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CND NailPrime- Acid-free Primer 0.5oz/ 15ml

This acid free primer is a base coat liquid that safely and effectively bonds enhancements to the natural nail. Its chemical bonding agent works to strengthen the adhesion bond between nails and enhancements. With a low odor, non corrosive formula that will not burn the skin.

Key features

  • Dual exfoliation of rough, dry skin
  • Heats up when applied to help softeners penetrate skin
  • For soft, supple skin on even the toughest of feet

Honest reviews


i like it

came pretty quick. The smell isnt horrible like most nail products. it seems to work better than the last kind I was using

Marcella Watton, MI


Came earlier than expected and is great for doing acrylics. I love the kind of brush that it has. I will be buying more.

Christy League City, TX

Very good primer

I use 2 applications of primer before adding the sculpturing. This is a very good primer. So far, have had no lifting. Also, doesn’t burn like some primers… very gentle.

Marylou Aurora, IL

Doesn’t burn

It works just like any other primer. I doesn’t burn! Other primers usually burn and sting as soon as it touches your nail THIS ONE DOESN’T!! Awesome right?!. Seller provides crazy fast shipping. The applicator brush is really tiny so you can get into the crevices and a little goes a long way. One dip of the brush covers 5 nails. All primers come in nail polish sized bottles so don’t let the size fool you, it’s a great product.

Trudy Fort Jones, CA

it’s okay for an acid-free product

I have a problem with my acrylic nails lifting. I bought this product to go along with the CND Solar Nails Radical system. It’s not as strong as I need it to be – lifting is still a problem. Now I have resorted to using this product, letting it dry, and using BondAid for a second coat – then applying the acrylic. So far the combination is working well.

Rachael Endicott, NY

Great hold!

This is a wonderful primer. I have used this for the last three fill-manicures and it is holding longer than the acetic acid type primers I’d used previously. It smells better, too.

Herminia Jackson, PA

its okay

not sure this is working with the other products i have like the asp powder i got from sally’s or the SASSI purple liquid i got to bond the acrylic powder. the nails are okay for a few days then they just pop off. but i think it maybe from the fake nails i got to start with the glue. im going to try changing that glue first. this product is neutral for me till i figure out whats causing them to pop off.

Dona New Concord, OH

One Star

not good …it does not work

Candace Corona, SD

CND Primer – The missing link

This product is awesome. I had trouble with the Shellac peeling off after a week or so. I used this primer after prep and I am thoroughly impressed. The Shellac stays on two weeks with no peeling or chips. This was the missing link to the process. Super fast shipping and this is now a must have item. I will continue to order.

Eva Beech Island, SC

No burn at all

Used this for the first time the other night. It worked great and didn’t burn at all. Would definitely buy again.

Ursula Rochelle Park, NJ