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Cnd Shellac Uv Gel Polish All Colours 2011-2014 On This Listing Genuine

What it is: Faux Fur Shellac Polish is a new 2012 fall color from CND Shellac. The color is a dark reddish brown tint. Just like all other Shellac Polishes the color goes with the system and together with the Shellac system it stays on the nails for an entire 2 weeks. What it does: CND Shellac Nail Polish is a complete power nail polish which is a part of the Shellac Power Polish System. The second after getting Shellac Nail Polish from a professional technician your fingernails are ready to go. What else you need to know: Never ever again must you be worried about your nails chipping while looking for your car keys, your cell phone, or even just opening up a door. Shellac features a absolutely zero dry time! This color does not have any odor.

Key features

  • Goes on like polish.
  • Long lasting wear like gel.
  • Come off clean in minutes.
  • Fast and easy application.
  • Salon quality nails in no time!

Honest reviews


Another Great CND Shellac color…

Great color, like a red wine- burgundy color almost looks raisin in certain light. Amazing fall color! Just be certain you have the CND base and top coats and the curing lamp, and you’re good to go!

Ellen Pierson, MI

Nice solid color

This color stands up nicely just by itself…I tried layering iced coral over it and didn’t like the effect at all. I do my own shellac nails at home and this polish lasts almost 2 weeks before showing any wear.

Myrtle Eldora, IA

I love this polish!

I love this CND Shellac Power Polish! It stays on for 2 weeks and stays shiny. This Tinted Love color is very in style this fall season. It looks great on my nails!

Elizabeth Shoup, ID

Beautiful color

As always CND shellac is a great quality and this color is beautiful! Looks a little bit brighter than on the picture but still very elegant and modern. Usually I don’t wear the same color multiple weeks in a row, but this one I’ve already had for 4 weeks and putting it on again now. Love it.

Beth Collins, WI

Lovely Color

This is a sophisticated color. Very nice red. It can be a little bright in the sunlight, and very deep indoors. It’s not clownish red or old lady red either, it’s gorgeous. After 3 coats it definitely matches the color on the bottle.

Myrna Fishertown, PA

New CNS Color

Tinted Love is a little thinner than some of my other CND polishes. I’ve read that comment on other colors and thought that couldn’t be true, but it is. Use two coats, a coat of Millionaire over the top is candy apple awesome.

Valeria San Rafael, NM

Great color for Fall

I have a bunch of Shellac pinks and reds, but wanted something a little different for Fall – this was just this right fit.Its a really different shade of red, like a good bottlee of red wine, a deep claret hue! With one coat it does look far lighter than the bottle, like a deep fushia almost but with two coats, you get a deep dark claret red that is so perfect for the fall and winter season, and frankly, a little different to all the other red varieties out there.To get the perfect look I start with a super thin base coat from Shellac, two minutes to cure, two coats of Tinted Love – it really needs both to develop into the color you see in the bottle, each for a trwo minute cure, then a generous swipe of the Shellac top coat for three minutes!I think this is fast becoming my favorite Shellac color; I think it will work for many skin tones, against my plae skin it is very striking and bold, and a perfect pop of color for the Fall!

Lindsey Mollusk, VA