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Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, 1 oz / 30 ml

Dermatologist-developed to be safe, comfortable. Yet in clinical trials our serum was comparable to a leading prescription ingredient in creating a more even skin tone. A verified 53% improvement in skin tone. For all ethnicities: See results starting in as little as 4 weeks. At 12 weeks, see a visible reduction in dark spots, age spots, and traces of acne past.

Key features

  • Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
  • 1 oz / 30 ml All Skin Types
  • New in Box

Honest reviews


Felt Great on Skin, Did not Lighten ANYTHING!

I purchased this product almost a year ago and used it faithfully on my dark patches on my cheeks and around my eyes that had developed during my last pregnancy. I stayed out of the sun and wear sunscreen daily. This product was exciting at first, I thought it smelled good and felt so velvety soft on my skin; however, after using up the entire bottle, I believe it was just under 3 months; I saw ZERO improvement. (I took before and after photos just to be sure) I obviously have switched to something else that is much cheaper, you can find in any drug store, and is working a miracle for me in just 3 weeks.I have read very good things about this Clinque product, not sure why it did not do the job for me. I used exfoliaters all the time to help “speed up” things as recommended by the company, and sadly, nothing.It is a very expensive product to not work, and I was disappointed. I would suggest try at your own risk of knowing you could wind up spending ALOT of money and nothing will happen, and 2-3 months have gone by and you have to start over with another product. Good Luck!

Lilly Ponder, TX

Slow but Eventual Progress

Because I have an occupation which puts me in the position of dealing with the public, I sometimes worry about my appearance. Will I look up-to-date? Am I dressed correctly? Do I look tired? Do I seem lackluster? In the business of selling high-end merchandise, image is everything. It is with these thoughts in mind that I began to notice two dark spots on my face. The spots alone did not cause me concern, after all, I am well within middle age. It was their location that vexed me. They reside right in the line which goes down my cheek, giving me the appearance of having a circle of “tiredness” under my eye. Even when I had plenty of sleep (and nothing to drink the night before) I still looked tired.So, with a bit of doubt, I purchased this product. I applied it ONLY to the spots with the aid of a small brush, nowhere else. My thinking was this: If I apply it to my whole face, the color will fade on everything, rendering the spots lighter. But the contrast between my face and the spots will be of the same degree. If I apply it only to the spots, they will fade, yet my face will remain the same which will hopefully give me the desired results. (I wonder if a “whole face” approach is the reason some buyers of this product are not as pleased as they might otherwise be.)Within a few weeks, I began to notice that the spots actually looked lighter. It has been nearly a month and while the progress of fading is rather slow, it truly is happening. I can attest that this product actually DOES work. However, the product comes with absolutely zero instructions, so I must take away two stars for this gross error.

Jeannine Emmett, MI


I SO wanted this to work, but it just didn’t. Been using it daily for nearly two years, thinking I needed to be patient — it didn’t do a single thing. Nope, no change at all — even got a couple new dark spots while still using it.

Aimee Ivy, VA

May work for others, but not for me

I saw all the awesome reviews I was really excited to go out and try this product. I have acne scars from when I was in my teens, and they still haven’t gone away or lightened. Well, I tried the product and I was a little disappointed. It was too oily and made my skin break out, bad. I didn’t really give it enough time of use to see if it would work on my scarring, because it made me break out. Didn’t work for me, but lots of other great reviews.

Opal Mount Auburn, IL

Waste of money…

I recently started to see some dark spots on my forehead and decided to fork up the money for this product. I have never tried Clinique skin care before but this was vey disappointing.The fluid is very creamy and is absorbed by skin immediately, you have to use it two times a day and make sure you wear sunscreen with it. I’m approaching 40 so I thought maybe it’s good to start treating those dark spots before they got worse. Unfortunately I used this serum for 6 weeks and saw zero difference in my skin, if anything it just actually made my spots more noticeable. Now I’ve had to start using Retin-A along with other bleaching to deal with the more noticeable problem.ust save the money and see a dermatologist.

Tamra Woodbury Heights, NJ

good product

I have been using this product for a few years. It has lightened 2 areas of dark spots to how they were over 20 years ago. I love it.

