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CND: Shellac Nourishing Remover, 32 oz

Shellac Nourishing Remover removes Shellac, removable gels, nail polish, liquid & powder, wraps, adhesives, and tips from natural nails. Reduces dehydration of nails and surrounding skin and eliminates the appearance of whiteness. Removes Shellac 20% faster than pure acetone.

Key features

  • CND Shellac Power Polish – Nourishing Remover – 32oz / 946ml

Honest reviews


Not much for the money.

I’d hoped this would be so good I wouldn’t have to use a lot. WRONG! I might as well soak a cotton ball with ordinary nail polish remover & wrap my fingers with foil & let my nails soak for awhile. So save your money – just go to the beauty supply store or even the Dollar Store & get nail polish remover, cotton balls & a roll of foil.

Rosalyn Rocky Ford, CO

CND Remover

This products works well and is suppose to better for your nails than acetone. Does a good job and I would purchase again.

Kelsey Northfield, VT

Makes a Difference

If you are using CND Shellac nails, it does make a difference to use this to take off the polish. I’ve used "professional" acetone polish remover and have had to soak nails for over 30 minutes and still struggle to get it off. But with this, after about 10 minutes, it comes off much easier and I seem to do less damage to my nails trying to remove it.

Jana Baker City, OR

thought this was something special

doesn’t seem to remove shellac any faster than plain regular polish remover that has conditioners in it. this is a lot of product to use up for one individual

Crystal Davis, WV

Really works

This works better than most other products. Still need to use orange stick to removed shellac polish. Will definitely buy again.

Hillary Neversink, NY

Wrong Product sent to me.

I did get this product form another seller it works fine i dont really see a difference from my gelish remover it works fine it does smell alot better than the other removers.

Lelia Pearl City, HI

Best Shellac remover

After trying several different brands of removers, including those labeled the "strongest", I tried this one product and it is amazing! It takes just a few minutes to remove the Shellac … and it seems to be much less harsh than others I’ve tried. I will buy again!

Kristen Denbo, PA

Great improvement to the CND Shellac process.

I have been doing the CND Shellac process at home for over a year now and have been exceptionally pleased with the results. The one thing I was unhappy with was trying to remove the product with acetone. When I saw CND had come out with their own remover/nourisher especially for CND Shellac nails I ordered right away. At the time of my order I thought the price of $29 was a little expensive but wanted to try it just to see how it worked.It comes in a nice 32 oz bottle with handle and it pours easily into my nail basin where I choose to soak my nails. I have tried all the other methods and found this is the simpliest and quickest for me. It smells a little like acetone but has an added scent and doesn’t have such a chemical scent. You still need to make sure you use it in a well ventilated space. Personally, I found the scent to be a little nauseating.The process of removal was much simpler and took less than 10 minutes to soak and remove with an orange stick all the polich. Keep in mind that I have the CND Shellac base coat, two coats of negligee color and a top coat. Since I had had a nail break a few days beforehand, I had topped all that with a coat of regular CND Lacquer and a CND regular top coat! My nails came out spotless and this left a slight sheen to them! The skin around my fingers were not dried out as they usually are when using acetone. I did not have to use any file or buffing tool on my nails to remove the polish. This remover did a great job alone.My only complaint and the reason for one star deduction is that the bottle leaks. When I went to put it away I noticed that some dripped out and upon further inspection found that unless totally upright the bottle will leak. If you squeeze the bottle it will leak as well. Since this is such a costly liquid I would have expected it to reseal much better. So, after the initial opening and breaking the seal I would strongly advise storing it where it is totally upright and cannot fall over and to hold it by the handle and lid when reopening.

Bethany Hester, LA

easily removes all polish types

This remover is wonderful. Even the hard to remove glitters just wipe right off. The smell is very nice and it leaves my nails clean, not dry.

Simone Dillsburg, PA

Works well. Smell is better than pure acetone.

The smell is better than pure acetone and less harsh on my skin. Plan to purchase again. Love CND products.

Ann Stites, ID