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Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette, Warm

The warm palette is a beautiful palette filled with matte, shimmer, smokey, and neutral shadows. Colors contained are in silver blues, camo greens, earthy peach & stone, rich plums, and many different shades of brown.

Key features

  • 88 matte, shimmer, smokey, and neutral shadows
  • Plenty of highlight shades for below the brow line and inner eye
  • Great size for storing and traveling

Honest reviews


Mixed up.

They mixed up my eyeshadow with another buyers eyeshadow, so I got the wrong one. I wanted to exchange it but they said that they were out of stock and issued me a refund anyways. Will not be buying from them again.

Ma Saint Helens, OR

Coastal Scents 88 Color Warm Palette

This is my first Coastal Scents purchase and I will be buying more. I ordered these through Amazon and they arrived quickly as usual. The Palette contains colors for any occasion, work, going out, holidays it is wonderful. It has a large mirror so you can use that mirror to apply, also on either side of the mirror are dual tip applicators. I suppose they could of given a few more, but I use brushes to apply my eye make up any way so it was not big deal. In this kit you receive both matte and glittery shades, there seem to be more of the glittery colors. I have created numerous looks for days at work and for going out. I just love the shadows they go on very nicely, the colors are vibrant and they really last (using a shadow primer base). It was so inexpensive I am going to try another palette with different shades. This a great buy for your money, no more hunting through different eye shadow cases to find that perfect shade it is all in one place now!

Verna Belle Haven, VA

Not Impressed, But Not Disappointed

First of all, unlike a lot of wishful thinkers, I was not expecting to receive 88 MAC-quality eyeshadows for just $24.95. These shadows are neither high-end nor low quality, and they performed exactly as I expected them to. My favorite thing about this palette is the amazing variety of shadows. When most people think of “warm” colors, they automatically invision deep browns, tans, and other neutrals. But the Coastal Scents 88 Warm palette includes a lot more than just this tiny piece of the spectrum. There are some very nice plums, peaches, and rose shadows, in addition to some beautiful silver, shimmery blue, gray, and gold tones. There is also a very unique deep olive color that looks gorgeous on the lid or in the crease. And if you are more partial to the traditional warm/neutral shades, this palette contains a great number of brown and cream colored shadows as well. It is hard to find a shade that you don’t absolutely love. The palette has *about* an equal number of matte to shimmery shadows, so if you do not have just one finish that you are partial to, this is the palette for you. When it comes to blendability and staying power, these shadows perform just like the high-end (or at least the HIGHER end) shadows when used with a primer. I can do my makeup in the morning, go to work, and still have my shadow look perfect by the end of the day. My only complaint with this palette is the pigmentation of some of the lighter colors. These shades really have to be packed onto to your eye to have any effect, and the application often goes on very chalky. This just cheapens the look of your makeup, and no woman wants that to happen. But overall, I give this palette a four-star rating, as you do get your moneys worth.

Shawn Clifford, PA

Great Colors!

I really love this palette….worth the will need to use a good base b/c they tend to crease…but on the up side they are highly pigmented…great range of warm colors…you can create fierce smokey eyes…green…plum..brown….etc…you can also create awesome “regular” looks as well..this is a must have for your makeup collection especially if you love smokey eyes or warm colors…

Katelyn Sierra Blanca, TX

I got it as a gift…

I got this as a gift for one of my husband’s aunts. I haven’t tried bc, of course, it wasn’t for me, but I’ve heard WONDERFUL things about Coastal Scents in YouTube. Plus, she told me she was very happy with it.

Leila Danville, WV


I loved the idea of this palette, and I was aware from reviews that the individual eye shadows would be small. But, they are SO SMALL! It is extremely difficult to even pick up the color with my eyeshadow brush because it can hardly fit into the little opening for the shadow. I also found that you have to use a lot of product in order to get pigmentation… and judging on how tiny these little eye shadows are, I feel like they will probably run out very quickly if you find one you like. Great selection of colors though.

Rosie Greenwood, MS


The packaging was really nice, the shadow felt really silly smooth with my fingers, but when I applied them to my eye I wasn’t really impressed.They are kind of “dusty” and most rubs off when you try to blend even with a primer. You have to use a lot for the color to show.If you have ever used sephora eyeshadows, you will see the quality of the coastal scents is not as good.I do love all the colors and the browns are really good for eyebrows. Not horrible but not great.

Patty Buckingham, IL


I love all the warm colors of this palette. Arrived in perfect condition. The colors are about the size of a dime but they really don’t need to be any bigger.

