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Coastal Scents 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Neutral

This palette comes in an assortment of 28 neutral tones in shimmer and matte shades, many of the shadows can also double as a blush.

Key features

  • 28 neutral tones in shimmer and matte shadows
  • Several of the shadows can double as a blush
  • Perfect for those who want a natural look

Honest reviews


It’s ok….

Let me start by saying I do like Coastal Scents palettes for what they are cheap and pigmented- great color variety, etc…I’m not afraid of color at all but I got this because I had heard so much about the “Mac Dupes” in it and also, I wanted something more neutral for school functions with the kids and where I need a toned down look. I even wear makeup to the grocery store. For that, this palette works well.As far as Mac Dupes- there are really none that are so insanely close that I would call them a dupe and that is doing a side by side to actual Mac product.This palette doesn’t seem as pigmented to me as others I have tried by Coastal Scents- it’s almost too light and neutral. The colors don’t blend as easily as other palettes either.For those who say this is good for beginners, it is in some respects as the colors aren’t too vibrant. But you should know how to blend because you will be doing a lot of it with this palette as some colors aren’t as smooth as I thought. Mac is actually great beginner eyeshadow because of its ease of use and easy blending. But their shadows are hit and miss as well- I think most brands are.I have sensitive eyes and they are not bothered by any Coastal Scents palette either. Always wear a good eye primer with any eyeshadow- Shadow Insurance does make these eyeshadows last all day and then some!This is good for the price but for a better neutral option- go for the 88 Warm- that is a great neutral pigmented palette which blends easily and has a better color variety.

Shelby Port Elizabeth, NJ

Beautiful Shades

This is a great neural palette. It’s one of the older offerings by coastal scents but is actually my favorite of all of their palettes that I own. The formula for these are is different from the different 88 color ones that are available. These are a little creamier and blend better. Also there are fewer colors but the pot sizes are comparable to MAC. There are even some colors in this palette that are close if not identical to some M.A.C. eye shadows. The difference is that one M.A.C. shadow costs you fourteen bucks and you can get 28 of these for nineteen! This palette is great for bridal parties. I recommend this palette highly. Especially for the price.

Betsy Grapevine, AR


I had heard about coastal scents prior to my purchase and from the reviews you would think this product was the HOLY GRAIL!!NOT.. It is a HOLY FAIL!I bought this product a while back from Coastal Scents not Amazon. Their customer service was very horrible. I emailed them my shipping address several times and the customer service representative snottily claimed they never received it.When I did receive this product, I was HUGELY disappointed. The colors ARE NOT pigmented. They do not appear on your skin ESPECIALLY if you are of color. Forget about blending and some of the colors actually crumbled and popped off the palette. BOOOOO!!!!Now I am wondering if Coastal Scents gave out incentives for these reviews because this product is definitely INFERIOR. My drug store eye shadow purchases were of better quality.If you are looking for colors that don’t show on your skin, don’t blend, and crumble, then this is the product for you. Give this to your little girl to play dress up in, because you can NOT take this product seriously.

Carmella New Hope, PA


This is by no means a professional quality product. Great for teens/tweens to play with, but I am not impressed at all by these shadows. The colors look very nice, but the texture of the shadows is inconsistent. They are chalky and do not blend well…at all; and some contain cheap glitter that falls down your face when applied. You would be better off investing in two or three high quality shadows because in this case, you do get what you pay for. I would say the new Wet ‘n Wild drugstore shadows are about the same quality as these.

Bethany Sharon Grove, KY

Do not waste your money

did not like the quality of the makeup at all. Do not waste your moneynot a great buy at all.

Brianna Dilltown, PA

Excellent price and Excellent Quality

Being a cosmetologist, I look for exceptional quality and I am telling you this stuff is like the brands you pay for at the cosmetic counters, and really goes on like MAC!!!! I think MAC uses this manufacturer. Also, you do not get so much that you will never use it and love the color combinations they offer. Try just one, believ me you will never buy name brand again, like Estee Lauder, Mac etc… The only one that I think is better is the Chanel line, but then again, it is Chanel! LOL

Carolyn Redmond, WA

Nice colors, stays put, good for sensitive eyes

I usually have problems with eye makeup. Most eyeshadows will cause my eyes to tear up all day, which is not attractive, and then I give up wearing makeup at all after a few days. This eyeshadow set hasn’t given my eyes any problem at all, and I’m very sensitive. The other great thing about this set is that it’s mostly soft matte colors. There are 6 or 7 total with a bit of shimmer, but it’s very subtle. The colors are in the cooler range of plum, brown, and pinks. Very good for creating nice daytime looks suitable for the office. I’m also at the age where I was concerned with eyeshadow that might cake up in creases, but have not had any problem at all with this set. It lasts all day until I use makeup remover at night to take it off.

Margie Holden, WV

Beautiful colors

Great pigmentation a vsriety of colors to play with and b creative do a suttle smokey eye or a natural barley there look to a more dramstic night out look i love this pallete colors r very easy to blend ,apply and hold time is amazeing deffinetly outlasts ur day no fadeing or creaseing wonderful product at a eonderful price :):):)

Elinor Stockland, IL

I like it

All the colors are not so pigmented like the first row is not but the rest colors are so pigmented

Tracey Union City, TN

Nice palette..

Colors look true to the picture and come out nicely. Most of them are pigmented, but the black at the corner of the palette doesn’t come out how it looks in the pan. Comes off very light, or grayish. You can barely see it…or have to keep building it up. That’s the only color I was disappointed with. Otherwise, great! I would buy this again.

Juliana Island Heights, NJ

Great value!

I loved this palette so much I purchased one for my mom and sister at Christmas. You can’t beat the price and this palette has more usable colors than any other palette I’ve purchased.

