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CND Cuticle Remover 6 fl. oz.

CND Cuticle Remover is an extremely effective professional cuticle remover and callus softener. Formulated with aloe vera to help prevent over-drying of the skin and nails. 6 fl. oz.

Key features

  • Extremely effective professional cuticle remover and callus softener.
  • Formulated with aloe vera.
  • Helps prevent skin and nails overdrying.
  • 6 fl. oz.

Honest reviews


good stuff

I use this product every time I do a manicure and it keeps my cuticles looking great. The bottle lasts a very long time because it takes a very small amount to get the job done. Good stuff.

Kristen Hima, KY

sent on time

haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet but it was sent out before the stated delivery time and was larger then I thought it was going to be.

Fay Dublin, MS

Excellent Product – Excellent Price

I’ve spent a lot of money on cuticle removers over the years and usually get about a tenth of the amount for this price. This works very well to really clean the nails (don’t forget the toenails) so that the gel nail products really adhere to the nails without peeling from the base of the nail. Also helps avoid cuticle nicks.

Marilyn Paisley, FL


Gives the best manicure at home, with out having to spend $$$ at a salon. It’s easy to use. I love it

Yvette Seville, OH

Super helpful!

WOW! This product is amazing! I love that it takes the work out of cuticle pushing. After I let a small dot (I mean really small) sit on my cuticle for about a minute, the cuticle just comes right off, which means no clipping and grating the edges of my nails!

Jacquelyn Mountain View, OK

CND never disappoints

CND cuticle remover is one of the best I have ever used. It easily removes my hyponicium and makes my cuticles extremly soft after I’m done trimming them and finishing my manicure. Highly recomend it for anyone in the industry that is looking for a new brand of cuticle remover and to people who are just looking for something to try at home while doing self manicures.

Noelle Bayville, NY

Cuticle gel is great and works!

I have my nails done every 2 weeks. But sometimes I take a rest. So when I do my nails this gel helps get cuticles done fast. Happy I bought it for myself to use. Nothing in past worked as good as this one.

Angel Terry, WV


It works great, i left it on for 1 -2 mins and used a cuticle pusher and it just came right off…

Young Tuscola, TX

works very well

i like this stuff a lot. works great with an orange stick, etc. worth the price because it is a large bottle compared to what i’ve bought in a drugstore.

Blanche Westhoff, TX

I love this stuff!

My manicurist swears by this stuff. I’ve decided to start maintaining my nails at home & purchased this to try it out. AWESOME! I normally have pretty crazy cuticles to begin with but this is very gentle and it’s easy to push the cuticle back without damaging them. I definitely recommend it!

Jo Rosie, AR

Helps, but not dramatic

I find that this softens my cuticles and makes it easier to trim them–I usually use it just before hopping in the shower–but it’s not a dramatic cure-all.

Estela Still Pond, MD

Great cuticle remover.

This cuticle remover is the best I’ve ever used. Goes on very easily, removes very quickly and does an excellant job, very surprised at the ending results. Will buy again.

Selena Readfield, WI

Gooood stuff…

Great cuticle remover. For the price you get a lot and it will last a long time. Allows easy push back of cuticles and easy nipping. Will buy again when I run out, but that won’t be for a while!

Ilene Gilmer, WV

great price

My nail girl used this and I loved it I am doing my own nails now and love how this goes on, a little goes a long way and it was a great price for the size of the bottle. I use this all the time and it keeps my cuticles looking fresh every manicure!

Winnie Central, AK

The reviews are right, works like a charm

I purchased this item because of the reviews and they were right, the cuticles come right off it’s amazing! I’ve used it on both my hands and my toes and have gotten professional looking results, no need to cut the cuticles they just come off. Be careful to use as directed, I lost track of time and ended with hangnails because the product seeped in the sides of my skin.If you use as directed, you will love it.

Chandra Richvale, CA