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Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum, 12 Ounce

Clubman Pinaud virgin island bay rum-as refreshing as an island breeze. A classic all-purpose fragrance. Formulated with a unique blend of essence of bay tree and exotic spices. Instantly cools, tones and refreshes the skin. Splash freely all over the body.

Key features

  • As refreshing as an island breeze
  • Formulated with essence of bay tree and exotic spices
  • A classic all-purpose fragrance
  • Splash freely on body
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Pure nasty

This stuff smells like someone rubbed you down with clothes. The cologne only lasts for 30 minutes. Not worth the money. Clubman original and clubman reserve are 10x better!

Rocio Bennet, NE

Smells like skunk spray

I like bay rum generally, and think that the regular Clubman aftershave and talc smell nice, so thought I’d give this a try. I couldn’t even bring myself to put it on–when I opened the bottle, my first impression was that it smelled like a skunk!Now, that sounds like I’m being dramatic–but no, this actually smells like skunk spray. I tried sniffing it again several times to be sure I wasn’t just crazy, but it really smells nasty. If you want bay rum, spend more and go forRoyall Bay Rhum All Purpose Cologne Splash, 8 Ounce, or some other brand. If you are looking for something cheap that has a classic, old-fashioned barbershop smell, go for the regular Clubman aftershave (Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion, 6 Ounce), or the extremely classicClubman Jeris Osage Rub, 14 Fluid Ounce, orMaster Well Comb Spice After Shave Lotion 15 oz. Don’t bother with this one.IF I can bring myself to actually put this on sometime, maybe it will wear differently, and I’ll edit this review. But I would only try that if I’m not going to be around anyone for a few hours, before taking a shower!

Cassandra Phillipsburg, KS

Just the label and bottle alone…

…evokes fond memories of being a young boy sitting cross-legged on the bathroom counter and intently watching my grandfather’s every move as he methodically went through the machinations of his daily early morning wet-shave ritual.Every time when he was done carefully shaving and then cleaning the straight razor, along with the lathering cup and brush, he would look at himself in the mirror while stroking his cheeks to check for any missed spots while reaching for the clear glass bottle of Ed Pinaud’s CLUBMAN VIRGIN ISLAND BAY RUM Aftershave Splash and proceed to douse his face, neck and chest with a couple of healthy handfuls of the stuff.With his hands still dripping of this beautifully spicy and exotic, bay tree filled far-away-tropical-paradise smelling after shave, he would then rub my cheeks, the top of my ears and head with the excess and I would smell just like grandpa’s aftershave all day long…and I absolutely loved it. I reveled in it then and deeply cherish the memory today.So imagine my shear delight when I recently came across this classic product…I purchased the larger 12oz size bottle, which looks almost exactly like the bottle from almost 50 years ago except it’s now a shatter-proof plastic instead of the thicker glass bottle it used to be packaged in. Ok, I can live with that, being more safety-conscious in today’s world.But the real test was what was inside that bottle…did it look the same with that light brown yet rich looking brown color?YES…the color and overall look is exactly the same as I remember it from almost 50 years ago. So far, so good.Did it feel the same with its silky smooth texture along with its unique soothing, cooling and refreshing tingle?ALMOST…it seems to be lighter-bodied now with hardly any cooling sensation, though it is still quite soothing and refreshing.And most importantly, did it smell the same with it’s heady exotically spicy base along with its subtle yet very punchy combination essences of bay trees, clove and a hint of cinnamon oil?Sadly, NO…it did NOT. It is now a shadow of its former self sidelined by a complete lack of balanced pungency…its now WAY too clove-heavy with very little essence of bay tree and virtually zero cinnamon oil emanating from today’s formulation.It’s a perfectly acceptable and wearable “old school” type of scent that’s perfect for running weekend errands or a casual mid-afternoon lunch with a lover, but do NOT expect to get the same product formulation as 50 years ago…it’s now a MUCH different, almost unrecognizable after shave to that of the original.

Colleen Holcomb, IL

Horrid imitation of the real stuff

Ran out of Dominica and looking for a substitute, I bought this stuff. Wretched! Bears the same relationship to real bay rum (rhum) as instant coffee does to brewed coffee – in other words, it’s smelly brown water.

Melva Kiln, MS

Classic After Shave

Nothing is better than to be slapped with bay rum after a hot shave. Well, something is better but I can’t say it out loud. But it does involve bodily fluids. Every man should have a bottle of bay rum in their arsenal.Women love bay rum. If she doesn’t love it then you need to find a new woman.

Wilda Pineview, GA

Strongest I Have Found…

Clubman Bay Rum is one of the very few bargain priced after shaves that can still be found at some local drug stores. (It’s available at Walgreen’s here locally). Over the years I have tried a lot of different bay rum after shaves. Its one of those old time scents that never seems to go out of style, and is widely available under many different brand names. Clubman’s bay rum is a blend apart from the rest. Its dark color reflects its strength. Both in its oil base and its alcohol content. It is in my opinion the strongest bay rum after shave I have ever tried. I would hesitate to recommend the Clubman if you’re one that tends to avoid after shaves with a lot of sting to them, irregardless of whether you enjoy its scent or not. However if its a strong, vibrant, stimulating after shave you happen to enjoy, I highly recommend the Clubman’s. Its the strongest most refreshing you will find if that is your preference. And at 12 0z for what Amazon asks for it, it remains a solid bargain…

Pamela Krebs, OK