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CND: Treatments/Prep Stickey Base Coat, 0.33 oz

A soft, sticky base coat designed to anchor nail polish to the nail and act as a gripping agent for nail polish to prevent peeling and chipping.

Key features

  • Protective basecoat.

Honest reviews



I really wanted to like this as much as everyone else, especially because my nail polish chips after a day or two. The first time I tried this, I put OPI “You Don’t Know Jaques” over it. The polish went on uneven and would not dry. I removed the polish and tried again… letting the Stickey dry longer than before. Again, uneven and the polish would not dry. I thought perhaps the OPI was bad, but when I tried it with Orly Bonder, it worked just find. Perhaps I got an defective bottle of Stickey, but I didn’t want to buy another bottle to find out. Hope it works better for you than it did for me.

Christina Dinosaur, CO

Polish chips after ONE DAY!

This product came recommended by my local beauty supply. I gave it numerous tries with many different polishes (Essie, OPI, Chanel, Nars, etc) and top coats (SV, Poshe). I don’t think it has made it past one full day EVER. Granted, my nails tend to chip easily despite the fact that I keep them very short. I had equal results with no basecoat, or just some cheapy product.What I will say: this product goes on easily, and does smooth out the nail. I gave it one star because it’s called “Stickey” – as in it’s supposed to make your nail polish stick, and it did nothing of the sort.

Jeannine Coldwater, KS

Better product out there…

After using this for a few months, I noticed that my nails were really drying out. I switched to Essie Protein Base Coat paired with Out the Door topcoat. I am going on day 8 with my nail polish with very little touch ups needed throughout the week and they still look great. For the first time, I am ready to change the color because I am bored with it and not because I actually have to. I did not find CND Stickey to work as well and made the switch to Essie instead which seems more nourishing on my nails as well.

Tessa Bloomer, WI

It does not work for me.

I used his product for three weeks and saw no help with the polish staying on my nails. During the fourth week I begin to apply my nail polish first and the stickey second and my polish has chipped very little after six days. However when I did not use the product and used a better nail polish my polish did not chip for the same amount days.

Kristina Fountain City, IN

Great base coat when used with CND Air Dry finish

This is the best base coat I’ve found, especially when used in conjunction with CND Air Dry finish. It seems to work better if you do one hand at a time. I use the stickey base coat on my left hand, apply one thick coat of good nail polish. Using one coat is my personal preference; 2 coats should work as well. It works better if you put on the polish while the stickey base coat is still “stickey”. I do the right hand in the same way. Next I put Sally Hansen’s Dry Kwik nail polish dryer on top of the polish, leave on for 5 minutes then gently wash this off with liquid soap and water–be sure to get it all because the Dry Kwik is oily. Then I apply a coat of CND Air Dry finish, which is a fast dry polish in itself. Another application of the Sally Hansen Dry Kwick, leaving on for about 5-10 minutes, longer if you have time, then gently wash it off. The Kwik Dry makes my nails dry faster, otherwise they stay tacky much longer. I’m very careful with my nails for another 30 minutes, but I can do things like read and work on my computer at that point.In less than 30 minutes I have a great manicure that lasts 2-3 times longer than before using the CND products. I usually get tired of my polish color before I need a new manicure. These are slightly more expensive than the drug store products, but because my manicure lasts much longer, I use less in the long run. It does take longer to remove the polish, but this shows the product keeps the polish on like it should. I order extras to make sure I have both products on hand at all times.

Rochelle Rhinecliff, NY

Nice base coat

This is a nice "sticky" base coat, and does seem to help polish adhere better. I change my polish far too frequently to really speak to the longevity, but no complaints so far!

Sharlene Kewanee, IL

Effective to say the least.

Normally I do my own nails with CND Shellac product. I wanted something to use for those occasions when I don’t have time to do the Shellac process. I ordered this and clear color and top coat. They worked just great! I have not heard anyone else mention this but regular nail polish remover would not work at removing. I had to use acetone to remove it. I did not have to soak them but it took a bit of work to get this off. All in all I will certainly use it when I am off the Shellac for a few days. It certainly kept the polish on my nails.

Jenifer Long Beach, WA

Can’t tell

Seems a little dull when it goes on. Can’t tell if it makes my manicure any better. Did not notice any improvement when applying polish on top. Will probably try something different when the bottle runs out.

Faye Red Oak, IA

Pretty nice but doesn’t last as long as gels and doesn’t really live up to the hype for me

Some reviewers said this base coat provided them 1 or 2 weeks of wear with no chips but that wasn’t my experience. I buffed the tops of my nails and used this but still had some chipping. It did help hold off chips a few days longer than if I hadn’t used it, and I will probably continue to use…but I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle, foolproof product.

Fern Smiths, AL

Don’t manicure without it!

I’m a huge fan of CND’s sticky base coat & shiney topcoat. The basecoat provides a great foundation to your manicure and the polish really does stick much better! By starting with sticky & ending with shiney, I can get about a week from my manicure when used with OPI polish on natural nails. I’ve tried other base & topcoats, but don’t get the wear that I get from the CND products.

