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CND Red Baroness color

This combo set contains 3 bottles of CND Red Baroness color

Key features

  • CND Shellac Red Baroness 0.25 oz

Honest reviews


Pretty Ruby Red

I am in luv with CND Shellac Red Baroness. This is my second CND Shellac color and I couldnt be happier. I have nail polish commitment issues so, to commit to 2 weeks of any color is a stretch. I do another swipe of alcohol after a week and it carries me through to the second week looking just as fresh as ever. When it is time for a manicure, it’s because of my cuticles. By the way, this is a ruby red, not a deep color ruby and not too bright either. Enjoy!

Amber Brunsville, IA

I love Shellac

I love using Shellac, and this color is beautiful. ***As always, try to find a swatch of the nail color on an actual finger nail, or other surface (a google search of "Shellac swatch ___color____" will give you a good start). I have found that the bottle color on CND polishes is almost always a little different from the actual color of the polish inside.

Leona Atlanta, GA

Great color

This color is just great. I think it looks fantastic on toes. You get great coverage with one coat, but two coats will give a great look.

Carissa Viroqua, WI

By far my favorite!

Sooo many compliments on this color! I loved it for Winter because it is a deeper red, and it also looks great for fall. I will be using other colors this spring and summer, but my mother loves deep reds and wears it all year round!

Erica East Otis, MA

My favorite RED!

Finding the perfect red has always been challenging for me. This red LOOKS really dark in the bottle but it is SO pretty on the nails. Last night I tried Tutti Frutti as the first coat and this red on top. SO pretty! It’s great how you can change it up just a little by mixing the color layers.

Summer Elmer, LA


I have been painting my nails for DECADES, but this product will not go on evenly. When the streaks are finally gone, there is too much polish and it dries with bumps – what does dry

Dianne Linwood, MA

Winter perfection!

When I saw this color on my nails the deep rich holiday burgundy red colors came to mind. I have at least a dozen colors in the CND Shellac and of all of them this one is the richest! It has a unique quality that I have not seen in the other colors. This will give total coverage and perfect color in one application! It is so rich and has an iridescence that is just spectacular. I know why it is called Baroness because it is indeed royal in nature. If you are looking for that perfect winter color especially for the holidays, then look no further because this is sheer perfection.

Tamra San Miguel, CA

Beautiful color and long-lasting results

I use this product at home (I am not professionally trained, but have 8 years of doing my own gel nails) so I had the UV light already. I initially had a Shellac manicure at the local beauty college and really like it (but not the price). This system gives, by far, the longest-lasting nail polish manicure. Yes, gels last a lot longer, but I started having a sensitivity to a chemical in the process, so they weren’t an option for me anymore. This way, I have a longer-lasting manicure but also have a little more flexibility in changing colors more often.One caveat: this doesn’t really last the 2-3 weeks they tout. After a week the growout from my cuticle is pronounced enough that I want to have a "fill" (which I haven’t tried yet) or a re-do. But during that same week, I have no chips and the color stays very shiny and looking like new.

Sylvia Saint Albans Bay, VT


This reminds me of ruby red slippers. Goes on smooth and wears well. It’s a fun color and gets many compliments.

Susan Sedalia, NC

Love this one too!

I received this Cnd Shellac Red Baroness color nail polish in a very prompt and timely manner from this seller. The color was as I expected for a nice medium pinkish rose color. I haven’t used it yet but am not disappointed at all. Thank you!

Rosalia Cedarhurst, NY

Rich colour

Love this colour. Currently have this colour on and wears very well and the red is deep, rich. I get a lot of compliments on them.

Claudette Wilberforce, OH

Will never go back to regular nail polish!

I love this shellac! With typing all day every day, it was really hard to keep my nails from chipping. Now I don’t have that problem! Sometimes it lasts me longer than two weeks!

Jean Avila Beach, CA


CND is the only way to do your nails. Shellac is the number one product for nails that keeps the healthy and strong. Wonderful colors and instructions. You can even mix the colors for your very own one-of-a-kind color!

Erna La Fargeville, NY

Great color

this is a super deep maroon red for those who enjoy a luscious fall red. the colors from CND shellac are so nice and as they stay on the toughest, they are super value for the money. i purchased and my manicurist applies using the UV light as prescribed. works very well!

Millie Cambridge, KS

great color; easy application

This is a beautiful color! If you know OPI and like “I’m not really a waitress” you will love this polish. It is almost the exact same shade but, it goes on so much easier than the axxium (OPI) gel polish. If you are looking to start doing gel polish on your own don’t be afraid. The other gals at my work were suprised when I told them I do my own nails now. I actually find this easier to do than traditional polish. It does not dry until you cure it so if you make a mistake you just wipe it off and redo. Just be sure you clean up around your nails before curing or you will have bits or clumps of cured polish. If you use the cotton ball with acetone and foil wrapped on your nails it comes off real easily in only about 10 min (especially the CND). I highly recommend the CND gel polishes. They cure quickly with the UV light; they are easy to use because they come just like the old nail polishes unlike axxium which comes in a little bottle and requires a separate brush (plus axxium is thicker and a little harder to work with). I have not used the CND sealer but I have used the gelish and I much prefer it to the axxium. It has a shinier, smoother finish and a more slippery feel than axxium. If, however, you like a more satin finish then go with the axxium.

Viola Eau Claire, WI

Very Satisfied

Love it! a deep burgundy and just the color to wear alone ar layer with another shade. a must have

Jacqueline Marble Falls, AR