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Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette

This palette contains 6 contouring, shading, concealing, and blush shades. The powders are all matte.

Key features

  • 6 contouring, shading, concealing, and blush matte shades
  • Great for altering your facial structure
  • For those who want a more symmetrical look

Honest reviews



Okay I do not use the word ‘perfect’ because nothing is really perfect…but this is. It’s so amazing, I’m fair skinned and I saw the dark brown color and I was afraid, but after watching a youtube video or two then I learned the best way for contouring. I love this palette it is my go to because it has two blushes and it’s just amazing. I’m the kind of person to buy eye shadows first then look for blushes and other facial powders. This is a great product and I really recommend it to anyone from a beginner to someone that has been doing makeup for years. For beginners I suggest checking some youtube gurus videos because it does help (personally I used xsparkage’s video)I want to add that I purchased the palette and it arrived broken, 2 were cracked 1 was shattered. I e-mail Amazon and my replacement arrived the very next day, perfectly intact and I shipped the other palette back. So thats just to comment on amazons great customer service and reliablity.

Noreen Ingraham, IL

I could see this being good for beginners for the price

Blush is ok however I don’t care for the bronzer because it gives a choppy not smooth application for contouring. Too dark for me to bronzer with and I have Asian skin tone. Plus it breaks me out. I have aged skin as well so maybe on younger, smoother skin this might be ok. The highlighting colors seem to be ok but again I have breakouts by the end of the day. I have oily, acne proned skin so maybe that could be why this product doesn’t work well with my skin. The blushes pigmented so light dusting would be recommended if trying this product. Hope this helps.

Tracy Sulphur Springs, IN

Teens play with Make-up

Very chalky and powdery, was not happy or impressed with it, I think this pallet is best used for teens starting out with make-up or want to play around with make-up styles and practice techniques. Sorry but did not like at all.

Mary Payne, OH

So dissapointed

Ughhh, I’d rather not comment because you have to see for yourself, but so your not stuck like i am then read on;The product is so chalky, so powdery and it irritated my skinThe brown for contouring is too dark, you have to seriously use a little.For the people that commented that they loved it and couldn’t see how they went without it, I assume they are use to cheap products because for light skinned people this stuff sucks!IT SMELLS SOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!! Seriously, IT SMELLS BAD!The cheek colors are probably the only ones I use, sometimes, they are ok and the colors look nice for going out at night.The white powder, that supposedly is for highlighting,… SUCK SO BAD, I’m so angry!!! If you put on cover up that white stuff makes your face look chalky!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make sure you are getting an original, the one I got wasn’t, and I don’t know what people are talking about it coming with a brush mine had none. Such a waist of my hard earned money,.. never again!

Mitzi Electric City, WA

Allergic reaction

I really wanted to like this palette, but alas!I’ve never had an allergic reaction to any cosmetics I’ve put on my face, but this caused my face to break out in rash-like redness as soon as I applied it. I gave it a week and tried it again, just to make sure this palette was the cause, and sure enough, I confirmed that it was. NOT recommended. Waste of $!

Lacy Gerlaw, IL

Crapy pigments, ashy appearance.

Crapy pigments, ashy appearance. Definetly won’t be purchasing this product again. Would not recommend this product for experienced makeup artists.

Blanca Union Star, MO

Love the colors…

It does what it’s meant to do – it’s great for contouring. I love the size of it (it’s rather large actually, so be prepared) and the colors are FANTASTIC with my skin tone (I’m very fair), but the makeup itself seems a *little* cheap. I’m not complaining, just letting others know. I would definitely buy this again for the value, size, color tones, and the longevity.

Laurie Butler, PA

Best contour colors for pale skin, but be gentle with the palette!!!

Loved using it. Best contours out there if you’re incredibly pale like I am.However,After 3 weeks of owning it I opened it up one day to discover that the lighter bronzer (the one I use) had ‘exploded’ inside the palette and proceeded to get all over my bathroom. I had a similar experience with one of their eyeshadow palettes.I have no idea how or why this happened???

Hilda Majestic, KY

Love this contouring kit!

I learned about contouring and this palette on a YouTube video- Love the different colors expect the bronzer, it is way too dark for my skin no matter how I try to apply ( fair skinned ) I will stick with my Nars Laguna- Can’t go wrong with that- Otherwise love all the colors and the way I it looks! 😉

Jeanne Matherville, IL

Coastal Scents Contour & Blush Palette

This Coastal Scents Contour & Blush Palette is a really good value. Heard about it on YouTube. Purchased this along with the CS 88 Eyeshadow Palette (matte). Been using this daily for the past couple of months, and no complaints! Colors are nicely pigmented…you have everything you need: a bronzer (which should work on any skin tone), blushes, & highlighter. You get a lot of product for the money, and the case is convenient for travelling. Love the colors & texture. Easy to work with.

Bettie Minong, WI

Might as well contour with Crayola chalk!

I bought this when I first started playing around with makeup years ago and didn’t even know it was still in existence. The packaging is frail, you need a gentle hand because the pans are so big that any impact cracks them easily! However this aside, they are too chalky to blend if you had all day to sit there and blend! Not worth the money. Try It Cosmetics’s My Sculpted Face, it’s not only the perfect formula but they include tutorials on how to change your face with highlighting and shadow contouring.

Amie Charleston, MS

Really large and good quality

Wow! I didn’t realize that this palette was going to be so large. It is really big and has a great mix of colors for contour and blush. I’m pretty impressed with the price and quality of the Coastal Scents range.

Celia Coalmont, TN

Another Coastal Scents winner

Excellent palette if you like a powder blush or contour. Easy to mix shades. Keep in mind it’s a BIG palette so you may not want to travel with it.

