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Coastal Scents 88 Palette, Ultra Shimmer

Add a little sparkle to your eyes with our Ultra Shimmer Palette. This gorgeous palette contains 88 different fully shimmer shadows that are highly pigmented. With the wide range of shades from neutrals to brights you can create endless looks with ease. The shadows can be applied dry or wet with the dual end foam tip applicators included or any eye shadow brush from your collection. The matte black case contains the Coastal Scents logo as well as the name of the palette for convenience.

Key features

  • 88 shimmer eye shadows
  • Highly pigmented shades
  • Create endless looks with ease

Honest reviews


Colors are too frosty

I love shimmery colors but these were over the top. I wish I’d stuck with my initial thought to go with the matte as I read it has matte, satin and shimmer colors. These shadows are very vibrant but if you plan to ONLY use this palette for everyday wear then stick to the matte as these would be too frosty for work and even for a casual look. I also found that these shadows are very powdery and leave a lot of glitter fall out. All in all I think these shadows are better suited for the evening. I would recommend the original 88 palette bc you can always add your own shimmer on top giving you more control on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Octavia Cave City, AR


I’m better off using my cheapie WetnWild or even Maybelline is better than this. Yuck! These colors look like chalk!

Carey Somerset, NJ

Not all it was hyped up to be

I saw a TON of raving reviews about the 88 shimmer palette on you tube so I was really excited to finally get mine in the mail. When I opened it the colors looked very pretty and there are so many colors to choose from. Each eyeshadow is about a dime size. I was disappointed though once I actually used it. Many of the colors seem to go on very powdery and not smooth. The colors, while very pigmented, were not very blendable in my opinion. They did not blend easily like other brands (such as L’oreal HIP which is what I normally use). I have heard many people compare this palette’s colors to MAC. Maybe the shades of color are very similar but as far as quality is concerned you get what you pay for. Maybe this might work better if I tried using a primer first, but I feel a primer should be optional not necessary. So if you are just starting your makeup collection and want to practice different looks or are on a very tight budget then this might be really good for you. If you are used to using other products like MAC, Urban Decay, etc then I would pass on this one. Another BETTER yet affordable option are L’oreal HIP eyeshadow duos. They are amazingly pigmented and go on great.

Gertrude Sand Springs, OK


i love the color selection, really awesome choices. The colors really do have a fantastic shimmer to them, i find that the lighter colors are just great for adding that extra highlight.Pigments are really great, i am very surprised. Great deal for the money!I gave 4 stars because the only complaint i have is the eyeshadows are a bit powdery.

Mindy Boaz, KY


good colour variety, excellent pigments. when used with a good eye shadow primer the colors not only look good but last long, atleast 8 hrs.

Cecelia Medley, WV


This is a great eyeshadow palette. I’ve had it for about two or three months now and I use it every day. Even though the shadows are small they last a long time. I have dropped my palette a couple times and out of all 88 shadows only 6 have popped out and had to be glued back in. Some of the colors aren’t really for every day wear, but I recently stumbled upon the idea to use those colors as nail polishes! I think that’s a great way to get your money worth from a product you might otherwise have just thrown away. Overall this is a great buy!

Marguerite Gilboa, WV

Great Color Palette

I love experimenting with eyeshadows, but don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on eyeshadows. I do own eyeshadows from Mac, Clinique, and Mica Bella for the colors I use on a regular basis. I decided to go with cheaper eyeshadows, since I just want to practice on my color blending. I bought this palette, along with the metallic palette. I think it’s amazing for the price. I use it along with my Urban Decay clear primer, and it looks just as good as my expensive eyeshadows. I think this palette is great for anyone who loves to try new colors, but doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to get the same amount of colors included in this palette. Will try uploading a photo on the product page.

Lynn Lawrenceville, IL

It looks better wet

The colours don’t stay for to long, so you need to wet the brush for long lasting and stronger shades.

Kathleen Luther, IA

Love it. many colors

These shadows are very vibrant but if you plan to only use this palette for everyday wear then stick to the matte as these would be too frosty for work and even for a casual look. Especially if you got work, I don’t think you should get these glitter ones. It’s good for a night out and clubbing.

