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CND VINYLUX RUBBLE Weekly Nail Polish 0.5oz by CND Cosmetics

VINYLUX is a two-step polish system consisting of VINYLUX Weekly Polish (featuring a built-in basecoat) and VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat that offers durable, high-shine and week-long wear. The top coat becomes more durable when exposed to natural light, ensuring no chipping or scratching for at least one week. VINYLUX dries in just eight and a half minutes. Plus VINYLUX colors perfectly match CND ShellacTM shades, making for easy CND Shellac touchups on the go and for pedicures that perfectly match CND Shellac manicures.

Key features

  • Durable, high-shine, week-long wear
  • Built in base coat
  • Dries completely in eight and a half minutes
  • Becomes more durable when exposed to natural light

Honest reviews


Love to color

This polish really does last a long time. Usually my nails chip by the second day, but this easily lasts for 5 as long as you use the top coat.

Clarissa Winlock, WA

FAVE color of the lot!

I absolutely love this almost dull, taupey, beigy, brownish color. It looks great on the toes or nails. Every time I where it I get compliments and asked what color it is. A must have.

Lucia Powersville, MO


I love these products. You polish your nail and in less than 10 minutes you are out the door!This color Rubble is a brown color a little darker than a brown paper bag. It is beautiful on!I love to wear it to the beach & birthday parties the most since I love wearing brown & ambercolors the most.

Corrine Guys Mills, PA

Great product

I love this color! It is the same as the shellac color and reminds me of Essie’s Chinchilly.This is a true seven-day polish. However, it was recommended to me to not use a basecoat but I have had the best results using the CND Colour Nail Stickey Anchoring Base Coat 2.3 oz Polish Salon Manicure Pedi basecoat. Then I use two-three coats of polish and theCreative Nail Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Weekly Top Coat, 0.5 Fluid Ouncetopcoat. I have this polish in a variety of colors and this is one of my favorites! Highly recommended!

Georgia Perth Amboy, NJ

Works as advertised

I am a believer. I bought this polish and applied it as instructed and it lasted a 10 days. I work with my hands and wear gloves on and off all day. I also do dishes at least three times a week. There was some very small minor chipping at the tips but because my nails also grew out I just filed them down and the chipping was gone and the polish looked new. On one of the nails where it chipped in the corner I just applied some more polish to that tip corner and it was fine after that. I am very happy with my purchase. Any new color I want I will check and see if it is offered in Vinylux before I purchase another brand. It is easy to apply and dries quickly which is great. My nails feel stronger. The polish feels thicker than normal polish and is very strong once dried. I haven’t tried to take it off yet so I don’t know how easy that is but it has to be easier than gel. I like gel polish but I get bored with the color after a week and want a new color. This is the perfect happy medium for me to have color that last for a week but I don’t have to commit to for two weeks.

Lee New Wilmington, PA