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CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish “Zillionaire .25 Oz” High Quality

Shellac UV Color Coat is formulated with a combination of solvents, monomers and polymers that allow it to go on like polish, wear like gel and remove in minutesA soft-touch cap and flat brush make polish-like application a snapHypo-allergenic and lasts 14-days!

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Another great addition to those of us who use CND Shellac!

This is a quality addition to the CND Shellac system. I have used this over various colors (most often Negligee) and it looks fabulous with all of them. I work at a drug store and have seen zillions of so called “glitter” polishes. None can hold a candle to this product. This is not goopy and messy. It doesn’t look like you spilled a bottle of craft glitter on your hands. Instead it offers a smooth coat of clear silky polish with gentle well defined sparkles of varying pastel colors. It is remarkable.

Lessie Bethany, MO

Great Surprise – LOVE this!

I am new to gel polishes so I thought this was a white with white sparkles. When I got it – the color is clear with really pretty colored sparkles! The sparkles are not huge, they don’t stick out of your polish – and there’s not so much sparkle that you can’t see the color under them. They also look really nice over clear. It was a great surprise! This has been over a neon pink for 4 days now and hasn’t chipped or peeled. LOVE!!!Seller is awesome as well!! I would definitely recommend!

Kari North Waterboro, ME

Love to Sparkle

This is a clear shellac that adds sparkle only. It is great over other colors. The sparkles are holographic? They shimmer in several colors.

Joan Mountain Center, CA

First time shellac user

Used one coat of this over a coat of Beau. Loved the sparkle it added. Please note that this is a CLEAR coat with sparkles it in, not a white with sparkles. Great wear and this was my first time applying shellac at home. Very easy application.

Adeline Ovid, CO

Lovely. Prettier in person. Wonderful addition to all nail shellac users

Much lovelier when put on than any picture can portray. I Highly recommend this lovely shade for the holidays. Even nice for the summer. Great addition to all women to use. Lovely

Jerry Hornersville, MO