Velma Wolcott, IN

Best Palette if you prefer neutrals

I have these palettes in the original, shimmer, warm (this one), and the metal mania. I prefer the warm and the metal mania since the colors are more neutral. These eye shadows are high quality at a bargain price. While the pots may seem small, they last forever because they’re highly pigmented! The case isn’t the best if you’re planning on using this for traveling. I’ve moved several times since I bought my first one and one of the pots on the original palette came out. It’s not a big deal because it sticks back in, but they won’t last through much rough handling.These eye shadows are on par with my MAC and Urban Decay shadows. I actually prefer CS to my MAC pro longwear shadows! It is really important to use a good primer and I recommend either Urban Decay Primer Potion or Two Faced Shadow Insurance. This palette is a good mix of matte, satin, and shimmers!

Jeri Kent, IL

Great product!

This palette is great! the shadows are the size of a dime if you want a better idea of what you’re getting, so they’re very small, but there are man colors alike so if you run out of your favorite, i guess you can use one that is very close to it for some more time. The colors are very nice, all of them, and i like how it has some metallic and some matte shades. I have used it for a couple weeks now and it’s very good. I use an eye-shadow base (Estee Lauder) so they stay on my skin the whole day long. I read other reviews that said that it runs off but i guess that those people were not using a base. it’s definitely worth the money. shipping was good too, came fast and in very good condition.update: dec 2012.its been a year and a half that i have this palette and I still use it!!! I have used it almost every day since i got it and most of the colors are still pretty full. i use these eyeshadows (just like any other eyeshadow) with eye primer (normally MAC or Estee Lauder) and by the end of the day my makeup is perfect in place. i would buy this palette over and over again, except it lasts forever so it might be another year or more before i have to buy one. (maybe a bad thing for the seller?)

Melanie Puerto Real, PR

Five Stars

I just love this palette, this is definitely a must-have!

Verna Abbeville, SC

Prefer this palette to the Original

This palette is great – most of the colors are very wearable on my fairly dark skin (I wear MUFE HD 178/180), except for the chalkier colors at the top. I wear these shadows wet (most of the time) over my UDPP in Original or in Greed for maximum color payoff. If you have darker skin, I really recommend wearing it over Greed – I have found that the colors show up better over the gold base than over the clear Original primer.The Original CS palette is pretty decent, but a lot more of the colors on that palette are very chalky when compared to this one. I have dark skin, so I can’t play games with my eyeshadows since it’s so hard to make them show up on me in the first place. This palette is cheap and worth every penny.

Billie Greenville, OH

Beautiful shadows…

But poor packaging. Like another reviewer mentioned the palette is rather flimsy. Seven of my shadows fell off all @ once and some feel loose. The hinge also came off on mine but you can easily put it back in place. I used super glue and glued my shadows back in their corresponding spots. Nonetheless I still love this palette and prefer it much more over my shimmer one. It not only has browns but peaches, plums, golds and bronzes, various highlighter shades as well as greys and silvers. You can even use some of the brown shades for contouring. My favorite one is a blue with golden shimmer on the bottom left. I highly recommend this palette. Besides the flimsy packaging, I also noticed these shadows have a strange smell but it’s not so bad as to not wanting to use them. Go ahead and give these a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Beverly Ruckersville, VA

Well worth it

First I must say, that I was very impressed with the hard case that this came in. Perfect shape and the variety of colors is amazing. It takes very little to put on a brush (I don’t recommend the sponge brush’s they supply on any eye makeup) but they blend very sell and last all day long. You can make soft sexy eye’s or dark dramatic eye’s are a combo of the two. There are some many to choose from and they go so well together. Perfect Palette in my book. This will last a very long time and if I ever need to order this product again, I will. It’s diffidently worth it.

Pearlie Corbettsville, NY

pretty good, not great.

I purchased this palette based on so many reviews and makeup tutorials on youtube and various blogs. It seemed like everyone was using it! I see why–tons of shades and a great value. I’m not thrilled with it, though. The pans are really tiny–maybe the size of a penny–and the powder gets everywhere. Also, there are near repeats of many colors; I would’ve loved some purple-ish or grey-ish matte shadows. The “warm” description is a bit of a misnomer.For the price, this is a pretty good deal. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone going for really dramatic, pigmented eye looks, because you will be disappointed. You get what you pay for here. But, it beats spending hundreds of dollars on individual shadows. Mostly I just use the palette for blending, for highlighting near the brow bone, and to fill in my eyebrows. Too bad they company didn’t opt for less colors and better quality.

Tracey Hermann, MO

Beautiful colors

I love the colors in this palette!They are beautiful!Some are sparkly and some are matte.There are some colors that pop and others that are neutral!Everyone can benefit from this palette, especially someone who doesn’t need really crazy and bright colors.Outrageous colors are kind of inappropriate for professionals, and adults in general.

