as eye shadow bases. Many of the lighter tones work well with my fair-light skin, so I’m not stuck using just one. I purchased mine from the Coastal Scents site because at the time it was on sale there. Their shipping wasn’t as fast as Amazon though! The palette is nicely sized, each one about the size of a quarter. Seems sturdy enough, but I haven’t travelled with it yet. I really like their other products also. Great bang for your buck!

Billie Reardan, WA

Love it, recommend it!

Initially I was about to purchase the other palette with 10 in it, but I saw this and got it instead….. And I love it!! Totally recommend, good product, this is the good stuff…….

Tricia Islamorada, FL


I really like this concealer palette, its not powder, its more like how eye shadow primer feels like. I like the yellow, it highlights under your eyes, (FYI im pretty tan). The green cancels any redness out. I sometimes like to use the dark brown for eye depth in my crease. I really like this product, its durable, the casing & product lasts. I deff recommend buying this!

Rosalia Seneca Rocks, WV

Good Palette

I am a 51 year old African American female that has never really worn makeup. I noticed I had some dark circles under my eyes that never really went away regardless of what I did. At that point I decided to try a concealer. I have purchased the expensive brands from the department stores, but they never seemed to really match my skin tone – you could tell I was wearing it. I purchased this product and really like it. I can mix colors to match my skin color as it changes.I wish they made a concealer that does not rub off, but it is still pretty good. It seems to be a little hard at times and not as creamy, but it is the best I have found. I don’t like to look “made up” and this has the right balance of oil and dryness to look like my natural skin.

Lindsay Millington, MD


greasy and felt grainy. it only caused my skin to look oily. I would not ever buy this again or any coastal scents products. I have used other brands, regular store bought brands that work better.

Adriana Norden, CA

works like magic

I love this palette because it offers so many different shades, which covers dark and light flaws. I have learned to store it in a cool place, since they melt very easily. Since I have been using this product, my friends think my complexion finally healed up (like magic), but I will never tell them how that came about!!!!!

Kathi Blacksville, WV

Very useful palette

Besides being great concealer, I’ve found so many uses for this. The correctors and highlighters are great for bases/eye makeup and the darker colors make great brow color. The darkest is the perfect shade for mine and one down looks great on my mom so I know they work well. So an all-around great purchase. Only wish they came in bigger pots. These are decent sized but still would like more.

Lynn Calumet, MN

It’s okay

Pros:- A variety of colors to choose from- Smooth texture- Easy to blend (on the skin or with another color)Cons:- Can look cakey- Exposed pans trap a lot of dust and other bacterias

Jacquelyn Mount Solon, VA


Okay people if your wanting this for anything but your eyes it’s GREAT I see all these 1 star reviews saying it will cake under your eyes! Well DUH! It’s a thick consistency and any MUA will tell you absolutely under no circumstances are are you to put thick cakey concealer under your eyes, even a high end one will crease and look awful! Under eye concealers need to be liquid like and set with a powder…. So any who good price great product. DO NOT USE UNDER EYES! But great if you know what your doing and for setting a nice base for highlight and contour 🙂

Cecile Foster, VA

its oky

nothing different that the other except the price but when I account it it same as here in UAE really////

Kristina Brookfield, WI

Small, Portable, Cute, Concealer Palette.

So I just received my Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer! (Early) but. I’m very pleased by it. It is very thick which this means that I’ll just need a little to cover up my blemishes. I love the fact that it’s small because, that means that, it will be going everywhere with me! It’s a very creamy texture and really smooth. So If you have Oily Skin make sure you apply a powder after applying it to seal that coverage it. I’m waiting to use it because I want to use it with my Beauty blender (Whenever it get’s here). Also, don’t worry about not having your shade to quickly you can always mix and match.(Ohh just a tip to make sure you get full coverage match the shades with your chest because, that’s the color your foundation and concealer should be) In total it’s a nice small 15 color concealer palette to add to your collection!

Irma Ferguson, KY

Great product, but outer box was dirty.

When I first got this in the mail i was super excited. I opened the box and the packaging it came in had some type of oily substance on the outside. I immediately thought that the concealer melted in the heat and leaked out, but to my relief it was all perfectly intacted on the inside. I have no idea what was on the outside box, but the product inside was just fine. The concealer is creamy and blendable. I plan on using it to do a lot of contouring. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because with the outer packaging being dirty if I was giving it as a gift, I wouldn’t be able to.

Marlene Epping, NH

Works, but needs to be well-blended.

I’ve been watching a lot of contouring and concealing vids on youtube and wanted to get some better make-up to try a few techniques out. I bought this palette because it had the basic corrector colors along with colors for concealment and possibly highlighting and contouring.The pigmentation is light with the colors (green isn’t SUPER green), and adequate for their purpose. However, the consistency is very loose, so I have to blend it with a liquid in order to achieve a desired look.

Jamie Esmond, IL

Great concealer

This is a great palette. The concealers are creamy, but I swear they almost have a nice "powdery" finish. It has numerous shades to choose from. Very good value!

Casey Plano, IA

great product.

Nice texture, great coverage. I wish it was a little bit bigger. But at the end it is a fine product of coastal scents.

Angela Dewart, PA

Not What I hoped for

I could do nothing much with 80 percent of the palette. It was just a waste. Maybe this is a good palette for a makeup artist who has clients of various skin tones.

Faith Denton, MD

Pretty good

I like a lot of the colors. The quality of this product wasn’t as good as I was hoping for, but it’s OK. Not as spreadable as I’d hoped. I’m using it with a primer and that helps.The colors in the far left colum are kind of ridiculous in real life – way too unnatural looking. I’d thought the color on the top left was pale blue and I had an application for that. Unfortunately, it’s silver. However, the natural light color (from the left it’s one column over and one row down) fits my skin perfectly.If you are super pale, you may not want this product. My skin is medium light and I’m using the lightest color. So if your skin is really light, there might not be a color that is pale/light enough for you.

Claire Waynesboro, VA

Works ok

The concealer is good, I use it most days. I can get it to coverup spots, but I use loose powder on top to "hold" it on. It just seems like halfway through the day, it’s missing (I use primer as well). I don’t know if it’s the way I’m applying it or not, but it’s worth the money if you want to reapply.

Gabrielle Newburyport, MA

Great pallet

Love the ease of using this product. All colors to cover everything. Creamy and easy to blend. You should give it a try if you have circles or redness.

Edythe Lake Wilson, MN

nice quality, large selection

only thing that would have been nice were tips to using concealer, and maybe a choice of all fair colors or all darker colors, and no yellow concealer only green, purple and sparkly highlighter and a bunch of skin colors.

Tammi Atlantic Beach, FL

great coverage

this make up is wonderful it covers any flaw u have ..even used it to cover a zip on my sons forehead and u couldnt even tell i used make up or that he had a blemish….

Justine Spicer, MN

Disappointed with the size of the Eclipse Palette.

The Eclipse Palette is smaller in size compared to the Camouflage Palette–practically half the size, actually. I wasn’t expecting that.

Deirdre Muncy Valley, PA

Not quite what i excepected

These concealers work okay but they are a little to thick for my liking. Kind of hard to apply and doesn’t cover much but still usable.

Tisha Gaines, PA

Way too dry

The moment I put this on, my face started flaking. The flakiness happened even after I put on toner and a thick layer of lotion. Nice color though, except the white highlight (extremely simmering!)

Corina Clifton, SC