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CND Shellac Top & Base Coat Soak Off GEL .25 oz CREATIVE Nail Polish UV Lamp

This phenomenal duo pack of Top and Base Coats are the two essential elements in a manicure. The base layer helps the colour adhere better to the nail. One thin layer of UV Base Coat is all you need. It cures in just 10 seconds and provides the crucial foundation for the Shellac system. Just like the base coat, one thin layer of UV Top Coat is all you need. It offers a durable shine while sealing and protecting your nail Colour. Easy Application, Base Coat Cures in just 10 seconds, The duo pack has both your basic needs for a mani or pedi, Finesse your nails with ease!, Top Coat Cures in just 2 minutes, Includes: 2(pcs) – 1 Top Coat, 1 Base Coat.

Key features

  • Easy Application
  • Base Coat Cures in just 10 seconds
  • The duo pack has both your basic needs for a mani or pedi
  • Finesse your nails with ease!

Honest reviews


Love CND but

This LOT of Top and Base Coat and Soak off Gel .25 and creative Nail UV Lamp is not all included. I asked what IS included in the LOT of 4 items and was told only the base and top coat. HUH? Then why are 4 items included in the description of a LOT for regular price of $79.99 for only $29.90….well that sounds good on the surface BUT notice the actual 2 only items that ARE included are bottles that are only 1/2 the regular size of CND top and base coat. You can buy 2 double sized bottles on Amazon for only $29.00…Think twice and then 3 times before you actually believe this listing. DNB!

Helene Zurich, MT

these are great

This is so much better than regular fingernail polish. They DO last for 2 weeks. Of course this is just the base and top coats. You have to order the Shellac color and the UV light as well. But it is all well worth it. I would recommend doing it yourself over going and getting it done professionally. It is so easy. And I find it comes off very easy for me, I don’t have to put anything special on it at all, it just peels right off on it’s own! ( so does my sister’s and my mother’s ) I don’t know why they say it is so hard to get off. It does make your nails really weak so nourish them in between shellacs.

Tracey Daggett, CA

Good stuff

This stays on better than any thing I have ever tried. You can even us it without color. you can put plain polish on top of it and it stays on.

Summer Dunlap, IL

Great Product; Easy to Use!

I really like the CND Shellac Top and Base Coats. They’re much easier to remove than gels at the nail salon and last just as long. I just got back from a 5-day cruise and waited a week later to remove my gel polish. To take off, soak a small piece of cotton ball in acetone, squeeze out and place on finger nail. Then wrap nail in a small piece of aluminum foil and wait about 10 minutes. All of the layers – base coat, top coat and nail color – come off easily with very little effort. The price is cheaper than the ones that nail salons or beauty supply stores offer.

Crystal Mereta, TX

Great deal!

These products were a great deal and worked really well. I’ll definitely be buying these again!

Madeleine Guilderland Center, NY

It’s okay I guess

I had high hopes that this product would last as long as the manicure I got in the salon. No such luck. It lasts maybe 3-4 days. In fairness, I have to say it lasts MUCH longer than my regular nail polish and also, I did not use the colored polish between the base and the topcoat. I simply used the base and topcoat. So that might be the reason. I will definately use this product instead of regular nail polish from now on.

Elvia Wheelersburg, OH

Nice deal for CND top and base coat

The topcoat was gritty first time use – however I shook the bottle well (and now really shake the bottle every time I use) and it’s perfect. I have used these bottles for probably 10-15 manicures and it’s working as expected – lasts for 10 days or so with no chipping.

Mina Sunnyside, NY

CND Top & Base Coat

I like CND polish and these two products provide a nice base and top coat. My CND polish last for 2 to 3 weeks. Easier to remove than Gelish products.

Sylvia Lake Cicott, IN


I love these!!! Applies on nice and last a really long time with no chip! I will recommend this product to my friends and family!!!

Juana Siloam Springs, AR