Caitlin Byers, KS


I’ve been dreaming to get these for a year!!! Now I came to the US and I finally got these eye-shadows! Shipping was fast and they came in a PERFECT CONDITION!!!!! Nothing was broken! The colors are BRIGHT and GREAT QUALITY!!!!! When I made a blue make-up look I looked like a bird!!!! And the make-up lasted the whole day!!!!!!!!! – from 8 am till 1 am when I came back from the concert!!!!!!!!!I have no idea why people complain here that these eye-shadows look cheap or are like a play make-up for kids!! I have no idea what they expect from make-up. If the color is not thick enough for you, apply eye-shadow base on eyelids! This coastal scents palette is a GREAT PRODUCT FOR AN UNBELIEVABLE PRICE!!!!!!!!!! Btw some people here said that the pots of eyeshadow are small – OF COURSE THEY ARE SMALL!!! YOU CAN SEE THAT FROM THE PICTURE!!!! BUT THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!! This review concerns both, te ultra shimmer palette and simple palette! Both are amazing (I ordered both at once).I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!

Octavia Marshall, IN

Not as great as I remembered.

I ordered this same palette before and thought I remembered it being a lt better. After haaving it stolen I ordered another and this one…well some of the colors work great! But a lot of them just don’t have the color pay out that they look like they should. It really isn’t that shimmery either. Another thing that irks me is that there isn’t any true white color. But the case that it comes in is great, very convienient. I would order again anyways, for twenty dollars, it’s not bad.

Alexandra Midway, GA

Two Stars

Colors are very cheap textured. I should of known!

Gabrielle Pollocksville, NC

Great for Performances

Our dance company has used this for a long time and for sure, whatever color you need, its in there and for a good price.

Mina Algonquin, IL

M.A.C. is still the queenbee….and we are all her handmaidens. African-American chicks should look for something else

I was soooooo excited when I found the Coastal Scents palletes- however I had just dropped $200.00 at the M.A.C. counter buying a 15 shadow pallete. So, obviously with the disparity in price and quantity either I had over spent @ M.A.C or this would be a cheap comparison so that I feel better the next time I have to spend that kind of cash. Anyway, I ordered shimmer because I love the “frosted eye” look and I read on previous reviews that it appeared better on dark skin (African). It arrived wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap but had been packaged upside down! As also mentioned before here- these shadows are very powdery so you can’t jostle them for long without breaking them. So I was NOT happy. The sizes of the shadows are small- but they last for a really long time. The light colors are not deep enough for dark skin but the darker colors are pretty. The shimmer is very frosty but if you know that you like that look its perfect. Would buy again but NOT the original shades because they would be worse color deposit without the shimmer.

Elise Alva, WY

love it, love it, love it!!!!

package came on time. Great price! item was in all original packaging. Beautiful colors! a must buy for a great price!!!

Rocio Eagles Mere, PA

Great Variety

I love this color palette! It works with every outfit and does not look cheap. Great colors and texture and last all day.

Michelle Copiague, NY

Love It

This is one of my go to palettes I really love the pigmented eyeshadow and I usually end up taking this one palette with me on vacations or business.

Loraine Essie, KY

really good

I believe that this is a revolutionary era for cosmetics. People are getting really into trying new and interesting things with their makeup, and sometimes for those things to look good, you have to spend an arm and a leg for something at Sephora or Mac. The cool thing about the Coastal Scents 88 color palette is that there are so many colors and it is gosh darn cheap. Not only that, but the quality is good. If you’ve already got some nice eyeshadow brushes at home, you’re set. This palette will help you do pretty much anything you want to do on your eyes. This palette can be compared to the BH cosmetics palette as well as they are almost identical. BH cosmetics makes a really great version of this as well but with matte colors. But for nowadays, where nice makeup is so hard to come buy unless you’re willing to spend, this palette is a nice change and it’s kind of a big deal for anyone who loves color. The quality is great, it stays on all day and never loses its shine.

