CND Creative Nail Designs Shellac – Cake Pop .25 oz. HOT BRAND NEW COLOR

What it is: Faux Fur Shellac Polish is a new 2012 fall color from CND Shellac. The color is a dark reddish brown tint. Just like all other Shellac Polishes the color goes with the system and together with the Shellac system it stays on the nails for an entire 2 weeks. What it does: CND Shellac Nail Polish is a complete power nail polish which is a part of the Shellac Power Polish System. The second after getting Shellac Nail Polish from a professional technician your fingernails are ready to go. What else you need to know: Never ever again must you be worried about your nails chipping while looking for your car keys, your cell phone, or even just opening up a door. Shellac features a absolutely zero dry time! This color does not have any odor.

Key features

  • Fast and easy application.
  • Important step in the “P.E.P” process!
  • It cures in just 10 seconds!
  • Salon Quality Finish At Home
  • Salon quality nails in no time!

Honest reviews


CND Creative Nail Designs Shellac – Cake Pop

CND Creative Nail Designs Shellac – Cake Pop is a beautiful opaque neutral light pink. Not chalky looking as has a great shine. The first time I wore it I received 2 compliments from people I did not know in a store. Great for summer. CND comes out with wonderful new colors every time. Will last longer than the darker ones, but I do love the dramatic look of their dark colors.

Mina Shoemakersville, PA

Pretty but very pink

I would not call this opaque at all! It is very pink with blue undertones. 2 of the pics uploaded make it look very soft pink but on me it is quite bright..check my image that I uploaded. It’s still a good color though. Not my favorite but not horrible. Went on pretty streaky as most light pinks do (shellac or not) but as soon as it was cured with the top coat and wiped with rubbing alcohol it was perfect! Now if only they will do a super dark red like Got the Blues for Red by OPI!

Kristin Mount Vernon, NY

Good color but different than a picture shows.

Good color but different than a picture shows. I didn’t get a chance to really use it yet. I love shellac overall. I mostly do my pedicures and they last. This color is rather for manicure and I am just not sure about this yet.

Marina Shedd, OR

Pretty spring pink

I’m usually not a huge fan of pink polish, but this one is really pretty. Very pale, chalky pink. The spring line seems pretty thin, but I got good coverage with 2 coats. Also tried with a layer of neglige as a final coat before top coat and was very pretty.

Mia Grenada, MS

love it

I am partial to pink so of course I had to have this one. I did a spin off of the french manicure with this as the base and hot pop pink as the tips and it was awesome! Must have for spring!

Deena Laurel, MS

Great new color!

Tried at my usual salon place, great new color, so purchased for myself to do touch up, sort of a mat pink color!

Lacy Midfield, TX

Cake pop pink

Yes just like a cake pop at the infamous coffee shop . A very unique pink love this shellac color .

Gayla Poulsbo, WA

so happy

CMD shellac is the best! The color is great for young and old. Shipped fast and so I was able to use right away.

Savannah Hibbs, PA


I was very much looking forward to using this color but was disappointed when I actually did. It is very thick and sticky, even when i shake it in between each application. Maybe i got a bottle from a bad batch…

Mia Carney, OK

Four Stars

Love the color.

Corinne Havelock, NC

Pretty color

Very pretty color. My favorite that I’ve bought so far. Stays on 10days or so when I do my own at home.

Bertha Stedman, NC

Very good shellac product

I bought this shellac nail color hoping it would be a little bit darker than it was. I was kind of going by others’ reviews, but for me it was way too light to leave on just by itself. So I basically covered over it with another color that I knew I liked and already had. My polish lasted a good long time even with all the base and top coats, and also the 2 colors I used, so I know this polish is good too. If you really like a real light pink, then you might like this, but it was way too light for me. The timing of when I received it from this seller was great, so no complaints there!

Lavonne Burnham, ME

Spring/summer fav

This is a wonderful color! Chalky pink that is perfect for spring or summer. Can be used with a glitter over top for a different look. I am planning on trying some layering with additives and colors soon to see what else this can do. All by itself it has a nice even coverage just like ALL shellac colors do! Very pleased with this color, looks great with any skin tone!

Amparo Ludowici, GA