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Clubman Youthair Creme, 16 Fluid Ounce

Instantly cover unwanted gray hair. Color comb from Clubman has a cream based and quick-drying formula to instantly blend in natural color right where you want it. Ideal for use on hairline, moustache, beard, sideburns, and eyebrows.Use gentle strokes to lightly blend in color where desired. Use heavier strokes for coarse facial hair or where deeper coverage may be desired. Blend with comb applicator.

Key features

  • Instantly covers gray hair
  • Cream based and quick drying

Honest reviews



I couldn’t stand the smell of Youthair. I barely used it. So, if it works or not, I don’t know. With the way it smells, it will never work for me.

Leigh Iota, LA

Not for people with Relaxers

I would like to try this product but I bought it and it has too much water in it for people who have relaxers. Water makes relaxed hair revert. The water should be taken out completely or reduced so that people like me (and there are alot of us) can use it.

Petra Damar, KS

Probably not safe

I think that you might be better off using regular hair dye. This stuff has a lead warning on the side of the bottle and after throwing caution to the wind I used it. Terrible stuff. I noticed that while it does darken your hair, it also damaged it too. Stay away from this product and just use the hair dye or embrace the gray.

Roxanne Orogrande, NM

Best ever used

I’ve used this for years works fantastic better than that other brand. Last for a long time. Use every day until you get the color you want then a couple time a week after.

Lessie Lawndale, NC


my husband has been using this for about 6 weeks so far no change as him or I can tell..

Ruth Dover, FL

Because of lead content, I’m returning.

Got this for hubby. He’s not comfortable with the lead in it. I’m returning and going to order the one that has no lead in it.

Luisa Parsippany, NJ