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Clearly Natural Glycerine Soap Bar Vitamin E 4 oz

Soap (Glycerine)-Vitamin E by Clearly Natural 4 oz Bar Soap Soap (Glycerine)-Vitamin E These transparent bars provide gentle all-over cleansing bar for face hands and body. Our mild all-vegetable formula is ideal for all skin types. High glycerine content Non drying will not leave skin dry or itchy Rinses off easily leaves no sticky film on your skin or your tub All-vegetable formula (no pore-clogging animal ingredients) No Artificial Ingredients No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) No Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) Hypo-Allergenic Cruelty-Free Biodegradable from making it to using it these glycerine soap bars dont harm the environment Attractive transparent style Affordable price and wide variety

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Doesn’t sud

It makes the skin feel hydrated but i can’t get it to sud enough, even after much rubbing of the bar onto my rough bath sponge, to wash even just 1/4 of my body before the suds completely dissapearing. I know that glycerine bars don’t sud like soap bars but this is rediculous!

Liz Berkeley, IL

Clearly Natural Glycerine Soap–Easy on Skin

This soap is wonderful for dry skin; unlike commercial soaps which are largely devoid of glycerine today, Clearly Natural is pure glycerine with your choice of “flavorings”–Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Jojoba oil, Aloe, etc.–do a search to find your favorite.My husband loves the Vitamin E version for his shaving mug–foams well, cleans great, no soapy residue.I find this soap cleans thoroughly without drying my skin; great for removing makeup. A+.

Melba Menoken, ND


I purchased this soap for the sole reason that it was supposed to be “jasmine”. It’s not even close to that fragrance. However, it’s still a glycerin bar of soap so I will use it but it is falsely labeled as jasmine.

Georgia Pennock, MN

“Strange Smells Are Happening,” or “People are Strange, When You Use Jasmine”

NOTE: After checking this out again at the store, the soap reviewed below is actually the BLUEBERRY soap by “Clearly Natural.”I wouldn’t normally review a bar of soap–after all–what’s there to review, but this bar is an exception. Perhaps the doors of perception will differ for others, but the jasmine soap has a peculiar odor.While usually a fan of Clearly Natural products, something went wrong here. I think, frankly, that it smells like poop. Seriously. And that’s not exactly the “scent” I want when taking a shower. Another person in the family likens it to bathroom cleanser. To each his or her own, but I recommend another soap “flavor.”

Letha Round Hill, VA

Keeps skin soft

Many glycerine soaps melt away, this one really does last. Glycerine soap tends to rinse clean and is nice and soft on the skin. I know a lot of guys who prefer this soap over many other kinds. The vitamin e seems to keep the skin softer than most soaps.

Kaitlyn Plainfield, PA

Smelly Scented Soap!

The scent is so well done, I could smell it while it’s in the wrapper! It should be a room fragrance as well until you’re ready to wash with it lol….I had the lavendar and jasmine and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a CLEAR NATURAL SOAP. I thought that was fascinating. The scents are awesome and my fiance used the lavender soap for his dry skin since he tends to get rashes when he scratches himself. and he says he likes it so far. Worth the cheap price so give it a shot!

Cynthia Norwood, MN

Great for IC

I have IC and can’t wear underwear and have to wash clothes with unscented laundry soap or it will irritate me. If you have any sensitivities or IC, try this soap. I can wash with this soap without it burning or irritation.

Eunice Saint Marks, FL

Not sure about this one…

It was difficult to choose which of these Clearly Natural soaps to purchase, but I finally settled on honeysuckle. I don’t use bar soap anymore, body wash or shower gel tends to be my preference, but I was drawn to Clearly Natural because of the cost and the fact that it claims to be a natural glycerin soap.I’ve used the unscented glycerin soap and I like it, but this one? I’m just not sure. I’m not sure that it is as pure and natural as it is claimed to be. It was extremely drying and somewhat harsh on my sensitive skin. It is a brilliant yellow, which indicates a fair amount of dyes in it. And the fragrance? It is a bit too perfumed for my liking. Honeysuckle is supposed to be a light floral scent, but this soap is scented strongly. I can’t explain it but it is migraine-worthy. There is no humectant in the glycerin which also left me an unhappy camper…and I don’t like to write bad reviews. I thought glycerin soaps were meant to be soothing and gentle, but this one is just not my favorite by a long shot.I definitely won’t repurchase this soap in honeysuckle, but maybe I’ll try the aloe vera one. As mentioned previously, I also like the unscented version because it contains no dyes or perfumes. The unscented one is clear/transparent and full of natural, skin-loving ingredients unlike the honeysuckle one. The packaging is somewhat eco-friendly and at least the product is inexpensive so even if you don’t like it, there will be no guilt about throwing money away.

Shirley Karnak, IL

Glycerine Soap with Vitamin E

Really nice soap that makes my skin super soft. I was having trouble with flaking skin even though I use lotion and exfoliate in the shower. I have tried lots of other products but no help. My doctor advised glycerine soap with either aloe or vitamin E so I got the one with vitamin E. I have not seen one with both aloe and vitamin E so it would be nice if I could find one. Until then I will stick with this one because it stops the flaking.

Cheri Eagle, CO

Soap, Rainforest

This soap is mild and has a pleasant clean scent. Very nice and I like the way it leathers up.

Maggie Hampton, GA