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Clubman Jeris Osage Rub, 14 Fluid Ounce

A brisk, refreshing menthol rub for the face and scalp. Reinvigorate the skin with a cool, tingling feeling. Recommended for use on dry hair.

Key features

  • Refreshing menthol rub for the face and scalp
  • Reinvigorates the skin with a cool tingling feeling
  • Recommended for use on dry hair

Honest reviews


Osage Rub

Brisk-Refreshing. Barber shop smell. Just a great scent for the man who likes menthol. Seller Smallflower was fast and professional. Highly recommend. Large 14oz bottle is a real bonus.

Olivia Lyons, WI

Good stuff, but not if you have a low pain threshold

Your skin feels tight and smooth when you use this as an aftershave. But it BURNS. It burns right up to the point where it is just about unbearable.. Then subsides. I do find myself continuing to use it.

Mandy East Bridgewater, MA

Intense menthol and eucalyptus sensation

While it is twice the price on Amazon versus a retail store, the limited ability of most people to locally get this product makes the price still worth paying for the product.If you are a menthol and eucalyptus junkie who loves that cool feeling after or during shaving, this is a great product!Add this instead of water when mixing shaving soap!Use afterwards for intense coolness!You can also add menthol crystals to this and increase the already intense feeling.A must for anyone who finds the menthol sensation of proraso , etc lacking.

Agnes Willard, UT

Nice Bite

Purchased this aftershave to help "cool off" during the summer months. If you like a nice sharp bite after shaving, try this!

Wanda Newburg, ND

Face and Hand Freeze

This stuff turns you into Iceman. It instantly cools your face (and hands!) with menthol and Eucalyptus and a little alcohol. Scent fades in a few minutes but your face feels great. And it is by Clubman, so you know it’s good. So gents, after a nice double edge shave or a cut throat reach for the coolness that can only be found in Osage Rub. The only aftershave that will make you moonwalk and dance like an Egyptian.

Mavis Yorktown, IA

Brace yourself, boys…this stuff commands RESPECT and has EARNED IT

Describing this fantastic juice as just “brisk” is an understatement…it should be branded as “frigid” because the real fun starts after you finally work up the guts to splash some of this icy liquid on your face.It starts off as “minty pleasant” albeit a bit “quiet”…but that’s short-lived because…brace yourself here, seriously…it then bitch-slaps you with a pungent peppery punch of menthol and eucalyptus on the cheeks, forehead and temples, whilst sharp vapors waft decisively into the nostrils and swirls with an unrelenting potency around the eyes as additional reminders of what you’re dealing with here. At the same time, the Clubman Jeris Osage Rub generates an intense “hot/cold” sensation but then mellows after a few minutes into a “tingly cool” sensation that carries on for a little while longer.The Clubman Jeris Osage Rub fragrance reminds me of the “old school scents” of yesteryear…Skin Bracer by Mennen is one that immediately comes to mind however the Clubman Jeris Osage Rub contains MUCH MORE MENTHOL in its composition and scent therefore should not be trifled with…it means serious business…its the real deal.It’s packaged in a 14oz vintage barber shop style plastic bottle adorned with a plain, straightforward and informative label that acutely projects a sanguinity of what lies inside.All in all, this fine elixir evokes a bit of nostalgia in a vintage product formula that’s perfect for today’s man.

Angela Hallsville, TX

Very refreshing snd subtle scent

Bottom line up front. The feeling is great, this product has a very noticeable refreshing sensation when applied. The scent is very subtle and will not affect if you are wearing cologne or any other scent.

Mallory Crystal Springs, MS

reinvigorating, cooling, smells like Vapo-Rub

I use Clubman aftershaves and like them, so I thought I would give this Osage Rub a try. There is no question this is invigorating and makes your face feel cool and tingly when you apply it. The sensation lasts for several minutes and feels really good on a hot day. The smell, however, is quite strong. It smells like a combination of Listerine and Vick’s Vapo-Rub. Thankfully, the smell fades fairly quickly, so you can apply an aftershave or cologne for a more pleasant smell.

Nola Prospect Harbor, ME