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CND Shellac Light Official UV Lamp –

CND’s ergonomic UV Lamp is powerful, versatile and a phenomenal value! This serious time-saver accommodates 5-finger cure and pedicures, is fully programmable and works perfectly with the BrisaTM Gel System. The CND UV Lamp was specifically developed to produce consistently optimal levels of UV light for curing BrisaTM Gel and ShellacTM. Four efficient, 9-watt bulbs are strategically positioned inside the lamp, allowing every nail to cure thoroughly and evenly. UV Lamp Features: 5 Finger Cure Pedicure Friendly Fully Programmable 4 programmable timers Interior fan Bulb replacement indicator Ergonomic design (4) 9 watt bulbs Comfortable handle for easy transport Easy to clean 7-ft removable cord One year warranty

Key features

  • Official UV Lamp by CND Creative Nail Design
  • Fully Programmable
  • 4 programmable timers
  • Interior fan
  • (4) 9 watt bulbs

Honest reviews


Really nice UV Lamp

I am so glad that I decided to spend a little more money and get this UV lamp. It’s sturdy and really made nice and it works great! It has 4 different preset time settings that are needed for shellac manicures. You can also program it yourself if these times don’t suit your needs.Here is a little hint… Before using it, you need to take the top off of the unit to remove some protective blue film off of the insides. It’s a little tricky to remove the lid. Don’t force it. I watched a CND official video on how to remove the top on youtube. It was a big help! You can find a lot of other how-to videos there for doing shellac manicures.All in all I’m extremely pleased with this. I was very pleased with the fast delivery too!

Erika Selbyville, DE

Great Machine or so I thought

This lamp has lights both top & side. So, it cures completely. It is easy to use, lightweight, and definitely professional quality. However, after having the lamp for 2 months, and approximately 20 shellac cures, it quit working. I contacted the seller, and they informed me that you could only return items within 30 days of purchase. They only contacted me through e-mail, not knowing exactly what was wrong with the lamp. I was not happy. I contacted CND by the 800 number on the lamp. They advised me that they do not warranty anything purchased on Amazon or Ebay, because they have no idea how long the seller had the machine before selling it to you, or if they refurbished the machine in any way. Makes sense. Then, she told me one time only, she would replace my lamp, but that I should only purchase CND products at reputable salons in the future.

Felicia Story, WY

Excellent product

Works great! I finally decided DYI was the way to go…Turns out like the too many to count manis and pedis I have paid for in salons, even better! I am picky and like my nails done a certain way….this lamp & the shellac polish are the cats meow!

Lakeisha Saint Paul, NE

Love this lamp

I recently bought this lamp at a beauty supply store for $99!!!! Had to get it! Now I get to do my nails on my own whenever I need to. I justified my purchase by the fact that every salon visit is $30 plus tip. I will make my $ back in 2 months if I out the polish and other items I bought. I highly recommend this lamp.

Letitia Savannah, OH

Very Satisfied

This light is the real thing and works very well to give your manicure that salon finish look. very easy to assemble

Jeri Lanett, AL