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CND Shellac UV Color Coat, Grapefruit Sparkle, 0.25 Ounce

A deep, blue gray black color coat for the CND Shellac System. This chip free, soak off gel polish applies with the ease of polish and wears like a gel for a two week manicure that removes in minutes. Asphalt is a glossy, opaque charcoal shade like a rain stroked road. Perfect for fall or winter palettes. Featuring CND’s exclusive UV3 technology.

Key features

  • CND Shellac is a True Innovation of Chip-Free, Extended-Wear Nail Color
  • On Like Polish, Wears Like Gel
  • Off in Minutes
  • Mirror Finish
  • No Nail Damage

Honest reviews


This is a very SHEER polish, required 5 coats before I couldn’t see through it anymore 🙁

I am disappointed in this color. I was so excited for the new spring colors! I like pastels and I thought this “grapefruit sparkle” was going to be a nice shimmery light lavender color based on the one photo they had available in this product page. I was assuming the picture was accurate since there were no previous reviews and there was no description of the polish I had no reason to doubt it…Then a few days later my shellac arrived; and when I first opened the amazon box, I thought they shipped me the wrong polish by mistake because what I saw was a very, very light pink polish bottle that said “sheer” on the packaging. The last thing I wanted was another clear pink polish. The first coat was barely detectable apart from a light shimmer effect. It literally took 5 coats of color before I couldn’t see the white of my own nails showing through since the polish was so sheer.This item is non-returnable so now I am stuck with another polish that may as well be the same color as the other half dozen pale pink totally sheer polishes shellac sells, just with a different name on the label. Everyone knows the thicker your gel polish is, the more quickly it starts to peel off. Now I will use it up twice as fast (5 coats for each manicure instead of my normal 2-3 with non-sheer colors) and it will peel and need to be re-done in half the time (I’m on day 3 and it is starting to lift on the tips of my nails already despite my “wrapping the color around the tips.”)To summarize: Unless you are looking for a French manicure style, very sheer, hardly noticeable pale pink polish, don’t get this one. I will try to upload 2 pictures for you. One of the how it looked with just one coat and a 2nd picture of the color after coat 5.

Amanda Valley Springs, AR

Beautiful soft, light sparkle

Very lovely light soft color with sparkle, used it over another color as this was very light. Shellac is the way to go, lasts at least two weeks and then some.

Lawanda Medina, NY

Pretty color

Nice soft iridescent color. Very pretty understated color. Like it because it doesn’t show the nail growth line as much as darker polishes.

Jewel Hagar Shores, MI

Sheer Sparkle

I wanted a subtle sparkle and that’s just what I got. Grapefruit is a sheer, pink shellac with an allover very fine sparkle… kind of like pixie dust. This is a very close color to CND Shellac Beau. This is a little thicker than the non-sparkle colors but goes on nicely.

Marie Bowdon Junction, GA

So pretty!

Love this color, it’s so pretty. It’s like a pale pink wash of subtle sparkle. I will continue to buy this color!

Shelley Summerdale, PA

Great spring color

For those of us who like a more traditional polish, this a favorite. It has enough sparkle for fun, but traditional enough to wear in workplace in healthcare setting as well.

Rachelle Stevensville, PA


Shellac is a great product overall.. Nothing bad about it. This color is one you need to be careful when applying for consistent coverage. A chalky color but very nice for summer!! Looks great with a tan!

Rae Lucien, OK

CND Grapefruit Sparkle Shellac

Love the CND Grapefruit Sparkle Shellac. It is a very delicate pink color and the sparkle is just perfect, subtly noticeable:)) Will definitely purchase again!

Kitty East Aurora, NY