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Coastal Scents Brush Purifier, 10.72 Ounce

Clean and sanitize your brushes with the Brush Purifier. This cleansing solution will condition your brushes which will make them last longer. Removes any unwanted bacteria growth to promote healthier looking skin.

Key features

  • Help maintain your brushes with this brush purifier
  • Great cleaning solution for your brushes
  • Removes unwanted bacteria

Honest reviews


doesn’t do anything at all

like the title said it doesn’t do anything. i already used almost the entire bottle to clean the brushes but the brushes still weren’t clean, even when i work the stinking solution into the brushes. this is a waste of money!!!! DON’T BUY THIS BRUSH CLEANER IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!. i found a solution to getting the brushes clean but i don’t think its safe but i’m gonna do it anyway, fantastik heavy duty cleanser and dish-washing liquid got the makeup out the first time using it.

Ophelia Northwood, IA

Effective without drying out brushes.

At the price offered I can’t complain about the product. It won’t get the stains out of your brushes if you’ve used dark eye make-up on a light colored brush, but I will clean the make-up out of them! I used maybe 2 ounces of solution to clean about 10 brushes. The solution has a “sanitizer” scent to it, but doesn’t create suds.My brushes didn’t dry out afterwards which made me SUPER happy! Will totally buy more when I needed.

Amalia Murfreesboro, AR

love it!

This works great for my brushes. it really gets all the guck and dirt out of my brushes.because you have to clean your brushes weekly i just wish the bottle was bigger so that way it would last me longer, but over all great product.

Sasha Wallace, NC

Like it

It does the job, cleans my eyeshadow brushes and foundation bushes very well w/t leaving any residue. I just soak my brushes in it for 15 min and rinse them under lukewarm water. My problem is that the design of the container makes it very hard to use. I have to pour some into my 2 oz disposable cups and soak my brushes, I wish I could pump it out. I won’t repurchase it, going back to clinique.

Mercedes Rib Lake, WI

Works perfectly

I’ve used this to clean my brush set, and it appears to get the brushes very clean, and leaves them soft. Only downside is that it seems to take a lot of it to get them clean (I soaked my brushes in it). I hadn’t cleaned them in a month or more which is most likely why I needed to use so much solution, but I was hoping it would last a little longer than it did.

Luz East Jordan, MI

Works well but too little in the bottl

I like this brush purifier and feel like it cleans out my brushes quite well. So why the reason for 4 stars? The amount in the bottle just isn’t much. I used it once and am almost halfway through the bottle. Granted I cleaned out all my brushes at once, but nevertheless. If you follow the directions, you end up using more than expected. So for that reason, in the long run, it’s really not that cheap.

Margery Hostetter, PA


This stuff sucks! It takes forever to dry, and leaves your brushes oily! It borderline ruins your brushes. None of my brushes have applied makeup the same since I used this. The worst.

Shawna Mayfield, UT


Love this stuff. Needed a really good makeup cleaner because all my brushes are white with pink. It takes a little time, but gets them clean.

Jill Elsie, KY


I like this product. I only wish it came in a larger bottle. Did not harm brush bristles. I’m not sure of its disinfectant properties though.

Socorro Courtland, MS


i bought 2 of these bottles and just barley used up one bottle….ive had them for at least 3 months. the only thing i dont like is it takes forever to get all the soap off the brushes.ive noticed if i just put a small amount into a cup and then dip my brush that its not as bad

Elma Concord, CA

Great product 🙂

These really gets my brushes super clean and there is a lot of product here 🙂 Bottom line can not beat them for the price and it doesn’t dry your brushes out 🙂

Ellen Richeyville, PA

Leaves a residue that takes forever to rinse out.

The product does remove makeup from your brushes but it takes too long to rinse out. I kept rinsing out my brushes and soap kept coming out. I used the correct amount instructed on the directions. The brushes looked like they were completely rinsed but when swirled around in a glass of clean water soap kept making the water bubbly. I spent 20 minutes just rinsing out four big brushes. That’s too much time. I won’t buy this product again.

Marion Burchard, NE


I love this product, it cleans my makeup brushes very well! I have not had any problems with this product at all!

Louise Lowville, NY