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CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Negligee 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Vinylux weekly polish and weekly top coat are a system that is uniquely design to work together. Patent-pending pro-light technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips, and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time.

Key features

  • Provides week-long wear, when used with vinylux top coat
  • Dramatically improves adhesion to the natural nail for week-long wear
  • Includes adhesion promoters that completely eliminate the need for base coat
  • Resists chips and has enhanced durability
  • Comes in several different colors
  • A unique new polish that will last better than ordinary polish

Honest reviews


Beautiful color but did not last a week

I wanted so badly to love this Vinylux concept. The color itself is great – a good any occasion color that is perfect for dress or work or whenever. But the polish did NOT last a week. Within 4-5 days I had some slight lifting around the cuticle area and some small chips along the tips. I guess it’s not that expensive so it’s no big deal but I had hoped for greater wear from this polish.

Roxie Soda Springs, CA

Love it

I have searched and wasted money trying to find the perfect shade of natural nail polish. This has just the right touch of pink for a beautiful summer nail. Warning … It takes a long time to dry, but you can put their top coat on (or I also love Duri Rejuvacote) even if it’s still a little tacky, and it will dry very quickly. Beautiful shine and beautiful color.

Cherry Humansville, MO

Pretty decent stuff and it lasts

This is a very sheer polish and probably is intended to be part of a french manicure, but I have very short nails and I just wear it alone – I’m amazed that it holds up as well as it does. Ordinary polish wears off from the tips of my nails very quickly – I don’t like to wear polish for very long – I used to quickly polish my nails just for an event and remove it after the event to let my poor thin nails breathe. However, if I polish the night before, it actually would start chipping and wearing off the tips before I even WENT to the event the next day, so I’d have to polish just before leaving. which is messy and risky.However this stuff lasts much better, so I can do a quick polish the day before and even leave it on for a couple days.

Janna Eldena, IL

Love this polish!

I almost sent this back but after sitting on it too long I decided for the low cost I may as well keep it. I was surprised how much I actually liked the color. I didn’t realize in the photo it was iridescence which I normally don’t like. After trying it with 2 coats it gives a very nice coverage (not sheer like it looks in the bottle) and it’s a pretty light pink which is perfect for me since I like the nudes/pinks all year long. Also, you can get more than 7 days out of this I’ve gone 10 and it’s great because you can use regular remover too! I bought the OPI Gel lamp for my Gel polish but when I don’t want to deal with the time consuming removal this is a great polish! Wish it came in more color selections. I will definitely buy more.

Maryann Saint Louis, MI

Great Polish by CND!

Love this color, it’s a "barely pink" sheer natural shade that enhances the natural pink of your nail bed. When used with the weekly top coat, it delivers on it’s promise of lasting a full week without chipping. I plan to buy a few more different shades!

Marci Burlington, TX

Almost clear

This color is almost transparent. I like the Vinylux product much more than acrylic it’s much easier to remove and leaves nails smooth. Acrylic ruined my nails, but Vinylux helps give them more firmness hopefully letting them grow out much stronger.

Amy Tijeras, NM

Love the Vinylux line and this is a great basic color

I am simply smitten with my recent (how did I just learn of this:!:!) discovery of Vinylux. I was once a fake nail girl. Expensive, time-consuming, toxic and destructive. After a few years without, I swapped to shellac. I love it at first, but discovered it too hurt the nail, was somewhat time consuming, and I worried about the effect of the light on my skin and nail beds. THIS stuff is the bomb. I dries super fast, no light required, and does last amazingly well. My nails peel and chip within a day with regular polish. This stuff is the bomb. So happy. I haven’t kept it on a week yet. It’s so quick and easy to change colors (no soaking, just regular polish remover). Love it!

Darla Colony, KS


I like this nail polish very much. It stays on about a week, better than all previous polishes other than gels. Air dries and can be removed with regular nail polish remover. Unlike gels.

Bessie Arnett, OK