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Coastal Scents African Black Soap, 16 Ounce

Coastal scents black soap is the original thing. It is imported from Ghana where it is hand pressed and processed by women in a small village in Ghana. It contains no scents, preservatives or chemicals for centuries, Ghanaians have used black soap to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes and various other skin issues. It is known to help with skin irritations and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well. African black soap has also been used to achieve beautiful skin. Africans have also used this natural soap for bathing and washing their hair. It’s excellent for removing make-up too! Black soap will leave your skin soft and clear. Traditionally, African black soap has been used to treat rashes, acne, eczema, dandruff, body odor and much more. The African black soap helps keep the skin clean and helps against premature facial lines. It is great for showering, bathing, washing of the hair, face and the feet. Black soap is recommended for the young and the old. Black soap leaves the skin smooth and soft & as a facial soap it is excellent for clearing acne. African black soap has been used in Africa for the treatment of rashes, ring worm, eczema and also as a natural hair shampoo to avoid itchy and dry scalps.

Key features

  • Known to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, and psoriasis
  • Produces thick, very soft lather for deep cleansing
  • Hand pressed with no scents, preservatives, or chemicals, 100% organic
  • Leaves skin moisturized, soft and helps protect against premature facial lines
  • Black Soap is a rich source of Vitamins A, E, and Iron and has a natural earthy smell

Honest reviews


Best EVER!

I’ve never really used my Clarisonic because it was obnoxious to use with liquid cleansers. But this bar on a lovely dish is perfect for rubbing the bristles on and loading it up with cleanser. The soap looks like a nasty old porkchop, but don’t be turned off…’s AMAZING. I have lumps from overactive oil glands and this soap is most certainly improving the look of the lumps. It leaves me clean, not overly dry. LOVE. I will order again, which will probably be at least a year because this bar is HUGE.

Colette Fleischmanns, NY

Not impressive.

I purchased from the coastal scents website during their half off sale last month. About $6 for 16 ounce block.I used this on my face for about a week. It dried out my dry areas even more. Then I learned that the pH is about 10, and in order to make the skin back to normal pH you have to use apple cedar vinegar as a toner. I a simplistic person, and don’t like too many beauty regimen steps if I can help it. I also never use toner, and this seems like an annoying part for having to use this soap.Then, I realized, what will happen if I use it all over my body and skin? Would I have to use apple cedar vinegar spray all over my skin to balance out the pH too? I tried it on skin and it didn’t dry me out horribly like it did my skin, but wasn’t anything impressive.I’ve also heard of others using it for hair. I wouldn’t dare let this stuff touch my AA coils, even if I had to do a vinegar rinse.Overall, from my experience and my preference, this stuff isn’t as good as normal Dove or Dial body wash I’ve been using for years with no issue.I’ve always wanted to try black soap from the craze, but I think it’s honestly over hyped.

Freda Moscow, IA

Best soap I’ve ever used!

Upon recommendation from my hair dresser I decided to try the African Black soap. He had been using it for about a month and I had noticed the difference in his complexion. Like his, my husband and I have both noticed how bright and soft our skin has been since using this product. I actually noticed a difference in my skin the first time I used it! It has saved me some money that I used to spend for makeup remover. ( You will, however, need to remove your eye makeup your usual way. You don’t want soap in your eyes.) LOVE IT! I also recommend that you get the unrefined shea butter to use as a moisturizer:)

Brandi Collins, MS

raw black soap

I have had problem skin for years, I have used everything on the market, they usually work for a while and stop. I have been using black soap now since Feb 2012 and I absolutely love it, I dissolve some in a container and use as a body wash, I also use this on my 4 year old son. I have only had a few break outs, since I have been using this soap, but they clear up so quickly that I forget that they are there. I love this soap and will never buy anything else, I plan on buying in bulk, but until then I have it set up to come, even if i dont need it because i do not want to run out, I have given all my family members pieces of this soap and they love it. It lasts forever. I follow up with shea butter and always get wonderful compliments on how beautiful my skin and my son’s skin is.

Tammie Belcamp, MD

Great soap…LARGE amount for the money, too.

I used this on my face and it feels great, takes the makeup off…and I didn’t even need moisturizer…I think I may have found a new love 🙂

Jillian Sigourney, IA

Great product

The outer layer of packing was open, but the inside wrap was just fine, washed my face the next day, this foamed really well and it left my face feeling smooth and soft, not stripped at all. I apply my Rose water toner then Shea butter, and I was good to go.

Nelly Lometa, TX

Awesome for acne and rosacea

I’ve been using black soap for a few months and it has changed my skin! My tone has evened out, the redness has decreased and my acne has definitely gone down. I would recommend this product to everyone! You won’t be sorry.

Hattie New Point, VA