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Cnd Cosmetics Shellac Gel Nail Polish Uv Base Coat .25 Oz

CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish Uv Base Coat .25 Oz

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I need to try it again

I bought this base coat along with the top coat and just use my own polish. I have stopped using the base coat because it was preventing my nails from drying/ curing fully. Regardless of how long I left the uv light on, it just never seemed to “set”. I do my nails every Sunday and have found the best approach is to use whatever inexpensive nail polish color you want (I paint in little designs and stripes sometime even with tempra paint.) and then the top coat. I will say that the base coat makes the whole thing a LOT easier to remove, but for me, it’s still not worth it for me. Make sure that the polish you use is completely dry before moving to the top coat or you will get wrinkles. Also, to remove the polish just pour a little remover (WITH acetone) in the cap, soak your finger for about 45 seconds and use a cottonball- not tissue or tp, etc. Cottonballs have the texture that you’ll need to help remove subborn polish. The whole process takes a while, but it has become part of my forced relaxation time! 🙂

Hollie West Branch, IA


I bought a UV light here on Amazon and do my own CND shellac. Expensive investment up front but salons get a premium for this service and it is no harder than just painting your nails. With the CND Shellac system I get two weeks of perfect, chip-free wear. Check out the wattage that shellac requires and get a light. It does not need to be the “official” CND light.CNDs site tells you how to use it. Base Coat, cook for 10 seconds, one coat cook for 2 minutes, second coat cook for 2 minutes,top coat cook for 2 minutes. Take off the sticky with rubbing alcohol. You can also clean up your mistakes with rubbing alcohol BEFORE you cook it so it’s must less obnoxious than nail polish remover. You’ll need acetone to soak it off, but 15 minutes gets it done. GREAT stuff.Go to the salon and try it. If you love it, get a home set up.

Dorothy Scio, OH

Couldn’t live without it anymore!

I’m giving 5 stars to the whole Shellac system (Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat) as it only works when used together. I have very soft nails and they always brake up when they reach certain length, but since I’ve been using the shellac system my nails got stronger and look more beautiful then ever. I’m using the Negligee color as I like the natural look. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. This system is not only for those who like to keep the nail polish beautiful for a minimum of 2 weeks, but also for those who like to let their nails grow longer and stronger. I’m so happy CND came up with this product! I can finally have beautiful nails as well!I also wanted to mention how easy this system is to do it yourself. I’ve been doing them at home and I had absolutely no problem applying them. My nails look better then EVER!

Ollie Taylor, MS

Save $60 bucks a month!

I was paying $30 every two weeks for a shellac manicure at a salon. I bought the top, base, color coat, and the curing light for less than $60. It’s easy to apply, although a little time consuming. I don’t enjoy the removal process, but the savings is worth it. Sooner or later I’ll learn to give myself the French that I like so well.

Jerry Arnett, OK

Great line of polish

I have been using Shellac for over 2 years now & absolutely love this polish. Every 3 weeks I change my polish as opposed to every 3 days. What’s not to love?

Christie Triplett, MO

Awesome Product

I have been purchasing shellac products for home (non-professional) use for about a year now, and couldn’t be more pleased. My nails are healthy, and with the shellac’s strength on my nails I have been able to grow them to lengths I have never managed before. (I have very flimsy nails, they bend/snap easily usually.) The shellac has an easy learning curve- it is just like painting your nails, and once you get the hang of the coat thickness/edge-to tip it is flawless in application and wear. It does have special removal instructions, the special curing lamp, and all steps are required to do a shellac manicure, but it is a fraction of the cost to do the manicures at home. The .25oz bottles of base and top coat last me about 7 months of doing my nails every 2 weeks, and a few friends’ manicures as well.(I have been happier doing my own nails- so many times the salons do a shoddy job anyway…)

Julia Wolfeboro, NH

Love it

So hooked on this product line. I’m a nurse who is always having to wash my hands and a regular manicure would just chip in days. This holds up very well. When i am in a big hurry I use this and two top coats with no color for just a clear polish look. Remember this product must be UV cured.

Sybil Delphi Falls, NY

Yes, you can do this yourself!

I have never had a manicure or pedicure nor have I ever had any type of nails-acrylic or anything else. I have never bitten my nails. My entire life I have had peeling nails. They grow just a little and then start peeling away. They are also very thin to the point they are almost see through on the tips. I have tried virtually every nail cure and vitamin on the market to no avail. Several years ago I injured my thumbnail on my right hand and lost the nail. Since it grew back there is a red line almost dead center that goes from the tip to the cuticle. This line cracks as soon as it passes the nail bed and there is usually a huge chunk my nail gone and it is into the quick in this area. I have been to a dermatologist who has said there was nothing they could do to help. I was sick of having a sore thumb all the time and felt that it was dangerous to have an open sore all the time. So, I consulted the nail lady at my hair salon. She suggested the CND Shellac process and gave me the specifics and the price.I came home and did some research and was encouraged by how many ladies here on were doing this procedure themselves. I went to the CND website where they show all their products and even have videos to watch and instructions you can print out! I tallied up the cost of the products I would have to purchase and found they were about the same price I would have to pay to have it done only three times! I was sold.You really need the following products: acetone, 91% alcohol, CND scrub fresh (nail cleaner), CND base coat, CND color coat, CND top coat, CND SolarOil and of course the UV light. You also will need incidentals such as cuticle remover, manicure tools, lint free wipes, orange sticks, and aluminum foil. All of these products can be purchased here on!I was stunned at how easy it was to have nice looking fingernails. I will say that with my job I am hard on my nails and getting them to last ten days between redoing was just great. Sometimes I will reapply a coat of color (I chose negligee which is clear with a little sparkle) and a coat of the top coat and it will give me a few extra days. From start to finish it takes less than an hour to do your nails. I can tell a difference in my nails after only a few months, they are healthier looking, the split in my thumb is gone, and for the first time I can have all my nails be the same length even though they are still short.One note of warning: Do not be tempted to “peel” off the shellac when it is time to redo. I made that mistake early on and it pulled off a deep layer of my nails and I had to cut my nails off and start over! Following instruction is the key to mistake proof nails with CND Shellac.I am so happy I tried these products and thank the ladies who said if you can polish your nails you can do this yourself! You indeed can! I am so very pleased with these products an for being able to have nice nails finally!

Pauline Keithville, LA

CND Shellac UV Base Coat rocks

I’ve tried all brands of gel nail polish, and Shellac’s brand is the least destructive to the nail, lasts the longest and is the easiest to remove.

Cherry Allegre, KY

easy to use

A little thicker than regular nail polish, but once you get used to it, its easy to use and works great!

Katrina Cunningham, WA


Only used once because the stupid uv lamp broke but the shallac worked on my kid. Lasted over a week and with the way she plays, is great!

Clara Fort Supply, OK

Love this brand…

and I have tried other shellac-gel-type polishes. CND does the best, if you DO try other brands, just pay attention to the price of the bottle for the amount of product in the bottle…CND you get more for the money.

Helena Macomb, IL