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Coach Poppy Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce

COACH POPPY by Coach for WOMEN EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ Launched by the design house of Coach in 2010, COACH POPPY by Coach possesses a blend of Sweet, Aquatic, Powdery, Vanilla, And Citrus.

Key features

  • Design House: Coach
  • Fragrance Notes: Sweet, Aquatic, Powdery, Vanilla, And Citrus.

Honest reviews



…I don’t understand all the five-star reviews for this fragrance. To me, Coach Poppy smells like rotten fruit that’s been boiled in baby powder. If that’s the scent you’re going for, then I guess five stars are appropriate. However, if this sounds really freaking gross to you, I suggest you buy something else.

Glenna Brooksville, FL

New Favorite

There is one thing I have a weakness for; that would be perfume. I love trying new perfumes, so I decided to pick up the Coach Poppy to give it a try.I am very picky about my scents. I don’t like it to be too brash; I wear perfumes that have more of a soft, flowery smell. That said, I can spend hours at a perfume counter spraying various perfumes on the little sticks. I try not to do this too long and try not to be judgmental of one spritz; as we all know, perfume smells completely different when you spray it on yourself.Poppy is expensive, but there’s a reason. It actually stays on me all day. I do two spritz on my chest and spray my wrists to rub it on my neck. I love coming home after a long (and sweaty) day and still smelling the fresh smell of this perfume. My fiance has given me MANY compliments, which frankly had me sold. The smell is perfect for work.This is more of a day scent, whereas I switch my perfumes if I go out at night. I highly recommend Ed Hardy, by Ed Hardy Women or Victoria’s Secret Vixen (found at for nighttime use.

Margret Yadkinville, NC

MMMM Smells so classy and clean

I am so glad I bought this!! I had tried it at a department store, but didn’t want to pay such a high price for it. I came home and found it on Amazon for about $20 cheaper and since I have amazon prime I got free shipping 😉 I love the smell of this stuff and so does my husband. I get tons of compliments when I wear it & will be buying it again from Amazon when I need more.

Patti Larslan, MT

Great perfume.

Coach’s Poppy perfume is awesome! Very young and fresh. Great for teens and preteens, as well as adults! Also has a relatively long lasting time.

Deanna Williamson, NY

It’s just ok.

First let me say, there is nothing WRONG with this perfume. I just think that for the price tag, and for the quality that usually goes along with the brand, it’s nowhere near as good as it should be. What I get from this is, well, plain and simple poppy flowers. This is something I’d allow my prepubescent daughter to wear. There is no depth, and maybe just a tiny bit of sweetness. I think if Coach threw in a ton of vanilla, and a little bit of spice to create a whole lot more complex, oriental-type scent, this could be a real winner. That being said, if you are looking for a simple, everyday summer perfume that won’t offend, perhaps you’ll love this. I feel like it’s for kids and, well… I’m a woman!

Jacquelyn Fort Johnson, NY

love it

perfum smells amazing, bought it for my daughter but had to end up buying one for my self. Has such a swell and soft smell.

Emma Rushville, OH

Beautiful, Feminine Scent

Floral and sweet. I love this scent. It’s especially nice in the spring and summer, but I wear it year-round.

Colleen Norma, NJ


I love love love coach poppy perfume!!! I have tried all the coach perfumes available and this is the only one I like!! It’s a sexy, not overbearing kind of perfume, it lasts all day, a little goes a long way, makes my husband melt and I get many compliments when I wear 🙂 great to wear any season for any occasion!! Came packaged excellant and $20 cheaper than in local store :))

Sheila Clifton Springs, NY

One of my favorite perfumes

I purchased this perfume several months ago and love it as much as the day I bought it. It is a light, very girly scent which stays on for a full day. Lots of other perfumes I have bought (some of which have been more expensive than this one) seem to wear off mid-day which is super frustrating. This perfume, however, seems to stay on all day and I can still smell it at night when I come home. I usually put 3 sprays on my neck/chest area and a couple on my wrist and rub them together. It is such a wonderful smell. I will definitely keep purchasing this perfume for years to come. I would highly recommend other coach perfumes as well because they all smell so good!

Barbra Walpole, NH

Mom loved her birthday gift!

It is not my cup of tea, but my mother loves young fruity- florals and she was happy to get such a big bottle. I was happy to get it for so cheap!

Latanya Uniontown, OH

smells divine!!

Smells sooo yummy! I tend to like soft fragrances, and this is it! so pretty! a little strong at first, but once it settles, YUMMY!!!

Catherine Castro Valley, CA

The wife loves the smell!

Bought this as a valentines day present for my wife and she loves it. I can’t complain when she wears it. It’s a perfect perfume that isn’t too powerful. 2-3 sprays will last all day when my wife wears it.

Elsie Jobstown, NJ

great perfume

I was looking for a different perfume but at a great price, and of course I found it on amazon! I absolutely love this scent, it is long lastly and goes great with any occasion or time of the year!

Carly Ringtown, PA

Smells Like a pretty Girl

I bought this for a friend I thought she would like it I haven’t gave it to her yet but I’m a 24 year old guy and I would want any girl I was dating to smell like this I hope she likes it cuzz I would love to smell this when she hugs me

Carlene Fairmont, OK

Amongst the best fragrances for women

I rarely come across a great fragrance for women. Coach Poppy did a great job this time. This a must have for all women. Every year or two, there’s a fragrance that stands out amongst the rest, and this is it. I got one for my friend, and would recommend it for anyone for any age group.

Eddie Chandlers Valley, PA