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CND: Treatments/Prep Stickey Base Coat, 0.33 oz

A soft, sticky base coat designed to anchor nail polish to the nail and act as a gripping agent for nail polish to prevent peeling and chipping.

Key features

  • Protective basecoat.

Honest reviews


Didn’t receive what’s pictured!

I ordered what is pictured and titled so why wouldn’t I expect exactly that? Unfortunately what I received is nothing close to the sort! First off, it IS CND brand BUT it says "Shellac Power Polish Base Coat" not what I wanted… Secondly its supposed to be .33 oz. I got .25 oz. So I paid more for less. I wouldn’t be as disappointed as I am if it actually worked well but its the worst base coat ive ever had. I even have a UV curing lamp and it DOES NOTHING every polish ive tried thins out and spreads so its nearly impossible to get a nice coating of color… I wish I could’ve returned this…

Ilene Danville, IN

does not work

this was a waste of money,there is really nothing else to say.. don’t buy it you can probably do better at a drug store

Lula Ludington, MI

Really Anchors the Polish

I don’t polish my nails without this stuff. It does extend your nail polish. With natural nails, the polish doesn’t adhere as well as it does on artificial nails. This product kind of changes that and you can get a good week to ten days with this even with your hands in water doing dishing and other chores.

Lucile Fayette, AL

Good shipper!

Received this broken and leaking. Contacted the shipper and they sent me a new bottle. The product is pretty good, I don’t usually use a base coat so I don’t have much to compare it to.

Eunice Florence, MT

Stickey is the right word.

CND really gave this product the correct name. I normally use the CND Shellac system of doing my nails. Occasionally I do a normal manicure and use this sticky base coat. It really does help the polish adhere much better than any regular base coat I have used.Don’t let the color throw you. It comes out clear and not green! The only negative is that it is one of the strongest smelling polish products I have ever used.

Maude Feather Falls, CA

Awesome Basecoat

Great basecoat, but I did notice when I went down to the beach.. not sure if it was the climate, water or what but my polish literally peeled off… it hadn’t done that at home, just at the beach.. lol weird, but yeah, it’s easy to apply, doesn’t smell too terribly strong… 🙂

Suzette Williston, NC


I read so many great reviews about this product. My polish lasted 1.5 days. The claims that this gets the polish to “stay” for over a week didn’t seem to apply in my case. Waste of money for me. So disappointed. The search for a decent manicure which holds up to housework continues.

Emilie Magnolia, TX

Seems to keep polish on

I have used this with two cheap polishes along with its shiny top coat and my polish lasted a week, it is just now chipping so I think that’s pretty good. I’m not a big polish person so if a week is lousy then disregard my review. I bought this after seeing someone with very plain gel nails, they were so shiny I decided to buy some for myself until I saw the price! That’s when I got this. I had a top coat many years ago with a cobalt blue sticker on it that was unbelievable – my nails looked like glass. I wish I could find that (if anyone knows what I’m talking about, please comment!). The CND topcoat was good but not like the glass finish I used to get where my nails looked much like the gel nails that everyone is getting. Still, good product.

Mina Grand Coteau, LA

great product

I so far have had great results from this products. I wash dishes by hand, i bath the kids and still four days and no chips.

Alison Wallace, MI

Doesn’t lengthen the life of my polish

I specifically got this because bloggers claim it extends the life of Vinylux polish, and smoothes ridges. It hasn’t done either for me. I will try it with regular polish, but for now, it is no better than regular base coat, and putting the Vinylux on as recommended by CND works better.

Adela Esom Hill, GA

Makes my manicure last a week

I have always had problems with chipping manicure like everyone else. I loved gel nail polish when it came out but it quickly became cost prohibitive for me when I moved from Cali to Georgia. I couldn’t see myself spending $30 on a manicure every 10-14 days. So then I bought all the stuff to do it at home. I noticed that it was almost as nice (my hands are a little shaky and I am apparently a little heavy handed with my polish). But I started to get tired of wearing the same color polish for two weeks no matter how nice it looked. I also wanted to give my nails a break in between gel polish and didn’t want to do the gel all the time. So I was reading on a blog and they recommended this polish to help the polish stick better and last longer. Well it works. My polish has lasted a week without chipping. It wears a little along the nail edge but there is no way to prevent that (other than using my hands less). Even the gel polish would wear at the nail edge after a week. I have used it three times now, twice with dark polish and now with a lighter color. Same result. Very happy. Will not polish my nails with regular polish without using this as the base coat.

Dona Bonsall, CA


It’s the same stuff, folks! My home manicure lasted almost a week. Without this base coat, it lasts about a day. Period.

Kathryn Long Creek, OR

Not THAT great

I don’t know if it is my nails or not, but I had chipping within 2 days with this product. Maybe it works better on other people, just not that great for me.

Brandy Huntingburg, IN