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Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 Evens and Corrects 02 Fair

Imagine evenness improved 80% or more. Instantly. This dermatologist-developed formula virtually helps undo the visible evidence of past damage on all skin tones. In 4 to 6 weeks it dramatically reduces the need for makeup. In 30 shades. ApplicationFor best results, apply after 3-Step Skin Care. Smooth on with Foundation Brush starting in center of face, blending outward.

Key features

  • For Dry Combination to Combination Oily skin type.

Honest reviews


Good Product But Hard to Clean Makeup Tools to Use It

I like this product very much, but I use a sponge to apply it instead of my fingers. It is impossible to clean the sponge, which is completely frustrating because I think it has better coverage than Clinique’s Stay True Makeup.I could apply it with my fingers, but I get a better, more even coverage with a sponge.I have often wondered why it is so hard to clean this makeup off a sponge.I have reluctantly returned to the Stay True Makeup.

Robin Shunk, PA

Clinique Even Better Makesup

It was the wrong color. I think it is difficutl to determine what color is best for the skin on-line. It is a good product, just the wrong color.

Amelia Friant, CA

Great for sensitive skin

I have occasional bouts of eczema, so I tend to avoid foundation over sensitive areas like near my lips since it irritates the skin. I’ve tried $60 high-end foundations that caused rashes and breakouts, but so far this stuff is great!FORMULA:-THICK: the bottle is small, but a little goes a long way since this stuff is thick (for a tinted moisturizer). I have to add a little moisturizer when I use my fingers to spread it.-DOESN’T NOTICEABLY EVEN ACTUAL SKIN: I’ve been using this stuff pretty much every day for a month, and I haven’t noticed anything different–but even if it doesn’t affect actual skin, this is great as a foundation regardless.-NON-GREASY: I have naturally dry skin, but a bad formula that doesn’t absorb properly will make anyone look greasy. This stuff glides on great and doesn’t give you that obvious liquid-makeup shine. At most you get a dewy glow.COVERAGE:-WELL-PIGMENTED: if applied correctly. you’d probably get better, even coverage with a sponge, but that uses up more precious product from an already tiny bottle.-NOT GREAT ON DRY SKIN: if your skin is a little dry, that’s totally fine. but if you have areas of skin where the texture is uneven due to dryness, this will only make that more noticeable (wear an appropriate primer underneath if that is the case).

Malinda Green Isle, MN

Like it

I’m not sure if this evens out my skin tone or not, but I like this foundation. A little goes a very long way. Only issue I have is that it seems to settle in my pores and lines towards the end of the day. But I have really oily skin, so that my be my curse, not matter what foundation I use.

Christi Bridport, VT


When I first tried this foundation I expected it to be more like a medium weight base that covers everything….but it acts more like the popular BB creams that are all over the market. Which to me was a pleasant surprise! Since I wanted to try some BB creams but I didn’t want to spend the money trying all sorts of brands….I found THE perfect one in this Clinique product! The color is exactly as my skin color…I’m fair in complexion and I ordered ‘FAIR’ and it was perfect! I would totally recommend this product for anyone who wants a medium to light coverage that looks very natural…not too dewy…not too matte…just right!

Bridgett Grand Meadow, MN

Makeup good, price bad

Good makeup, $27.00 in all stores including malls and Sephora. There’s a huge price gauging here. Too bad I have light skin as some of the darker shades are cheaper.

Ursula Lamar, MS


Eu já amo os produtos da clinique, pois eles nunca me do alergia ou qualquer reao na pele. Essa base foi perfeita, pois tem uma boa cobertura mais é natural, no fica pesada. Chegou perfeita.

Opal Eitzen, MN

EXCELLENT foundation for aging skin

I have developed some sun-spots and an uneven complexion, and this foundation really provides great coverage without looking cakey. It’s really smooth and easy to apply and, like some other reviewer mentioned, it does give a nice, dewy (healthy) look but certainly not oily-looking. I’m so glad I purchased this. Now I just have to wait a few weeks to see if it really does improve my skin (or if it just makes it *appear* to be improved!).

Deann Talmage, KS

Great Foundation

I am using my husbands account. I really like this makeup. I am 45 years old and so at my age I don;t need a thick coverage. This makeup has the right amount of coverage without being to cakey. When I first opened it I thought I had bought to light of a shade but after I put it on it was the right color. I am fair skinned. I would recommend this to someone who likes a great coverage without ot being to thick.

Mariana Canadys, SC

Its ok not all that

Its ok stuff was expecting more i have very problem skin always dry and scaly looking after i put coverup this was no help i could’ve just bought cheaper stuff and had same effect.

Dolores Middlefield, CT

Great stuff

I usually just buy this at the store, but glad to see it here. Made it much easier to purchase.

Gale Wyandotte, MI

Great foundation

Gives me smooth coverage without caking, streaking, or settling. Doesn’t result in a heavy, overly made up appearance. After application, skin has an even tone; product isn’t greasy or drying. Have used this product for several years and really like it.

Allene Brinkley, AR

not worth it.

I bought this at a department store. My usual drug store brands look bettern and at a fraction of the cost (covergirl natureluxe and revlon photoready) so this seems like a waste of money and didnt like it much.

Penny Gypsum, OH

Clinique Even Better Makeup

I have worn this makeup for years and was so thrilled, once again, to find it at a lesser cost than it can be had for in the department stores. It is simply the most easily spreadable makeup I have ever used and covers areas of concern with great dependability. 02 Fair is perfect for my complexion.

Jasmin Poughquag, NY

It is the best

I buy way too much foundation for far too much money, but this will surely end my plight. While I believe one needs to vary make up rituals and recently became a fan of Lush color essentials, I know this stuff is now my make up forever. It is smooth, has a lovely tint and abides my supplemental war paint very well. Good stuff.

Grace Harts, WV