Alyce Edward, NC

No Instant Gratification

Having nice face skin takes time and planning, especially as you get older. If you spend a lot of time in the sun because of a sport, then that adds extra insult. I started taking better care of my face a bit late in life, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I think this product has helped me recover some even skin tone. First, I have fair skin that burns in the sun – no tan for me. I have some dark spots, dry skin areas and over all my skin looks weathered. I’ve used one bottle for 6 months, applying the serum on dark spots and then finally using it lightly all over my face at night. It absorbs quickly, leaves my skin soft, is not oily and I could if I wanted to apply makeup over the top. One large dark spot has faded very slowly over time – months. But it has worked and done other good things as well. I have used it sparingly, have not had any skin irritation and plan to keep using the product indefinitely. I do alternate it with a salicylate or retinol skin peel, but then the Clinique gives my skin a wonderful softness.

Annie Serena, IL

This is ok

This product works but if you really want to save money, Avon has a banishing cream for age spots and freckles, uneven skin tone, etc. for 2.99 a jar when its on sale. I bought 3 for 8.99. Its fantastic, read their reviews and see for yourself.

Maude Schleswig, IA

Did NOTHING for my spots.

I faithfully used this product as directed, and went through an entire bottle of it. I used the corresponding foundation with lightener, too. It did absolutely nothing to diminish my dark spots. No difference, whatsoever, and it’s really pricey. My sister gave it to me as a gift, and I felt badly that she spent so much money on a product that delivered no results. I think this is a gimmick.

Randi Winchester, OR

Save your money.

I used this stuff faithfully and with patience daily for nearly five months with little to no “actual” results. The first warning sign that this is a snake oil product is that it says “This will not work on freckles you were born with.” C’mon, Clinique. Nobody is born with freckles. Freckles are merely sun damage that some people have the pigment to be more prone to get. Nothing more, nothing less. So if it won’t work on sun damaged “freckles”, why would it work on sun damaged “age spots”? For those that are heavily freckled, many report a modest lightening of their freckles and “age spots” throughout the winter months when they’re indoors. This is the same concept behind this lotion, and the reason you HAVE to wear it with sunscreen for it to “work”. Of course your spots are going to appear to lighten if they aren’t exposed to the sun. If this product actually did anything, it wouldn’t need to be used in conjunction with a sunscreen. As far as dark spots caused by acne, same basic concept except any lightening is probably just due to natural healing. THAT said:PROS: This really is an EXCELLENT lotion. My skin was super soft every day, and really did appear brighter. It goes on very nicely without being thick, oily, greasy. Just a really nice moisturizer.CONS: This is not a miracle product for age spots, which is the main reason I bought this. I’m only 33 but have two fairly significant age spots from overexposure to the sun. I have had these two spots for a while, but I am not freckled anywhere. The spots did lighten somewhat, but no different than they do when I regularly apply sunscreen. As far as dark spots due to acne, I really can’t say, but I suspect 4-5 months you would expect to see lightening of that sort of damage regardless.Overall: Fabulous moisturizer at an insane price point. Two stars just because I did feel as a lotion, it was fantastic. If ONLY it would have done what I actually bought it to do. If you want similar results as far as lightening of dark spots, just wear sunscreen daily for several months. I have been using Clinique products almost exclusively for nearly 10 years. I really feel they dropped the ball with this one. I will not be taking a risk on similar products they may offer in the future.

Lucile Marionville, MO

Didn’t work that well for me…

I used this product religiously. I used it twice a day with SPF afterwards, and I still have one or two spots that I was hoping to have faded or disappear all together. Now, perhaps, I was suppose to use it for more than a month or two, but two weeks as they say is sure not enough.

Young Campbell Hall, NY

Doesn’t work

I have decided that there is no such thing as an over the counter dark spot corrector. After twice a day use for a couple of months there is no difference on any of my dark spots.

Luann Donnybrook, ND

high expectations, very disappointed

DO not waste your money on this product. I purchased it after seeing the commercials and did not notice any improvement what so ever in my uneven skin tone or old acne scars and dark spots. I wasn’t expecting dramatic results but after using the entire bottle there was no improvement what so ever. After this failure I did some research on Amazon and based on reviews bought M2 skin refinish which is similar in its claims to this product. What a difference! In about a week I started seeing a difference in my skin tone. I highly recommend trying that product instead of this one.

Peggy Bass Harbor, ME

Wish there was less chemicals

Great product in general. I’ve noticed some mild improvements after about 2-3 weeks, but what bothers me is that this product has so many chemicals in it. Wish I could find something in organic range that would perform well. Will continue looking and update if I find something awesome.

