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Clinique High Impact Volume Mascara Extreme Black for Women, 0.4 Ounce

High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara – #01 Extreme Black by Clinique for Women – 0.4 Ounce Mascara.

Key features

  • High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara – #01 Extreme Black was launched by the design house of Clinique
  • 0.4 Ounce Mascara
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Honest reviews


Great mascara but no drama

This has excellent separation and wont clump but even with three coats [dry in between], which is more than I have the patience for daily, it really isn’t very thickening/dramatic which is what I had been hoping for. This mascara is my favorite so far. It applies smoothly, doesn’t smudge, and washes off easily. I especially like that the black is so intense. I have tried tons of mascara and none of them have been so deeply black.I recommend this to anyone who needs separation or wants a basic rich black mascara.It has about the same look as my old favorite [Tarte Lights Camera Flashes] but Clinique is richer-black and only takes one step to apply. [Tarte is difficult to wash off and has a two sided brush which is a hassle]I like it but I have fine, short lashes and I really am trying to find something more dramatic.

Cathy Sedan, NM

Spider Lashes

Some May like the spider thick mascara look which this mascara provides. I prefer a more natural look with length. It also does not come off easily with face wash and water as my other mascara does. I think this mascara provides an outdated look, when we kept layering and got that gunky looking effect.

Silvia Freeport, IL

Best Mascara Ever

Its like wearing falsies without all the trouble! Goes on super smooth and its the perfect black. When you make a mistake it comes off your face easily too, but lasts all day!The only con: it flakes if you touch it

Nelda Chesterfield, SC

Not impressed

I usually like Clinique products, especially the mascara in the past. Their standard high impact mascara always looked nice so I was excited about this one because the brush design is one I’m familiar with and being thinner it always made my lashes look longer. I applied this and it did nothing! I mean, didn’t even look like I had anything on! No curling, volumizing, etc. Turned my lashes limp and clumpy. Not sure if it may have been a defective tube? I attempted to return the product but the seller has a "no return" policy. Bummer, I wasted so much money. Now, I have to try and sell it somewhere else. I’m sticking to my old stand-by….. Benefit They’re Real… mascara I’ve ever used.

Loraine Beirne, AR

Nice mascara

For most bauty products I have favorite brands. Alas, it is not the case with mascaras. As beauty companies are coming up with new products that make lashes look better, thicker, more voluminous I keep searching for the brand that will make me completely happy. Clinique is trusted brand so I gave them a try. This mascara will definitely make your lashes look long and thick. I use it in black color and my lashes really open up the eyes after macara application. However you need to be careful how much mascara you apply on the lower lashes. Product has ability to smudge by the end of the day. So while it is not perfect, it is a good product worh giving it a try.

Miriam Logsden, OR