Abby Saucier, MS

This palette is just OKAY…

After reading such wonderful reviews and lusting over this palette via Internet…. I can honestly say that I am very disappointed in this palette. Its just mediocre. 1 to 10.. I would rate it a 5. If you know anything about make up.. you will notice right off the bat that this is not the best quality. Its nothing special and while it is a decent price, I would suggest saving your money and investing in the Naked palette from Urban Decay or even a Nyx palette. I prefer Nyx over Coastal Scents. There are too many shades that are close in color and I honestly don’t think the pigmentation is anything to rave about. Yeah you get 28 colors but only a handful actually show up on your skin… I will probably give this palette away… or toss it.

Brianna Hindman, KY

Not a matte palette

The palette is certainly useful but I was looking more for matte shades. These shades have shimmer and are not flat like I was hoping for. Stila "in the know" palette is a great matte palette option while this is still handy for neutral shades.

Candace Kosciusko, MS

Okay for the price

There are 2 or 3 colors that I’d had trouble locating in stores. Most of the colors are not usable for one person. The richness/density of color is not all that, in my opinion, but it’s alright with a primer of some sort.I wish they would make one that’s all cool colors, which is what I need.

Teresa Saint David, IL


This palette is awesome any color I need it is in this kit. I will purchase other colors from this vendor.

James Sherborn, MA

Great product, but I wouldn’t compare this to MAC

This product came in a timely fashion and intact. I was afraid that the shadows would break during shipping. I’ve used a few of the colors so far and it’s great. The shadow almost stays on for an entire workday depending on how oily my skin gets (and that’s even with an eye shadow primer). For the price I paid, it’s a good buy, however, I wouldn’t compare this product to the higher end makeup you get at a makeup counter, but it’s the same or better compared to what you get at a local drug store.I would buy this again and I do recommend it to my friends who are on a budget, but want a good product.The product itself has shimmering and matte shades, which is great for me since I’m so indecisive. I’ll use a shimmering color one day and a matte the next or both if I’m going out at night.

Gina Douglas, AZ


This is a nice neutral palette. Great price for the amount of product you get. This product is great for everyday looks.

Libby Garibaldi, OR

Amazing Product!

I have several Coastal Scents products and I love all of them.Excellent Product!This eyeshadows are ideal for make-up artists, I love to use, beatifull colors which are amazing in real life, on the picture doesn’t look how they really are!.100% Recommended!! If you love make You’ll love this pallette!!

Stefanie Albia, IA

Nice colors

Arrived in perfect condition and love the colors. Plus they last all day!! Will be buying another for my daughter.

Lou Joliet, MT

Awesome colors

Awesome colors and coverage. I’ve found that most eyeshadows have way too much shimmer in them for me or they’re too chaulky. These colors are true and smooth, blend exceptionally well and are very pigmented so you don’t need to use a lot. I have sensitive eyes and skin and these eyeshadows do not bother my allergies at all.

Elaine Big Rock, TN

The good and the bad

I was so excited to buy this palette but I had to give it 3 stars due to the fact that almost all of these shades have an orang/red pigment to them they go on well but don’t last all day do you def need a good primer before applying.. Other then that I like to use the link shadow as a blush and the dark brown serves well as a great black and the browns can be used to bronze or contoure so I’m working with it!!

Kara Robert Lee, TX

Could have been named

I like these shades. I received this palette today. To me the colors were like what I saw on the computer screen. I put on some of shadows as soon as I got it. Was very surprised with the pigment and staying power. I did have on a primer on .I would recommend these to those whom are just starting out. I might purchase something else later. Iam going to give these to my niece. talk with you later. I have more reviews.

Shelia Kings Mountain, KY

Let down

I bought this 28Neutral Palette along with the Fall Festival Palette after being really impressed with Coastal Scents’ GO Palette.The Go Palette was cheap but excellent quality, so I assumed all of their eye shadows would have nice pigmentation but this neutral palette was a little chalky and not so great. The colors on my lid turn out very light even with more than one application. It’s not bad when I want to go for a natural look..The price and variety of colors is very good but the quality just was not as good as I was expecting it to be. I am unimpressed and disappointed by this palette.

Lorrie Pelham, TN

Not so great

This palette isn’t very pigmented and the lighter colors are very chalky. The white eye shadow has a green sparkle to it. The colors are also very hard to blend. You could easily end up with muddy eye shadows. If you do buy this palette, be prepared to pack on the color.

Jenny Woodville, AL


This is a wonderful eyeshadow palette. The majority of the shadows are matte, some are shimmery, none are too glittery. On my computer monitor, many of the colors appeared pinkish, but I’m happy to say that most of the colors are more neutral to yellow, which suits my coloring much better. I was nervous that the shadows might arrive all broken up, but it arrived in perfect condition. I’m so happy with it that I’m thinking of ordering another now, just in case the company stops making this particular palette.

Luann Port Sulphur, LA

Mehh It’s so so

I don’t find the color pay off to be too great. The most I use this pallet for at this point is the brown for brows, and the lighter colors for highlighting the brow.

Iris Gene Autry, OK

Could have been a little better

The pigmentation could have been better. Comparable to La colors, not too powdery so far. First time I used it today. You have to use a eye primer though. Price not so bad. Good starter palette for beginners.

Imelda North Bridgton, ME

Exactly what I thought I was getting

Wonderful palette that matches exactly what the product description described. No hassles purchasing and it got here quick. Definitely going to try other color palette’s.

Tori Saint Paul, VA


I love coastal Scents. They’re products are great. Perfect shades for everyday. Nice sized palette. Great for travel. Would purchase again.

Lisa Frostburg, MD

Great item

I read so much about this on you tube. Purchased it for my sister for Christmas. She fell in love instantly.

Lynette Solomon, KS