Diana Rocky Comfort, MO

Low-cost alternative works IMO

Never tried this Clinique product, turned off by what I consider an obscene price. That said, I’ve found Ambi effective in fading skin spots for this former sun worshipper (you know, the old lie on foil while well greased in the 60s). YIKES!Are the spots gone? Nope. Have they faded noticeably? Yep, quite a bit lighter on my face and on my hands.As an outdoor person I can’t help but wonder if the spots would be gone if I didn’t spend so much time outside. It’s also fair to note, I’ve only used Ambi consistently for the past two weeks. Perhaps longer usage will yield even better results. What I can say is I’ve noticed a real difference with Ambi at a far lower price.

Jo Spencerville, IN

Not worth it

I read a review of this product that exactly mirrored what I discovered. I paid full price for this product thinking that expense somehow equated to results. I was wrong. I used it exactly as suggested and got absolutely no results. I am very disappointed.

Araceli Fall River, MA

My spots got darker. Before and after photos attached

In the interest of science (a.k.a. Amazon review) I am going to share with you photos of my ugly brown spots so you can judge how this product worked on improving their appearance.The solution comes in attractive thin tall bottle with a pump. The serum is more liquid than a cream, and comes out as a big drop after a pump. It is very pleasant in texture and odor free. It is absorbed well and does not leave the skin shiny as some other preparations. The skin is left softer after the application. I started the treatment on 10/5/11 (first photo), and continued applying twice a day (morning and evening) every day. I took a photo on 10/14/11 and on 10/29/11 (which is 24 days after the start of treatments). Photos allowed me to be more unbiased about the results. The instruction that came with the bottle say that I should see improvement in 2 weeks, I posting this review after 3 weeks.I will let you be the final judge by looking at pictures, but my impression looking at the spot that they became more prominent.Since the serum was pretty pricey and it does feel good when you put it on I will continue with my twice a day regiment until it is gone. I will post a final photo at the end of the treatment. I just hope the spots will not keep getting darker at the same fast pace!I would be quite interested in seeing results of other people if other reviewers would be willing to share the actual photos. The photos I am posting are a close ups of the skin near the left ear. Probably sun damage from the sun beaming on that area while driving… Left side has no spots at all!A note on price: I noticed the price on the serum fluctuates significantly. I bought at $45, at the writing of this review the is $60. I found a nice tool that allows me to see Amazon historical prices and sends me an alert when my desired price is reached. You can find it by search on Amazon price alert and pick the one that has camel in the name. I find this tool very handy.Ali Julia review

Tommie Salem, NJ

Product review

So far so good! Not a dramatic change yet but I am noticing difference in my skin tone and the spots are getting lighter.

Katy Sanborn, IA


I went ahead and purchased the large bottle from Clinique directly. I didn’t think to look on amazon but at the same time I was using this product for the first time and figured if it didn’t work Clinique would just give me my money back. I have a few dark spots on my face some that only I seem to notice. I have three dark spots on my jaw line that are majorly noticeable and used that as my spotter. The directions clearly state that you must use this product TWICE A DAY for FOUR WEEKS. This product should be applied before any other facial products or creams after cleansing. After a couple of weeks I noticed the spots were somewhat lighter but I thought my mind was playing tricks on me because I wanted to work so bad. After 4 weeks it was much much lighter and a few weeks after that the spots are barely visible. I literally have to stare in the mirror for these spots that used to be so dark to find them. And I mean I have to really stare! If I stare long enough I can see a very light shadow of where the spots used to be. You really need to have patience with this product and you must FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS 100% to be HAPPY! Now with that said, this product does not work for freckles as that is a natural occurrence on a persons face. It will only work on those dark spots that have occurred over time from acne and such. Also the set back is that this is not a permanent change if it does work. you will need to used the product to keep those spots from reappearing. Your pretty much sucked in for life to keep those spots from being visible again.This product is cheaper buying it here then from Clinique directly but if you want a safety net, I would buy it from Clinique directly. That way if you find it does not work for you, then you can return it to them. They have a very good return policy, you will be able to return it after 4 weeks if it doesn’t work.

Lou Mosinee, WI

Works but pricey

I bought this in the past and it worked great but I didn’t like the price. After a year and a half of trial and error and countless dollars, I’m back to ordering it for the second time. I see some reviewers said it didn’t work for them and every skin situation is different. To give you some insight, I’m a dark-skinned African American with very oily skin. I put it on at 6:00 am and pm right after I washed my face and applied toner (only used toner at night). When I applied moisturizer, I didn’t put any on the spots where I applied the product. Hope this helps someone out there.

