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CND: Treatments/Prep Stickey Base Coat, 2.3 oz

A soft, “sticky” base coat designed to anchor nail enamel to the nail. Acts as a gripping agent to prevent peeling and chipping. Ideal for both natural nails and enhancements.

Key features

  • Easy to use
  • Great for at home or in salon manicures
  • Elongates manicure’s life

Honest reviews


Seems to work

I’ve used OPI’s natural nail basecoat for a while, but have noticed some peeling at the side of my nail whenever I apply lotion or cuticle cream.I gave this a try, and it seems to work fine, no chipping for complete 3 days which is very rare event for me.I’m very satisfied and I’ll update my review when I see the chipping.

Shelia Sand Point, AK

A very useful base, terrific size for manicure junkies

I think this CND product is what makes my thin, bendy nails keep polish on for more than a day. The big bottle (about the size of a handball/raquet ball) is great for lots of manicures. The picture doesn’t show that there is a brush in the cap. However, I’m guessing I’m going to need to pour out the bottom into a glass manicure cup to get the rest out. The coat is thin and dries fast. It evens out my nails, too. I also have post acrylic truama nails, so considering that, and how well it helps keep a polish on, I’m impressed. The bottle was sent in a box, and pretty quickly.

Rebekah York, PA

One Star

No good

Angeline Meadow Creek, WV

nail polish

worrks pretty good but for the size and prisw seemwd lile a good deal to le at the time kaybe it.qas maybe no

Daisy Moseley, VA

Great Product

I bought this product with the Super Shiney Top cTat and the Solar Oil to help my manicures last longer, look better, and leave my nails healthier afterwards. I purchased the set right after Thanksgiving and used it extensively to do various manicures and polish changes during the holidays, and not only did the manicures hold up better than a typical natural nail manicure, my nails looked great even after taking the polish off completely and just showing my natural nails.I am a librarian and a gardener. That means that I am constantly using my hands to shelve, repair materials, pull weeds, dig in the dirt, etc. I take care of my nails, but can’t really baby them. All it takes is a couple hours of shelving or moving books around the collection to tear up a manicure. I do garden in gloves when possible and do the dishes in kitchen gloves, but there is still only so much I can do to protect my nails.I also have sensitive skin and can’t take all the chemicals involved in acrylic or gel nails, especially the harsh removal agents like strong acetone so after experimenting over the years I’ve found that for me natural nails is the best. Unfortunately, I had gotten to the point where I just trimmed down my nails and used clear polish to keep them looking clean and professional because I couldn’t keep a colored manicure on my nails long enough to be worth the time and money to do one. I was having to redo some or all of my nails three or four times a week to keep them looking good.Thankfully, someone recommended this product to me and it has worked like a charm. As I said earlier, I bought it right after Thanksgiving and used it with many polish changes and manicures over the holidays. Here we are almost two months later and I am still IN LOVE with this product. My manicures last almost a week with minor or no touch-ups and look fresh and lovely the whole time.As for the people saying it didn’t work for them, you have to have a clean, dry nail and also put the coat of color/regular polish on WHILE THIS IS STILL WET/STICKY! Otherwise, it doesn’t bond right and you don’t get any more benefit from it than a regular base coat.

Silvia Panama, OK


This base coat seems to really grip your polish and help it last longer. I really enjoy the large bottle.

Sherrie Leeds, ME

Fantastic base coat!

I love CND Stickey. I won’t use any other base coat because Stickey out performs all others! Don’t let Stickey dry – immediately after application, apply your first coat of nail lacquer. I do my nails every 3-4 days, so I can’t speak to how long Stickey helps my manicure last. But I rarely have chipping and I know that’s due to Stickey.

Alyce Gravois Mills, MO

Great LARGE bottle

I also have Creative Nail Design’s top coat in this large size bottle. Great if you like to change your nail polish frequently. Works well and dries very fast so you can start applying polish right away.

Ladonna Donald, OR

Great for weak nails

Sticky base + shiny top coat = the best manicure you can give yourself at home. Works great with my Julep colors. It also provides a thick protectant coat for my weak nails.

Lesley Dewitt, IL

My nails no longer chip and peel at the tips!

I absolutely love this base coat! I have dry nails that I am rough on and usually, my polish chips at the tips of my nails and peels off, often taking some of my nail with it. I was getting to the point that I was afraid I was going to have to stop polishing them altogether.Then I discovered CND Super Stickey and it works wonders! The paint on my nails used to chip after a day or so. With this top coat, my nails routinely look PERFECT 3-4 days after painting, even with no touch-ups. That’s really good for me! The best part is that my nails are stronger and are in much better condition since I started using this top coat. I use this in combination with the CND Shiney nail top coat and I can really tell the difference compared to the Essie and Julep base/topcoats I was using before.It also smoothes out the nail polish underneath to leave a shiny, even color on your nails. Best of all, it comes in this HUGE 2.3oz container, so it should last a really long time, even for a habitual nail painter like me.

Luann Williamstown, PA


I loved this as a base coat. I like it because I don’t have the tinted nails anymore I really enjoyed this product.

Estelle Sloansville, NY


This is a great base coat! It dries fast and work great and also protects my nails very well. Thanks!

Maryellen Crestline, KS

Holy grail base coat

Extends the life of my manicure like no other. If I use it as the base and also "sandwich" it between the two coats of color polish, I can go almost a week with no chips and barely noticeable tip wear, and this is through daily showering, lots of typing, washing a few dishes, and occasional cooking.

Corine Pelham, NC


This is one of the worst base coats I’ve ever used.Normally I’m not very picky about base coats. When I was in cosmetology school, a friend/classmate of mine bought this and seemed to love it. I was leery (even in professional cosmetology stores, this stuff is still $12-$13) but I needed something for state board practice (which is done on a plastic hand). Afterwards I started using it on myself, and it is awful! Even after thoroughly cleaning your nails, it still peels terribly. My nail polish comes off in almost a solid piece!I refused to use it on clients. Whether you’re in school, in a salon, or just a lover of polish, I highly recommend China Glaze base coat. It stays tacky so that your polish actually sticks to it.

Emily Ronald, WA

Professional Manicure Base

Love this stuff. Period!

Johnnie Piedmont, SD