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Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum Body Care, 6 Ounce

Clubman virgin island bay rum is a classic all-purpose fragrance. Formulated with a unique blend of essence of bay tree and exotic spices. Instantly cools, tones and refreshes the skin. Splash freely all over the body.

Key features

  • As refreshing as an island breeze
  • Unique blend of essence of bay tree and exotic spices
  • Cools, tones, and refreshes skin

Honest reviews


Just okay

Very strong cinnamon smell, but it dies down after a few minutes. It burns too much to use as an aftershave, even when mixed with a drop or two of water. I plan to use as a body splash. Overall, not a bad product, but I was expecting more.

Candice Windom, KS

Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum- 6OZ

Typical Clubman aftershave. Has a strong cinnamon scent and really not alot of bay rum..also has a strong alcohol sting which is very Clubman like. Smooths and tones very well and is inexspensive. The scent is not long lasting and really doesnt change much over time like some of the others. Special Reserve and the Original have this one beat for scent and lasting power. If you like Clubman and Pinaud add this one to your collection. Im glad I did. Update on 4/7/13 When my bottle of Clubman Bay Rum was about one quarter empty I took some Benjamins Bay Rum and added it until it was full again. Took away the strong cinnamon scent and replaced it with more of a Bay Rum scent. Nice.Benjamins Bay Rum

Rocio Woden, TX

Smell of the Islands

My husband loves this stuff. It smells like being on vacation in the Islands somewhere. It’s not a heavy smell. Just sort of coconut, caramel, and light musk. He certainly thinks he is a stud with it on. 🙂

Frankie Halifax, MA

Just the label and bottle alone…

…evokes fond memories of being a young boy sitting cross-legged on the bathroom counter and intently watching my grandfather’s every move as he methodically went through the machinations of his daily early morning wet-shave ritual.Every time when he was done carefully shaving and then cleaning the straight razor, along with the lathering cup and brush, he would look at himself in the mirror while stroking his cheeks to check for any missed spots while reaching for the clear glass bottle of Ed Pinaud’s CLUBMAN VIRGIN ISLAND BAY RUM Aftershave Splash and proceed to douse his face, neck and chest with a couple of healthy handfuls of the stuff.With his hands still dripping of this beautifully spicy and exotic, bay tree filled far-away-tropical-paradise smelling after shave, he would then rub my cheeks, the top of my ears and head with the excess and I would smell just like grandpa’s aftershave all day long…and I absolutely loved it. I reveled in it then and deeply cherish the memory today.So imagine my shear delight when I recently came across this classic product…I purchased the larger 12oz size bottle, which looks almost exactly like the bottle from almost 50 years ago except it’s now a shatter-proof plastic instead of the thicker glass bottle it used to be packaged in. Ok, I can live with that, being more safety-conscious in today’s world.But the real test was what was inside that bottle…did it look the same with that light brown yet rich looking brown color?YES…the color and overall look is exactly the same as I remember it from almost 50 years ago. So far, so good.Did it feel the same with its silky smooth texture along with its unique soothing, cooling and refreshing tingle?ALMOST…it seems to be lighter-bodied now with hardly any cooling sensation, though it is still quite soothing and refreshingAnd most importantly, did it smell the same with it’s heady exotically spicy base along with its subtle yet very punchy combination essences of bay trees, clove and a hint of cinnamon?Sadly, NO…it did NOT. It is now a shadow of its former self sidelined by a complete lack of balanced pungency…its now WAY too clove-heavy with very little essence of bay tree and virtually zero cinnamon oil emanating from today’s formulation.It’s a perfectly acceptable and wearable “old school” type of scent that’s perfect for running weekend errands or a casual mid-afternoon lunch with a lover, but do NOT expect to get the same product formulation as 50 years ago…it’s now a MUCH different, almost unrecognizable after shave to that of the original.

Angel Mechanicstown, OH

Grat Scent, Great Product

If you are looking for that scent that reminds you of old times this is it. Now I must say this is not for anyone, it has a very particular scent to alcohol with cloves and spices. If you are looking for an aftershave to go to the office…this might not be the one. Now if your looking for a cooling sensation with a warm scent during the winter this is for you.

Taylor West Sunbury, PA

nice smell but doesn’t hold up long

This Bay Rum aftershave has a strong cinnamon smell to it that quickly settles down to a very pleasant milder scent. I like it, and it feels good on my face after a shave. My only complaint is the scent fades very quickly, which is surprising given how enduring the scent of Clubman’s Pinaud aftershave is. If you want an aftershave to make your face feel good after shaving this is a good one to choose. But if you want one that will have a scent throughout your day you will be happier with something else.

Tina South River, NJ

Five Stars

Great smell with a fair amount of lasting power compared to other bay rums

Dominique Barnstable, MA