Katelyn Fair Grove, MO

Didn’t work

This is supposed to start showing signs of working in about 4 weeks. I’m in my 4th MONTH and am finally giving up on the thought that I’m going to start seeing any improvement.My age spots must be really happy where they are because nothing I’ve tried has worked. At least they’re not getting darker….

Staci Clubb, MO


I’m disappointed in this product. I am a Clinique brand loyalist, but I truly don’t think this product made a single difference in my skin whatsoever. It’s also a bit greasy and doesn’t absorb into the skin very well. Applying foundation over it is quite tricky, even when waiting 45 minutes. I do not recommend this stuff.

Gale Minot, ND

Unsure how to combine with a commonly prescribed Rx topical

I like the idea of a treatment for dark spots that does not contain hydroquinone. Directions say to use 2x/day. I’m using Rx Renova at night, and was concerned about using this product with the Renova. Therefore I’m only using the DS Corrector 1x/day (which may be one of the reasons I haven’t seen results yet). I contacted Clinique, and the representative said she didn’t know anything about Renova, and couldn’t advise about a product that wasn’t theirs. A skin-care company that doesn’t know about Renova? Goodness. I realize that any company should promote their own products, but I would hope them to be more accommodating of a widely used prescription topical cream. To add to the isssue, my dermatologist doesn’t know anything about the active ingredients in Clinique’s Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (their practice recommends a product with hydroquinone). So go figure. I think I’ll continue using the Dark Spot Corrector 1x/day until gone, but will not give up my Renova in order to use it at night. Renova is a tried and true product, but I think the jury is still out on the Dark Spot Corrector.Another issue: the Dark Spot Corrector has clear light texture that’s easy to apply, but is a little too greasy-feeling for my 55-year-old still oily face. I asked Clinque if it has moisturizing properties, and they said no. I would guess that is does provide some moisturizing–why else would it feel a little oily? For normal to dry skins, I don’t think it would feel oily but nice to the skin.

Cleo Malaga, NM

I have to confess …

I didn’t use this EVERY day or night. I think if I keep it up, I will see a much better improvement in these dark spots.

Mollie Grapeland, TX

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector

It is an excellent product. I use it daily and it definately help to decrease the dark spot. I would recommend it to others.

Kathryn Sparrows Point, MD

It’s slow but it works

I am just about finished with my second bottle. I use it once a day so that is probably why I didn’t see results more quickly, it’s been very subtle and gradual. The product soaks in immediately and leaves no residue behind, it’s very nice and light. I think results probably depend upon your skin type, color and the kind of damage you have. (If you really want results, you have to see a professional.) This did the trick for me, it does make your skin feel really soft and helped my large pores be slightly less noticeable. Make sure you always wear sunscreen on your skin, it should be in your moisturizer and in your foundation if you wear it. I feel much better about my skin and it’s nice to not have to wear foundation at all. I will continue using to keep my skin looking brighter and younger.

Aurelia Onego, WV

Just Didn’t Work

I think I would give almost any amount of money to find a product that would really reduce dark spots on my face. I have tried so many products and have had the same result every time – NO RESULT!! Granted I have very, very pale skin, but I have not sat out in the sun for twenty years and still have persistent dark marks near my eyes. I’ve used endless sunscreens and so called fading creams and can’t find one that works. The best that can be said about the Clinique product is that it wasn’t too heavy on the skin and absorbed well. But who cares about that if it doesn’t work???

Johanna Wilton, IA

Don’t expect dramatic results

This lotion is not a substitute for cosmetic procedures. I have a bunch of freckles on my arm from sun damage and used this lotion on them. For the lighter freckles, it actually made a visible difference, making them fade to a lighter shade. For the darker freckles, I have not seen a discernible difference. But I live in a sunny climate so, unless I wear long sleeves or a thick layer of sunscreen, the freckles will probably come back. I bought this product twice and I realize that it’s not really a good investment. You could probably get an equally effective fade cream from your local drugstore for a lot less. And if you want a dramatic change, go see your dermatologist.

Brandi Vanderbilt, TX

Don’t buy

did work of me don’t buy it was a waste of time and money! just go and get a brand with 2% hydroquinone in.

Josephine Bluffton, GA