Velma Long Bottom, OH


it was broken, and i was very upset about it. i didnt even get to use it!!! i was really looking forward to using this and adding it to my kit

Julianne Antelope, MT

A lot for the cost

I read reviews first, but don’t see the problems I read about. It is a lot of powder for the money and goes on very easy and smooth.

Reba Hazel Hurst, PA

Pretty colors

This collection is very useful colors and made my girlfriend very happy when she opened it up and was looking at it. Seems to be good quality as well.

Jacklyn Evergreen, VA

caused breakouts…

The reason for the three stars is that this palette breaks my skin out pretty badly. The colors are nice and work well for contouring, my skin just didn’t like it.

Bethany Martinsville, OH

A must have

I love this product the amount of product you get is amazing. Although the palettes look large in the picture i wasn’t expecting them to be this large. I use this everyday. This is a must have when applying makeup.

Mitzi Greendale, WI


I have never ordered something like this online before, but decided among reading other reviews that it seemed worth it. I’m so glad I did. I was actually afraid that the very dark color would not work at all for me and probably a waste of money on a color I probably would not use. The same feeling with the very light color as well. I was wrong! After putting on my foundation and just a little powder to "soften" my look. I dare tried the darkest color for contouring just to see. I was amazed at just a hint of it on the brush how it changed the shape of my face. I have a round face with long hair and I wanted to make it look less round. I brushed the dark color just under my cheek bone up to my ear and blended it softly. It looked great. Then I put it just above my temples and under my chin/jaw line. Blending is key. My face looked thinner & more of an oval shape. I then tried the light color above my cheeks to draw the attention up to my eye area and also put it on the bridge of my nose with a very thin brush. It really highlighted the areas perfectly. Then I used a hint of the medium blush color (bottom right) just on the ball of my cheek and used another face brush to blend and smooth all the areas so it doesn’t look so artificial and more soft natural makeup look. It barely takes any powder on the brush at all, so this product will last a very long time. I can’t wait to experiment with the other colors as well. If you know how to high light & contour for the shape of your face then I highly recommend this product.

Stefanie Edwardsville, VA

great tool

PROS: great universal colors, blendable, highly pigmented- more for makeup artists who know what they are doing…the blush & contour shade are easy to place- the other colors are more confusing -but good for extra high lighting-one must experiment. Pallette is nice for special occasions when you want to look extra polished.CON: Directions would have been helpful.

Estelle Holloman Air Force Base, NM

Almost perfect

The colors are great and are very pigmented. My only complaint is the white one – it seriously feels like I’m putting chalk on my face. Not a good highlighter as it goes on matte and not a good setting powder as it goes on looking ashy.

Lauren Queens Village, NY

Everything you need in one palette and a great deal to boot

I can’t say enough good about this product. So here is what I judge this product on:Quality: the powders in this palette are an amazing quality. They are pigmented very well without being so super saturated your afraid to dip your brush in, and they are silky soft and a dream to blend. And they are 100% matte. No shimmer at all, which to me is a good thing and hard to find especially in a highlight.Convenience: I literally have half a dozen bronzer compacts, two or three highlight compacts plus a few liquid/cream highlights, and even more blush compacts. And this takes the place of ALL of them (unless you want a shimmery effect, because these are all completely and utterly matte). I put on foundation, set it with a setting powder, and then grab this palette. End of story, it replaces three or four compacts for blush/bronzer/highlight, and in all seriousness, I could probably use a mixture of one or two of the lighter flesh-toned shades as a setting powder in a pinch.Versatility: I hate buying palettes most of the time because if you don’t like even one of the products in the palette, it seems wasteful to me. But this palette is extraordinarily versatile because you can mix the shades. For instance,the blush in the upper right hand corner is way to bright for me. I can never imagine wearing that color even sheered out. So, I dab my brush in the that blush, and then mix it with the light pinky shade in the lower left hand corner, and it instantly dilutes that pink down to a very wearable shade for my skin tone. I can do the same with the white to get and even paler pink, or mix it with the upper middle for a peachier toned shade. I do the same with the bronzer (the dark brown shade) I mix it with the shade above it to warm up my face overall, but use it straight to contour.Price: When you think about it, buying six shades of blush/bronzer/highlight for under $20 is not going to happen, with a few exceptions. I will say that coastal scents runs this on sale for $11 pretty frequently but the shipping is more pricey.

Genevieve North Palm Springs, CA

Love it

The powders in here are great! I have had this for several months and still have a bunch left. The dark contour color looks darker than it is on your skin. I use this almost every day.

Florence Melrude, MN


The Blush is very big and lovely colors, how deep I don’t know…..delievered on time and the product looks good.

Josefa Wann, OK


I have always been leary of ordering make-up online. But I am very pleased with this line of make-up…I will order this line again…

Nancy Blue Point, NY

its nothing spectacular

its decent pigmentation, they seem kinda like dry or chalky, its nothing amazing, but i like the matte highlighters so that is why i bought it and im satisfied.

Malinda Alhambra, IL


came intact and in good time, colors are good and pigmented, pretty good quality for the price and this is great for beginners

Kathie Pittsford, VT

Not a good blush palette, La Femme is better

This is kind of a sucky blush palette. If you want some great blushes with a lot of pigment go to makeupmania and purchase the la femme pods for about $3 each. Much better buy.

Adele Ester, AK

It’s okay

I am just starting out in the make up thing, so when I was trying these colors, none of them really worked for me. kinda disappointed.

Rosalyn Mondovi, WI

Nice colors, long lasting

colors are nice and i use it everyday for my contouring, especially the brown and i use a combination of the pink blushes and the white for eyeshadow

Susie New Bedford, PA