Cindy Hiram, GA


I can’t tell you how much I Love this palette.. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and go on easily. I have no problem with fallout and it shows up great! They do look shimmery.. All of the colors are really pretty. I can’t wait to try every single one. I just love this so much I can’t believe it is only 20$ for 88 of these. If you don’t have this palette, you are missing out!! I am going to try so much more of coastal scents products now.

Brianna Varnell, GA


This shadow is ok it is well pigmented but I notice I have to pile it on and use colors similar on top from my other palette.

Bethany Bridger, MT

Amazing colors

Couldn’t be more happy with these colors! I have only gotten to use a few of them but just swatching a bunch of my hands, I am in love! Highly suggest this palette!!!

Manuela Southborough, MA

I love Coastal Scents!

This is my 3rd Coastal Scents palette, and I won’t stop until I have all of them! I’m a total make up hog, but I can’t afford MAC or Makeup Forever. CS is definitely right up my alley. I love how well the eyeshadow is made (they last a really long time, even on my oil slick of a face) and I’ve never had an eyeshadow break (not when it was shipped, not even when I’ve dropped them a few times!) I would suggest getting the original palette to begin with, then branch out from there. For $20 these are such a great deal! Not to mention there are TONS of tutorials on Youtube that use CS palettes.

Jordan Winnebago, WI

Beautiful colors!

I bought this product a while back and finally just got around to using it. The colors are beautiful and rich. It gives that glitter sparkly look. The eye colors do last for a long time without caking or smudge. It goes on smoothly over your eyelids. It came in a nice black box, which I thought was really nice. Since I got the shimmer eye color palette, the colors are not deep or bold. It only gives that color shining reflecting look. But it worked fine with me. I remember the shipping was fast too.I would give it a 4 star because the colors are beautiful and it has alot of colors for you to choose from. But minus the 1 star because the eye shadow are small. But overall I am satisfy with this product and if I ever run out, I would order it from Coastal Scents again. Browsing online and Coastal Scent was the only one that offered a decent low price online in the US.

Deena Ashland, OH

Shimmery Compliments!

I purchased this palette after watching a youtube video. Colors are just as they are on the palette. I am a newbie to make up but I am def loving this one. I will also purchase one in matt

Margarita Mannsville, OK


I dont wear makeup that often but love having every color in the rainbow at my reach when I do want to wear makeup.

Sophia Trinway, OH


This is a great pallet with great color options. The colors are very bold. Pigmentation is great, but definitely use a primer underneath. Like NYX white base. The color pops and stays put.

Deborah Gilbert, LA

I’m diggin’ it

I’ve been using L’Oreal’s H.I.P collection for a while, but decided to try Coastal Scents because I wanna be more adventurous and the palettes are frequently used on Youtube. I got mine in the mail yesterday, and dying with anticipation, decided to test it out in my brother in-law’s dim lit living room. It was a bad call on top of me deciding to use vibrant pink shades for the hell of it. I did a terrible job and took it all off, but I was quite impressed with the brilliance of the colors. This morning, I chose the more subdued brown shades since I was getting ready to babysit for the day, and my boyfriend complimented me on them. Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of experimenting to do, and will definitely plan out my colors before using them together next time.

Kristy San Ramon, CA

i love it!!

I bought this awhile ago, but I love it!! I wet my brush and apply and it lasts all day!!!!! I have oily skin and I use milk of magnesia as a primer (yes I do and its the best for oily skin!!!), and this will stay flawless for at least 5-6 hours! great product!

Carolina Maryville, IL

Very nice eyeshadow for the price!

This is a great eyeshashow set. The colors are very vibrant and last all day.They blend easily and there is endless color combinations.There is a shimmer but its not overwhelming. The shimmer is what I was really worried about with this kit because I didnt want it to be too “shimmery”The colors are very pretty and I am very pleased with this kit.I am acutally ordering another one to give to my younger sister

Christine La Crosse, VA


Okay, I’m going to be honest. When I was opening the box I was a bit disappointing. Honestly, if you think this palette is going to be big, I’m sorry but your wrong! It’s pretty small. But other than that, I LOVE IT!

Catherine Mountain, WV