Ida Conshohocken, PA

Love SC

Love love love the colors on this palette so inexpensive and pigmented. I really enjoyed using this palette hope you guys love it too

Marjorie Palmer, IL

Nice Colors, but not good for Darker complexions

Nice palette, but I felt like i had to use a lot of applications to get the desired look I wanted. I do believe that for the price it is a great buy, but it takes a lot to show up on my darker skin.

Penelope Santee, SC

great product

i love this palette. i use this every day. the colors are vibrant and they last the whole day. very pigmented eyeshadows and they come very nicely packaged.

Autumn Alton, VA


I already had a 120 color palette from Manny, so I really wanted this one with just nude and more "calm" colors. They are perfect, I bought one for me and one for my friend and we are loving it. Really beautiful colors, really bright and really pigmented.

Brittney Colfax, ND

Beautiful Deep Pigments

I love this palette. It has a beautiful collection of neutral wearable shades. I read that these don’t show up well on darker skin tones but they are very deep and vibrant on my lids and I am a deep brown black woman! So don’t be afraid to get this palette based on those reviews. Always use a shadow base beneath any shadow and these are no exception. Enjoy.

Kathie Hamshire, TX

LOVE IT!!!! Couldn’t be happier!

I have recently gotten really into make-up and trying new things. I have fair skin with freckles and dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. I have always stuck to brown eye shadow and black eye liner and mascara. I had been watching YouTube videos on how to do the “smokey eye” look and Coastal Scents palettes were constantly mentioned. I decided to get this one because it has so many neutral colors. I can get many neutral looks BUT I also have been experimenting with the greens, pinks, and even the purples. I have yet to be disappointed. They go on great and stay on all day ( I use L’Oreal de-crease to keep it on). I bought the Metal Mania palette on Sunday and it is suppose to be here tomorrow (Wednesday). EXTREMELY packed so it was not damaged at all! The pots are small but with all the different colors and combos, you won’t run out for awhile if you are creative. Great mix of mattes, shimmers, and highlights.

Candace Inkster, MI


Very hard to make the colors I was interested in work. Very chalky. More chalky than my other cheapo eyeshadow pallet. Also I felt there was way too much shimmer in the few (8) I tried. I couldn’t get that matte nude eye look I was going for. Ugh!I bought this because of the neutral colors but this disappointed so much. I wasn’t expected Mac but I was expecting their cousin, instead I got "Wack." Better off with ELF or NYX.

Tia Clyman, WI


OK. I am not sure why this product got all the negative reviews. A lot of people said that it was a knockoff and not the actual Coastal Scents and that the packaging came without any protection. Maybe there was a mixup. Either that, or they have corrected whatever problem they had with the product and shipping issues. My palette arrives packaged with lots of bubble wrap. The Coastal Scents logo and mark was on the box, and on the cover of the palette. There was a nice protective plastic sheet over the colors. None of them were harmed in any way. The colors are vibrant and lovely, and although each pot is fairly small, the pigment is strong enough that alittle will go a long way. I love this product, and will be buying more of the different color palettes.

Carolina Montville, NJ


Reading the reviews, I knew beforehand that the shadows would be approximately dime-sized, if just a tad bigger. The colors are beautiful and only one of mine was broken. However, that’s not a big deal because I can still use it 🙂 There’s lots of variety and color and I’m excited about it!

Jeanne Little Hocking, OH

A good buy!

I really liked the variety of colors. I also liked the variety of matte and shiny colors. The pigment was very rich and didn’t require a heavy amount. I use this along with my MAC products and I cannot tell the difference. Would definitely purchase again.

Louise Round Lake, NY

88 Color Palette

I recently received this palette and I love it. It has beautiful, vibrant, warm colors…Goes on smoothly. Would def recommend u try it. Its not expensive like other palettes but its still good quality.

Sherry Lockhart, TX


I ordered this and it came very quickly but it came damaged. About 4 of the colors were broken from shipping. Of course the colors I like. I do have to say I contacted the company and they would reimburse me a percentage. They explain it gets shipped from China(? I think) and sometimes that happens. They were very prompt and understanding. I do love all the colors and is a great deal. I do not like the tips to apply makeup…those came off wand really easy. But if you use your own brush shouldn’t be an issue.

Josefa Copalis Crossing, WA

Wonderful love it

Great colors alot of variety very pigmented colors last i do use primer have had no creaseing or fadeing when its gone im getting more my favorite palette aside from the 28 nut and 26 shadow and blush all of these i use daily i love it im shure u will too!!!

Tonya Garberville, CA


The colors look awesome! I was worried that it would show up broken due to the warning I received before I placed the order for this product, however i took a chance and it came perfectly in tact. The colors are splendid and my friend loved it! I would recommend this to anyone who loves warm colors.

Tonya Sutherlin, OR