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Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve After Shave Cologne, 6 Ounce

A special reserve after shave cologne with a unique blend of ingredients to cool and exhilarate and soothe tender skin. Bold masculine fragrance.

Key features

  • Bold, masculine fragrance
  • Exhilarating freshener after bath; Splash on freely over body
  • Instantly cools, tones, refreshing the skin

Honest reviews


Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve After Shave

Ive purchased the Original Clubman and the Lime Sec aftershaves but they dont compare with the Special Reserves scent and toning features. The Special Reserve smells woodsy and musky right out of the bottle and when it hits your face it has the traditional clubman sting but than it transforms itself into a breath of sweetness and spicy majesty that is incredible.Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion, 6 OunceEasily my favorite and the scent is very long lasting compared to the other brands I have reviewed here on Amazon. Please give it a try. You wont be disappointed. Very manly-oldtyme and economical.

Sherry Onset, MA

Unique, Mysterious, Bold, but just ok

I was hard pressed to give a review of this because I am still uncertain of how I feel about it. For one, it says, “aftershave cologne”, it should be ranked up there as eau de toilette because it is really strong. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is like the original Clubman where you can splash it on your face and the scent will fade. It won’t. It is a powerful scent that has long and strong staying power (for better or worse). So, this should not be classified as aftershave. It is strong stuff.Secondly the scent. Many wet shavers love the original Clubman because it has a timeless barber-shoppy scent that just smells good, refreshing, a little powdery and yet is masculine. This scent comes off mysterious, hard to place, maybe pine or some woodsy scent that immediately reminded me of an antique library with some very old books. It caught my attention as an old scent that I may have actually smelled someone using it when I was a child and haven’t smelled it again since. A nostalgic and olde-timey scent. It actually smells interesting. You have to hand it to Pinaud for originality. This IS original.However, shortly after I used it, I had some sort of reaction to it and my sinuses went berserk. Maybe this was because I am used to the original Clubman where I splash my face with it and when I tried this, I did it in a similar fashion. Big mistake. And even after washing it off and washing my hands, I just could not get the smell off my hands. I literally had to take a shower to get this off of me completely.I have since used it again and put a few drops on the back of my neck and had no real problems, maybe a little bit of a sinus issue, but nothing terrible. I will probably use the rest of the bottle but I doubt I will purchase it again, though I do like its old smell, but it is really strong. And the reactions you get will be either people hate it or people love it. My girlfriend immediately said she liked it and said wow. Minutes later she had an allergy to it and told me she hated it.So, this is a strange one, a very strange, mysteriously good and bad cologne. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is an aftershave.

Kristie East Longmeadow, MA

writing titles is the hardest part of a review

For the record, I do not like this as much as I do the other Clubman aftershaves. But it’s not bad. I would give this 3.5 stars, so I rounded up. It smells like a stronger version of their musk scent.

Sherry Idanha, OR

Get one!

Special Reserve is a heavier yet sophisticated scent-wonderful after a shave and smells great 4-5 hours after I put it on. It is a woodsy, leather infused scent, slightly similar notes to English Leather but a bit stronger. Highly recommend!

Claudine Saint Paul, KY

Pinaud’s Clubman Ordinarily Special Reserve

Clubman PInaud Special Reserve After Shave Lotion is a rather linear and yet at the same time complex fragrance upon first generous splashes (DO NOT over-splash with this one) with heavy top-notes of base dark spice and ceylon cinnamon along with pine tar and light burnt rubber.Mid-notes offer up a heavier smoldering amber ember, well-worn leather, balsam fir and mandarin orange. It pretty much stays exactly that way through a fairly long and subtle "fade-out" dry-down. This is a surprisingly potent composition from House of Pinaud…a fairly powerful fragrance with a worthy longevity, respectable sillage (when applied judiciously) being sold at what could be considered "bargain basement" pricing all adds up to a must-have…believe me, get it and you’ll agree.A value-oriented and timeless fragrance from Edouard Pinaud that’s within everybody’s budget …what more could you ask for?

Rachel Cordova, TN

nice scent, lasts a long time

As a frequent user of Clubman Pinaud and Virgin Island Bay Rum aftershaves I was interested in giving their Pinaud Special Reserve aftershave cologne a try. It is difficult to describe a scent in words. It seems to be a slightly musky, woodsy, leather-like scent. To me it is a pleasant, masculine scent that is not overpowering but stays with you all day. Unlike the Virgin Island Bay Rum product, this Special Reserve cologne should be applied sparingly and will last all day. If you want a cologne that has a distinctly masculine scent this is an excellent one to try and will cost you very little. It’s one I’m happy to add to my collection of aftershaves.

Gwen Delmar, AL