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CND Shellac Intro Pack

CND Intro Packs includes the following: – 1 CND Shellac Base Coat (.25oz) – 1 CND Shellac Top Coat (.25oz) – 1 CND Shellac Cream Puff (.25oz) – 1 CND Shellac Negligee (.25oz) – 1 CND Shellac Wildfire (.25oz) – 1 CND Shellac Fedora (.25oz) – CND Shellac Remover Wraps (250-pcs) – CND ScrubFresh (2 fl. oz) – CND Solar Oil (.5 fl. oz) – CND Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (2 fl. oz) – CND Pure Acetone (2 fl. oz) – CND Kanga File (20-pcs) – Orange Woodsticks (20-pcs) – Brochure – CND Salon Registry Card

Key features

  • CND Shellac – Intro Pack (6 Bottles)

Honest reviews


Amazing Kit, easy to use and great for home use.

Got this as a starter kit and LOVE it. Comes with directions on how to do Shellac nails. It is very important to follow the steps and UV times, I usually go 1 minute longer on colour and top coat. And 30 seconds for base coat. Make sure to finalize with the alcohol as otherwise they are very sticky. Using the finger pads to remove is way too easy.This product is awesome. Not crazy about colours that came with kit, but I did buy other colours in additon.

Rhonda Mannsville, NY

Super Starter Kit!

I just received my kit today and just love it! It came packaged very nicely and delivered faster than I had expected. I used to get the shellac manicure at a nail salon. It was a special treat to myself but it became too expensive. I am so excited to be able to do it myself now and save money and not leave the house!Everything you need (except the UV lamp) is included in this kit. There are 2 fantastic dark shades (a pretty red and a darker raisin/burgundy shade) in the kit and 2 other colors to do a French manicure. I did the French, and couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to try out the other colors!I wish this product would have been available years ago. I love to polish my nails, but traditional polish only lasts a few days to a week. With shellac your manicure is super shiny and lasts for 2 plus weeks! I highly recommend this intro kit! I will be purchasing other colors as they have such beautiful ones to choose from.

Earlene Satsuma, FL

Everything you need (almost)

This kit contains everything you need to do Shellac manicures at home, except for the UV lamp. I am very happy with everything that came in the intro pack, Fedora is my new favorite color. Once I run out, I will probably substiture store brand products for the acetone, alcohol, and scrub fresh since you can find bigger bottles at very low prices, but this is a good kit to get you started and to give you an idea of what you need.

Tabatha Matador, TX

No more salon appointments

Really like the package, a good start. I didn’t care for the polish remover wraps, tricky to get on and then keep on (using one hand is difficult). I’m happy to do my own nails.

Becky Haines Falls, NY

awesome set

awesome set, everything you need (except the UV lamp) to do your own shellac nails. Great value. The remover wraps are way easier than trying to use cotton & foil – and they stay moist so there is less evaporation and less wasted acetone. The mini bottles will last for a good while and also will be great to refill to keep everything in one spot. I also ordered some other colors but these are a great start.

Nanette Farrar, MO