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CND Shellac Creative Nail Shellac UV Color Coat Romantique 0.25 oz by CND Cosmetics

A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology: on like polish; wears like gel; off in minutes. Provides a long-lasting color layer to nails.

Key features

  • Wears like gel
  • On like polish
  • Off in minutes

Honest reviews


Great product!

This was my first time buying gel nail polishes. I bought this one along with CND Studio White (a soft and creamy color) for my french manicure. It worked great, the product is awesome, and the color worked perfectly for a french manicure. I wouldn’t wear it just by itself, because I think it’s very soft, but it looks perfect.The product is amazing, it works perfectly and it lasts for two weeks or even more without chipping! 🙂 For me, two weeks is already a great deal, so I’m sticking with gel nail polish from now on! (Try also the Gelish nail polishes, they work great if you mix and match too!)

Roxanne Ozona, FL

Too Sheer

My first experience with Romantique was at the spa when the nail tech applied it, but it was too sheer, even with 3 thin coats. I bought it and attempted to apply it myself. Sadly this color just does not work on me. I wish it did because it seems like the perfect shade for me. It is a milky pale pink but is super sheer. I could still see the white part of my nail underneath and I don’t like that.

Jody Forrest City, AR

nice for french manicure

very nice color for french manicure, its different from the others i have, this one is a little more opaque like i was expecting

Doretha Bay City, OR

Love it

This is a very light pink, I use it for the french manicure and alone for an almost bare look.

Naomi Shallotte, NC


I went back and forth on deciding to buy the products to do my own nails at home and I am glad I finally decided on CND. The base and top coats work SO well, are extremely shiny, and for me personally last about a week and a half. Having said that, I have very brittle peeling nails so I would imagine it would last longer if my nails were healthier. This is what I do: prep nails (I don’t use the special nail prep, I just wash them, press back my cuticles, shape nails, etc.), paint base coat, cure for two minutes, I then do two layers of a CND polish and I cure each layer 2 minutes, then I put the top coat on and I cure for 3 minutes. I then wipe nails with a regular ol alcohol from walmart and I use a washcloth with the alcohol. Done within maybe 20 minutes? Its great. I would suggest using a nice cuticle oil (or any oil) on your cuticles after painting and curing.

Leigh Island Falls, ME

LOVE CND products!

While these are excellent products, you must resist the urge to peel off the polish as it does so much damage to your natural nail. Please have it removed properly to save your nails!!

Lila Hope, NJ

Good for french manicures!

I’m enjoying this product…..would recommend most CND shellac polishes anytime, even though they are more expensive…..they’re worth it. Product arrived on time as well

Gwen Brier Hill, NY

Nice Color

For a wedding or a classic nail look, this is a great choice. Depending upon your skin tone, this polish can range from pale white to sheer pink. Multiple coats will also offer a more opaque look. Fast ship – quality product.

Kayla Kilkenny, MN

Pretty soft beige-y pink

After my first attempt at DIY shellac– I am super pleased with this color. I layered "Negligee" over it in an attempt to keep it a bit more sheer– and honestly, I prefer just the romantique and will likely skip the other color in the future.I agree that it would make a nice base for an American French Manicure. All in all very pleased– and I agree with the other reviewer who said shipping was fast and great. This arrived before the top/base coat that I got from another seller. I’ll go to this seller first in the future.

Ada Rogers, NE


This color is neutral and soo beautful….I love the Shellac polish. This system does not make my nails hurt like the gelish. You will love the natural hue to this with the white polish. Just remember to cure 2 min for each polish. And use 90 percent alcohol when finished to remove the sticky finish and you will have dry beautiful, shiny nails.

Delores Point Lookout, NY

CND Shellac Romantique

This is a very flattering color, and it’s one of the easiest to apply. No bubbling, and it’s great to go on fast when you don’t have time to be careful applying a darker shade.

Hope Outlook, WA

very pretty

I *LOVE* doing my own shellac nails! My natural nails are very thin and full of ridges. The CND shellac makes them so pretty, smooth and shiney. It looks beautifully natural and lasts about 2 weeks. Thank you CND. 🙂

Rosella Holliday, TX


This is by far my absolute favorite Shellac color. I wear this color during the spring and summer, almost exclusively. It can be quite bright with two coats so I only wear one coat and it enhances my natural nails beautifully.

Sonia Negaunee, MI

Great color

I love Shellac and this is a must have color. The price is good, the shipping is great and I am very pleased.

Sabrina Sargent, NE

Not the color I was hoping for

This is basically clear. Did not create the desired look i was going for which was a shear pink. I would not buy again.

Marquita Patrick Afb, FL


This color is pretty on it’s own or when mixed with other colors of the same brand. A really nice color.

Traci Tallulah Falls, GA