Iris Gravel Switch, KY

Does what it says

Best base coat I have used, hands down. It extends the life of manicures and pedicures by at least a week.

Rae Elliott, MS


This makes color a little streaky going on so more coats may be necessary but it seems to keep polish on longer.

Vonda Shullsburg, WI

If you love to do nails you will love this product

Easy to use, works great for nail art and dries fast. This is a great compliment to the other nail products.

Nelda Lakin, KS


Dries super fast & a little goes a long way, so don’t over use or it will get too thick & it won’t work. Works pretty good, nail polish lasts for a few days with no chips, but works best with the CnD top coat as well.

Lydia Powersville, MO

Nail salon quality

I worked in a Spa for years, and this is what we used as a base coat in manicures. It makes your polish stay chip-free for longer than any other base coat I have ever used. Worth the splurge!

Geri Cedar Lane, TX

Loved it.

I loved this base coat, used it until it was all gone. Went on smooth even when there was only a teeny bit left in the bottle. It also held the polish to the nail longer than sally hansen or seche vite or nailtech. I use this with essie and seche vite top coat for a long lasting, high quality finish. Aides in nail growth as well, as I have thin nails.

Casey Moyers, OK

Gel Polish

I actually got this as a gift for my daughter for Christmas. She will have to let me know what she thinks of this product. I do know that she has been getting her nails done in this manner the past few months.

Bettie Fenwick, MI

Does adhere

really well to the nail, so far so good, 3rd day, and polish hasn’t chipped, usually my nails chip on the same day, i paint them, I would purchase this again.

Simone Belgrade, MO

Good Stuff!

Have had problems with nail polish containing glitter staying on no matter what I used as a base or top coat. Constant peel off. So I tried this sticky base coat and so far no signs of peeling. I am very pleased. I let this stuff sit on overnight and then apply polish over it. Lasts a long time with no lifting.

Candy Pittsfield, IL

Worked ok

I bought this because it claimed to help keep nails from chipping as quickly. I didn’t notice it doing any better at that than my other base coats.

Morgan New Gloucester, ME

Worked great on my finger bit so pasting on the toes how weird….

This product really helped the polish stay on my fingers… But it’s easy to apply and fast drying to add the next color cost … Great product

Camille Buckeye, WV

It’s good

I was in the process of trying base coats and the name "Super Sticky" made me decide to try this one.It is a bit stickier than others, and it does the job. I am not sure that I need to replace my favorite base coast though. I think it’s a good one to try for yourself !One thing that I did not much care for is the very slight green tint of this base coat. In most cases it would not make any issues I suppose, but you need to be careful about polishes perfectly over any of this base coat or you might get a slight grey cast at an edge. I can’t deduct any stars for this issue, I was just a bit surprised at first that it did not dry clear.

Constance Chebanse, IL

Makes polish peel immediately

This product is horrible, even my best polish starts peeling pretty much right away, worst base ever!! Don’t waste your money!

Bernice Ricketts, IA


I sometimes like to do intricate nail art, but sometimes I will just do a plain one color uniformly across my nail. EITHER WAY I always only do natural nail designs. I really like Seche Vita top coat, but I was not crazy about the base coat, so I tried this. It really works great. I love it! When I painted my nails it dried fast so I could almost immediately put on my color. I am in front of a computer all day for work, so my polish chips very quickly and often I have to change my color 1-2 times a week. Mostly because I have a lot of oils in my nails and polish does not adhere well. But it is day 3 and I have no chips in my nails. My design this week included one color in OPI, one from Essie, and one Sally Hansen insta dry, so they all worked great and I used the Seche Vita top coat. They look perfect. So far so good! My polish applied smoothly and dried looking top notch professional. Love it, Recommend this product. Will be buying again!

Lela Laughlin A F B, TX

Not as great as expected

I paint my nails less and less now, because I do a lot with my hands and my polish rarely makes it two days without chipping or peeling. I think that this base coat is no better than any that I have used from Revlon and others. My polish does seem to resist chipping a little bit more, but it also peels more quickly, so it’s not really a trade off. The price is comparable to drug store brands, so you really aren’t losing anything by trying it. I just expected more from a hyped product/company. For me, there isn’t a huge difference in the time my polish lasts using this and using nothing, and at least by using nothing, I avoid all the chemicals involved with painting and with removal (your nail beds are rather absorbent, which makes me think twice about the things I put on them. It’s something to consider, if you are interested). Anyway, here is the list of ingredients (with the ewg descriptions beside a few ingredients):Alcohol denat., ethyl acetate, heptane, butyl acetate, polyvinyl butyral, trimethyl pentanyl diisobutyrate (moderate to high toxicity concern in humans, organ toxicity and bioaccumulation), nitrocellulose (classified as expected to be toxic or harmful), tosylamide/epoxy resin, isopropyl alcohol (reproductive, organ system and developmental toxicity), benzophenone-1 (human endocrine disruptor)

Corinne Madelia, MN